10 Things to Do in the Next 100 Days

By Tammy Johnson Apr 29, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to move on from all of this 100-Day Obama talk. Don’t get me wrong. We definitely need to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire for some his questionable moves, like appointing a Border Czar and boycotting the UN Conference Against Racism. And on the flip side he deserves some props for some signing SCHIP and easing restrictions with Cuba. But while we are keeping our eye on the prize, we also need to keep our feet moving forward. So it’s in that spirit that I offer ten things that we can do in the next 100 to build a mandate for racial justice. Yes, it’s a few more than ten. But I figured that you could handle a few extras. 1. Double-dog-dare a bank to foreclose on one more home in your neighborhood. A local ACORN chapter will show you how. 2. Stop throwing food at Bill O’Reilly and find out what’s really going on in the world by checking out LINK TV. 3. Make some new friends, get some exercise and do the right thing. March for immigrants rights this Friday. 4. Make sure that your governor delivers green jobs to your community. Green for All will show you how. 5. Tell Congress to cough up an expanded public health care plan. NOW! 6. Here’s a novel idea. Read a book. You should start your super-cool nerdy book reading habit with The Accidental American. 7. Learn how grassroots non-profits keep the lights on and fight for racial justice. 8. Fight to make sure that kids’ dreams come true. 9. Cut up your credit cards and demand that Bank of America fire its CEO, Ken Lewis. 10. Eat for justice. Support a worker-owned restaurant by eating at a Colors Restaurant coming to a city near you. 11. Add a little flavor to your organizing skills with the help of the cool organizers at CTWO. 12. And since we’re on the organizing tip, let’s protect the right to organize for better pay and benefits. 13. Then let’s take racial justice global! 14. And all of those do-it-yourself-online-racist shouldn’t have all the fun. Go online. Write a blog. Post a video. Network your butt off for racial justice!