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Civil Rights Leaders React to Meeting With Obama Today

Civil Rights Leaders React to Meeting With Obama Today

by Brentin Mock on February 18 2014, 6:25PM

Civil rights leaders pick Obama’s brain on wages and criminal justice reform

Topics: Voting Rights, Criminal Justice, Politics

Jailed, for Being Poor

Jailed, for Being Poor

by Carla Murphy on February 13 2014, 10:54AM

Debtors’ prisons for misdemeanor crimes are flourishing in the U.S.

Topics: Criminal Justice, /NOW

A New Development in Prison Reform

A New Development in Prison Reform

by Carla Murphy on January 30 2014, 7:00AM

Bipartisan momentum for dismantling mass incarceration is quietly building on Capitol Hill.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Life Without Parole for Selling a $10 Bag of Weed

Life Without Parole for Selling a $10 Bag of Weed

by Carla Murphy on December 2 2013, 2:34PM

The legacy of “tough on crime” policies lives on

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Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD Play

Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD

by Seth Freed Wessler, Jay Smooth on March 25 2013, 6:00AM

Hours before he left the country for medical school, caught up with David Floyd, the man who put his name on the biggest stop and frisk suit around. Here’s why he put himself on the line for this federal case.

Topics: Criminal Justice, Stop and Frisk

Kelley Williams-Bolar: I 'Never Thought I'd Be Prosecuted'

Kelley Williams-Bolar: I ‘Never Thought I’d Be Prosecuted’

by Julianne Hing on September 27 2011, 1:17PM

The Ohio mom whose outrageous criminal case sparked a national outcry finally speaks out.

Topics: Schools & Youth

Prison System Chains Women in Childbirth

Prison System Chains Women in Childbirth

by Michelle Chen on July 20 2010, 10:30AM

In many places around the country, it’s still legal to keep incarcerated women shackled while they go through labor.

Topics: Criminal Justice, Gender & Sexuality, On Gender

New York Moves to Keep Incarcerated Parents Connected to Kids

New York Moves to Keep Incarcerated Parents Connected to Kids

by Michelle Chen on June 17 2010, 10:27AM

The prison system and the child welfare system both have the power to split families apart, and too often, they are tragically linked when the state imposes its judgment that a parent is no longer worthy of her child. For…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Schools & Youth

States Can’t Lock Up Kids For Life, Says Supreme Court

by Kai Wright on May 18 2010, 10:46AM

The Supreme Court reined in juvenile imprisonment yesterday with a ruling that restricts states from locking up minors for life without parole for non-homicide convictions. The ruling expands on a 2005 decision that barred states from executing minors. CNN quotes…

Topics: Criminal Justice

The Long Rap Sheet of New Orleans Cops

by Jordan Flaherty on May 13 2010, 12:00PM

As the Justice Department considers overhauling the city’s law enforcement, it will have to round up more than a few post-Katrina rogues. Even the coroner’s got a past.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Fighting for Their Lives

by Leticia Miranda on March 15 2010, 12:00PM

The Supreme Court considers whether it’s cruel and unusual punishment to lock up teenagers for life without parole.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Could Facebook Save
His Life?

by Leticia Miranda on March 15 2010, 12:00PM

Efrén Paredes Jr. has been serving a life sentence without parole since he was a teenager. Now, he and his community take his case online.

Topics: Criminal Justice

The Right to Live Again

by Leticia Miranda on November 4 2009, 12:00PM

As California prepares to start shrinking its prison system, advocates see more peril than promise.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Righting Wrongful Convictions of Youth: What You Can Do

by Terry Keleher on October 14 2009, 12:50PM

Each year in the US, millions of young people interact with juvenile and criminal courts where they often face unfair treatment and racial discrimination. Last week, Northwestern University Law School launched the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth. The…

Topics: Criminal Justice

NFL Comeback

by David Leonard on September 29 2009, 12:00PM

Race, media and the demonization of Michael Vick

Topics: Criminal Justice

American Indians Look to Sotomayor for Change

by Matthew L.M. Fletcher on September 9 2009, 12:00PM

Justice Sotomayor could make a dent in reversing unjust Supreme Court decisions on tribal law.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Good Gangs

by Michelle Chen on August 31 2009, 8:48PM

Over the past few years, the phenomenon of youth gangs has spawned its own field of criminology—part social science, part political spectacle. Police have been declaring war on gangs for decades, officials have deployed social workers, teachers and “gang…

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Beyond ‘Hard-Working’: Rinku Sen Talks About Talking About Race at Netroots Nation [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 25 2009, 11:32AM

Courtesy of Sum of Change, here’s our own Rinku Sen (executive director of the Applied Research Center, publisher of ColorLines, author of The Accidental American) at Netroots Nation 2009. Speaking on the “Stepping it up: Creating Powerful Multiracial Alliances…

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Bad (White) Men Punished

by Daisy Hernandez on August 13 2009, 12:00PM

A federal judge honors a 150-year-old treaty between the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the federal government.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Prisons: The New Asylum for Youth

by Leticia Miranda on August 10 2009, 3:16PM

A New York Times article reports that more and more courts are ordering mentally ill youth to jail as community mental health programs are facing bigger cuts and thinning resources. “We’re seeing more and more mentally ill kids who…

Topics: Criminal Justice

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