12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote

By Jonathan Adams Oct 23, 2008

Our friends at YES! Magazine gives us simple ways you can protect your own vote—and the fairness of the system, based on the recommendations of leading voting integrity advocates. BEFORE ELECTION DAY 1. Check your registration. Even if you think you’re registered, you may not be. Check online at www.CanIVote.org. 2. Vote now. Check if early voting is possible in your state. If you’re voting by mail, check carefully where you need to sign, how to seal the envelope, and how to mark the ballot. And note: Some ballots require extra postage. 3. Practice your vote. Electronic voting machines can be difficult to use. Verifiedvoting.org is preparing links to video demos of how to vote on the machine you will find at your polling station. If you’ll be using a paper ballot, check out the sample included in your voter pamphlet. 4. Find out who’s in charge. Make a phone list of your county and state election officials—it may save valuable time on Election Day if you need to get registration verification or other information. Go to YES! Magazine to find the other 8 ways to protect your vote.