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Green the Recovery: Expand Green Jobs to Women and Communities of Color

by Debayani Kar on January 28 2010, 7:30AM

The folks over at are having a contest to gather ‘ideas for change in America.’ Have a good idea? You can submit yours at Over at the Applied Research Center, we came up with the following. Do you…


‘The Garden’ Sows Seeds of Struggle

by Debayani Kar on December 26 2009, 12:22PM

The Garden is a warmly portrayed moving documentary film that follows the real-life story of the South Central Farmers Cooperative in Los Angeles. The well-publicized fight of the farmers to maintain control of their land lent itself as an ideal…


All Politics Is Local: Community Solutions for Climate Justice

by Debayani Kar on December 7 2009, 11:00AM

There’s so much to say about the climate change negotiations beginning in Copenhagen, Denmark today, that there is almost nothing left to be said. We have been facing and continue to face a threat to our planet and way of…


Greening L.A.

by Debayani Kar on November 19 2009, 1:01PM

Though President Obama hopes to create five million green jobs within a decade, women and people of color will be left out without active policies to ensure participation. Blacks and Latinos comprise less than 30 percent of those employed in…


Rinku Sen and Billy Parish: Young, Green, and Broke

by Rinku Sen on October 6 2009, 8:08AM

This piece was coauthored with Billy Parish of the Energy Action Coalition; it originally appeared at the Huffington Post. Last week, the Labor Department reported that youth unemployment stands at 18.2%, nearly twice the national average of 9.8%. The percentage…

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Florida: No Job Creation, No Stimulation

by Debayani Kar on October 2 2009, 8:09AM

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced specific benchmarks that the federal government will use to determine whether the Recovery Act has been a success. But none of his benchmarks include numbers of jobs created. October will see the roll out…

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A Tale of Race and Recovery

by Yvonne Yen Liu on September 30 2009, 9:30AM

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.* The Obama administration enacted the $787 billion…


Glenn Beck’s Attack On Van Jones: Fantasies & Falsehoods

by Guest Columnist on August 28 2009, 4:52PM

[Editor’s note: I’ve included Glenn Beck’s piece on Van Jones above, in case you’d like to hear a narrator say ‘green jobs’ in a scary voice. I kid, but seriously: while we might see these as the obvious falsehoods…

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Caption Contest Post Has Moved!

by Channing Kennedy on August 25 2009, 1:57PM

Hey all: Thanks for participating! Head on over to the new caption contest post, and bring your A game! Last week’s winner below the jump. ——————————————————————— AND SPEAKING OF: Last week’s winner is (drumroll please) RaceWire commenter tonymacias, with: “Y’all…

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Green For All: Building the Green Economy Rhythm [VIDEO]

by Jorge Rivas on August 14 2009, 5:36AM

via Green For All A New Sound communicates both the pain of the old economy, and the promise of the new. It illustrates why the Senate must pass bold climate legislation this fall, and why we need a vibrant…


Green Jobs for Navajo Youth: Q & A with Nikke Alex

by Yvonne Yen Liu on July 23 2009, 6:00AM

Nikke Alex, the youth organizer for the Navajo Green Jobs and the Black Mesa Water Coalition, talked with us for a few minutes while she was at the Navajo Nation Council Chamber in Window Rock, Arizona, celebrating the historic passage…


Navajo Nation Takes the Lead with Green Jobs Legislation

by Julianne Hing on July 22 2009, 9:42AM

Great news from Jeff Biggers at Common Dreams: The bounty of green job dreams is one step toward becoming a reality on the Dinetah-Navajo Nation. Thanks to the indefatigable work of the Navajo Green Economy Coalition and Navajo Nation…


The Recovery Act Fights Reagan’s Job Training Agenda

by Guest Columnist on July 6 2009, 2:02PM

by Jonathan Yee Need a job? Well, the National Recovery Act has created a great deal of excitement for green jobs and their potential to save the environment and create jobs for low income communities; for example, Oakland’s Green Jobs…

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Why We Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop for Youth of Color on the Climate and Energy Bill

by Guest Columnist on July 3 2009, 8:58AM

Written by Julia H. Rhee, youth organizer for Green for All The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) is the most extensive and, at over 1400 pages long, the largest climate and energy bill that’s ever been introduced onto…


Equity and the Green Recovery

by Yvonne Yen Liu on June 8 2009, 6:00AM

More depressing numbers about the recession: Unemployment last month was at 9.4 percent, according to the latest figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An additional 787,000 people lost their jobs, most were people of color. Since the recession began…


Changing the climate of social policy

by Michelle Chen on April 10 2009, 4:34PM

The Obama administration has reportedly been wavering its plan to combat climate change. According to the Washington Post, the other steaming national priorities heaped onto Obama’s plate could set back his more ambitious environmental goals. That could mean deciding…

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Van Jones, Special Adviser to Obama Administration

by Jorge Rivas on March 10 2009, 2:01PM

The Associated Press is reporting that Green for All’s Van Jone’s “will be a special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation in the Obama administration.” The chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Nancy Sutley, said…


Majora Carter goes Primetime

by Jorge Rivas on February 24 2009, 11:47AM

I don’t know much about True North, besides the fact that it’s a subsidiary brand of FritoLay, but I do know that they paid top dollar to air their commercial staring Majora Carter during the Oscars on Sunday night….

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Is Green really the new Black?

by Donna Hernandez on February 5 2009, 2:40PM

I’m at the Good Jobs; Green Jobs National conference in Washington DC where 2,500 plus people have gathered. The more popular workshops have focused on how to create Green Solutions that include and focus on communities of color. Here…


Chris Rabb on Meet the Bloggers

by Jonathan Adams on December 19 2008, 4:36PM

Watch Chris Rabb and Van Jones speak on the Green New Deal….


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