20 Hopes and Dreams for the New President’s Racial Justice Agenda

Watch the Colorlines team tell the presidential candidates what they'd each like to see at the top of the national agenda on day one. And add your own hopes to the list!

By Jorge Rivas Nov 06, 2012

We don’t endorse political candidates here at Colorlines.com, but we’re clear on what we want from them: to lead aggressively in creating a world with racial justice. So we asked the staff of Colorlines and our publisher, the [Applied Research Center](http://www.arc.org), to fire up their laptop cams and tell the presidential candidates what ought to be at the top of the agenda, starting tomorrow. Check it out in the video above. Then add your thoughts, too. Whomever wins today’s election, what’s on your own wish list for the next president’s agenda? Drop it in the comments. **And join us tonight as we live blog the returns.** Our [Voting Rights Watch team](http://colorlines.com/brentin-mock/) of investigative reporters and community journalists are spread out around the country, keeping an eye on the polls. We’ll tell you what they see and keep you up to date on not just the presidential election, but races and ballot initiatives at all levels that will impact racial justice. So go vote, then come back and settle in with us! [–Kai Wright](http://colorlines.com/archives/author/kai-wright/)