$1.5M Settlement for Woman Punched on Video by California Highway Patrol

By Carla Murphy Sep 25, 2014

Marlene Pinnock, the woman whose beating on the side of the road by a California Highway Patrolman was caught on video this July, has reached a $1.5 million settlement. As part of the deal, reported to have been mediated over nine hours in Los Angeles, officer Daniel Andrew will resign.

The video of the highway patrolman straddling and punching 51-year-old Pinnock on July 1 spread widely over the Internet. Pinnock had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been off her medication for two to three weeks when motorists called police to complain of a woman walking barefoot along the highway.

Pinnock told her story on August 11 to CBS News. Watch video above.

(h/t Fox News)