10 Must-Read Tweets From the #MySept11MuslimStory Campaign

By Catherine Lizette Gonzalez and Sameer Rao Sep 11, 2017

Sixteen years after the September 11, 2011, terror attacks, Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Sikh Americans still live with the ramifications of Islamophobia as an ideology, including hate violence, law enforcement infiltrationairport discrimination and scapegoating. The recently launched #MySept11MuslimStory campaign seeks to lift the personal stories of this group on this anniversary and beyond.

Washington D.C.-based scholar and activist Dr. Maha Hilal first announced the #MySept11MuslimStory campaign in tandem with the grassroots D.C. Justice for Muslims Coalition on September 8. The campaign aims to bring these stories of discrimination, violence and hidden pain into the light, and Dr. Hilal’s announcement invited others to share their stories during a Twitter town hall between 2 and 3 p.m. EDT on September 11. Dozens of people responded to that invitation with their own testimonials throughout today. Here are 10 stories that illuminate the impact this American tragedy, filtered through Islamophobic policy and rhetoric, still has on this community.