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More on Racial Disparity in the U.S. Labor Force

More on Racial Disparity in the U.S. Labor Force

by Von Diaz on November 7 2013, 3:17PM

A new report from ‘The Atlantic’ sheds light on the depth of racial wage and employment inequality.

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Our Economy Needs More Action, Fewer Words From Obama

Our Economy Needs More Action, Fewer Words From Obama

by Imara Jones on July 24 2013, 5:01PM

Today’s speech is the first in a series that Obama will give on the economy over the next couple of months.

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Trained to Fail

by Yvonne Yen Liu on April 13 2010, 12:00PM

Workers nationwide are getting the skills to join a new green economy. Problem is, it doesn’t exist. How Reagan’s job-training ghost haunts our response to unemployment.


Watch the ColorLines TV Show: Race and Economic Recovery

by ColorLines Investigative Team on February 3 2010, 12:00PM

We’ve joined with LinkTV to produce a half hour show on race and the economic recovery.


The Cost of Building Austin

by Lourdes C�rdenas on November 18 2009, 12:00PM

Construction workers, mostly Latinos, are literally dying on the job.


Women Targeted for Subprime Mortgages

by Leticia Miranda on September 2 2009, 12:00PM

Black and Latina women are more likely to be steered to high-cost loans.


Home Lending That Works

by Leticia Miranda on July 2 2009, 12:00PM

A new bill in Congress would expand the 1977 law that got Blacks and Latinos good mortgages.



by ColorLines Staff on June 24 2009, 12:00PM

A round up of what’s in the headlines courtesy of


South Africa Isn’t Post-Racial Either

by Robert Jensen on June 23 2009, 12:00PM

Conversations about race in places like Cape Town sound eerily similar to those happening in the United States.


Newspaper Jobs Aren’t Dead

by Cindy Von Quednow on June 9 2009, 12:00PM

Former mainstream journalists find work and more in the ethnic press.


Tent City Stories

by Yvonne Yen Liu on June 5 2009, 12:00PM

People of color reflect on the role racism played in leaving them without jobs and homes.


The State of Ethnic Media

by Cindy Von Quednow on June 2 2009, 12:00PM

As the recession persists and mainstream newspapers close, ethnic media outlets face a different reality.


Foreclosures Fuel Political Activism

by Michelle Chen on May 28 2009, 12:00PM

Groups are trying to stay one step ahead of the economic forces eroding their communities.


A Timeline of the Subprime Crisis

by on May 19 2009, 12:00PM

Here’s how decades of institutional racism led us to where are today.


Framing Race in Mississippi

by Michelle Chen on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

New research shows how deep the racial fault lines run.


No homes. No jobs. Not even beds at shelters. Here’s how families are fighting to stay together.

by Michelle Chen on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

Last fall, Yolanda James and her three children were lost in their own city. After foreclosure had forced them from their South Los Angeles apartment, they ran into closed doors at every turn. Aid agencies offered referrals to other offices,…


Bailout Plan Hits the Poor

by Victor Corral on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

Banks are using TARP funds to make predatory loans.


Moving the Economy Ahead

by on February 11 2009, 12:00PM

What stimulus could mean if it included the formerly incarcerated.


Farm Subsidies Overwhelmingly Support White Farmers

by Jessica Hoffmann on January 29 2009, 12:00PM

The U.S. government spends billions each year subsidizing farm operations. Yet Black farmers receive only one-third to one-sixth of the benefits that other farmers receive.


Communities Foreclosed

by Valeria Fern�ndez on January 6 2009, 12:00PM

As more Latino and Black families lose their homes, the impact spreads over neighborhoods.


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