2010 in Review: Disasters, Deportations and DREAMs Rising

Happy holidays from Colorlines. We'll ee you in 2011.

By Kai Wright Dec 27, 2010

We’ve had an amazing, busy year of growth here at Colorlines. And now, it’s time to sign off until the new year. Check out Jorge Rivas’ look back at the year in race, in the above video. And if you missed any of our special coverage of families this week, go back and check it out–Katti Gray’s moving profile of grandparents stepping in to fill the voids during recession and war; Kyle Bella’s look at new research-you-can-use on how parents and guardians can save LGBT kids’ lives by accepting them for who they are; or Terry Keleher’s personal testimony on being a white dad of an adopted black son–and the lessons we can all learn about racially conscious parenting in a supposedly race-blind world. Enjoy, and we’ll see you again on Jan. 3. Happy holidays!