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Insured or Not, Women and Children's Health Shortchanged

Insured or Not, Women and Children’s Health Shortchanged

by Michelle Chen on September 3 2010, 9:10AM

The escalation of insurance costs is old news by now, but in light of the recession, the pattern doesn’t augur well for a half-baked reform plan.

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The Insurance Industry's Stealth Attack on Health Reform

The Insurance Industry’s Stealth Attack on Health Reform

by Yvonne Yen Liu on July 16 2010, 11:08AM

Why you should care about “Medical Loss Ratio.” No, really.

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In the Wake of Health Reform, Abortion Under Attack

by Michelle Chen on June 4 2010, 10:00AM

When health care reform finally limped past the finish line on Capitol Hill, the compromises littering the final bill left many activists disillusioned, but some hoped that action on the state level could keep the progressive reform movement moving…

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