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Haiti Gets Shortchanged on Aid

Haiti Gets Shortchanged on Aid

by Julianne Hing on July 16 2010, 2:52PM

Since a U.N. donors conference in March, when countries pledged over $5.3 billion to help Haiti, only $534 million has been delivered.

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Haiti Promised $10 Billion in Aid. Who’ll Spend It?

by on April 1 2010, 10:46AM

Yesterday’s UN meeting of governments and international organizations on aid to Haiti ended with a $10 billion pledge. The funds will be committed to development that may dramatically restructure the country’s human geography and physical infrastructure by focusing on urban…

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Somali ‘Pirates’ Plan to Send Treasures Taken from Rich Countries to Haiti

by Jorge Rivas on January 29 2010, 11:07AM

We haven’t heard about the Somali pirates in months, but they’re back in the news cycle. This time around, it’s a more positive, Robin Hood-esque story. In the article, translated on, leaders of the pirate groups say they’re willing…

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