1,000 Demonstrators Sit-in at Boston Bank of America Building

Twenty-four people were arrested Friday for a sit-in demonstrations at a Boston Bank of America building.

By Jorge Rivas Oct 04, 2011

New York City’s Occupy Wall Street protestors made headlines this weekend when 700 of them were arrested on charges of blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. The effort has spread to several communities nationwide, including "occupations" in California, Hawaii and Florida. 

But also last Friday, 1,000 demonstrators gathered in Boston to march around the city’s financial district, culminating in a sit-in at a Bank of America building. The sit-in led to 24 being people being arrested on trespassing charges when they refused to leave, the Boston Globe reports. 

The action is part of an ongoing series of protests, coordinated by community organizers and homeowners’ groups, that aims to put the question of Wall Street accountability back onto the national agenda. Earlier last week, as part of a series of actions in the Bay Area, homeowners gathered up trash at foreclosed homes that banks are squatting on and delivered it to East Oakland bank branches. The campaign arrived in Los Angeles this week for a sereis of actions targeting banks.

Many protesters held signs urging Bank of America to return what they called their "stolen homes," but they’re a loosely organized group mostly drawn together through email and phone calls. They’re currently holding meetings that are streamed over the Internet to finalize their demands.

"The common root that everybody here has is that they feel like something’s wrong with the system,” Tim Hansen, 21, told the Globe. Hansen is a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell who says he’s facing thousands of dollars in college loans.

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