$3 billion fencing bill goes no where; controversial professor Churchill fired

By The News Jul 26, 2007

GOP border bill fails in Senate. Yah! The measure in dispute was narrowly focused: It included funds for 700 miles of fencing, 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 23,000 Border Patrol agents, 105 ground-based radar sensors, and four unmanned planes. In the end, no action was taken. –LATimes Professor Ward Churchill Vows to Sue University of Colorado Over Controversial Firing. An interview with Amy Goodman. The controversy dates back to early 2005 when a college newspaper reprinted Churchill’s three-year old essay on the attacks on the World Trade Center. He described the attacks as a response to a long history of US abuses and called those who were killed on 9-11 as "little Eichmanns" who formed a “technocratic corps at the very heart of America’s global financial empire." Nothing wrong with a little hip-hop nostalgia. A reflection in Hip Hop’s transition. Though hip-hop finds the bulk of its audience in the under-30 crowd, the genre has now been around for longer than many of its listeners have been alive; there’s no shortage of history to tap into and influential acts to revive. Not only that, but considering that most hip-hop stars broke out while barely out of their teens, not even the pioneers are over the hill: Hip-hop may be in a state of flux and self-questioning — of which more in a moment — but it’s nowhere near fossilized.–Boston Globe Obama Stirs Up the Duel With Clinton. So are prospects for running mate down? Senator Clinton said yesterday that Senator Obama was “irresponsible and naïve” for suggesting during Monday night’s debate that he would meet with leaders of rogue nations. Senator Obama fired back that it was irresponsible and naïve of her to vote to authorize the Iraq war. –NYTimes Independent Woman and Good Indian Girl Too? The section for this story is troubling. espite her appreciation for what the country did for her, Swati doesn’t want to live in America. America, she says, “is too anonymous. If I get sick or something goes wrong there, nobody comes for me. You’re on your own.” But in India, “aunties and uncles and everyone are there.” In addition, she says, India has a stronger sense of national community than America.–Washington Post Students, Schools Fear End of Racial Diversity. More on Supreme Court with the old rules overturned, many parents, students and officials worry that gains in diversity may be lost for good.–Reuters