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American Heritage Editor on 'Anchor Baby' Definition: 'We Were Wrong'

American Heritage Editor on ‘Anchor Baby’ Definition: ‘We Were Wrong’

by Mónica Novoa on December 7 2011, 11:17AM

Monica Novoa sits down with American Heritage Dictionary’s Executive Editor Steve Kleinedler to discuss the why and how they chose to define one of today’s most hot-button slurs.

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New American Heritage Dictionary Defines 'Anchor Baby' as Neutral

New American Heritage Dictionary Defines ‘Anchor Baby’ as Neutral

by Jorge Rivas on December 5 2011, 11:56AM

The latest edition of New American Heritage Dictionary adds the term “anchor baby,” with a matter-of-fact definition that makes its racist assumptions into simple facts. The dictionary’s editor says they strove to be “objective” in the immigration debate.

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