The #1 Shadiest Response to Ted Cruz Telling RNC Viewers to ‘Vote Your Conscience’

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 21, 2016

The Republican National Convention (RNC) has featured several of the men who sought to represent the party in the general election for president. Last night (July 20), Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)—who earned the second highest number of pledged delegates during a contentious primary season that saw Donald Trump nickname him “Lyin’ Ted”—gave a speech in which he failed to formally endorse the party’s nominee. Instead, he implored citizens to “vote your conscience.” It was a move that earned him boos from the crowd.


Cruz later doubled down on the sentiment with the following tweet:


Trump—whom has been criticized for his plan to ban Muslims from the United States—reportedly appeared in the hall immediately following the speech, then tweeted his reaction:


But it was the response from Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, that won the day for best shade thrown at her opponent:


(H/t NPR)