30 Protests in 30 Days for Arizona Activists

A month of daily opposition in the run up to the start of SB 1070 enforcement on July 29.

By Jamilah King Jul 12, 2010

As Arizona officials get ready to enforce SB 1070 at the end of this month, activists nationwide are stepping up their protests against the measure. In a new campaign called "30 Days, 30 Events for Human Rights," actions have been planned for each day leading up to July 28, the day before the bill is set to become law. The next day, activists plan to have a National Day of Non-Compliance

The campaign not only has it eyes on SB 1070, but also wants to challenege 287(g) and Secure Communities, two highly controversial elements currently on the immigration reform table.

This week, Puente Arizona released video of the campaign’s first week of events:

30 Days for Human Rights: Week 1 Highlights from Barni Qaasim on Vimeo.

*Photo: Creative Commons/Xomiele *