Feds Charge Fifth New Orleans Cop in Post-Katrina Violence

by Julianne Hing on May 25 2010, 3:39PM

The Department of Justice has charged Ignatius Hills, a fifth New Orleans police officer involved in Danziger Bridge incident, with trying to cover up the actual turn of events that led to the deaths of two men days after Hurricane…

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GOP Governors’ Chair: Bush Did a Heckuva Job on Katrina

by Kai Wright on April 12 2010, 9:00AM

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference closed out a rich few days in New Orleans over the weekend. On Thursday, Sarah Palin once again urged the faithful to “reload.” A straw poll on Friday and Saturday found Mitt Romney running…

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Life After Katrina in 2010: Human Rights on the Gulf Coast

by Michelle Chen on April 11 2010, 6:45AM

“I am tired of living like this. They were not even listening to my crying. They think it’s a joke but it’s really not.” —DeBorah W., hurricane survivor and resident of New Orleans, describing her struggle to find a new…

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Cop Pleads Guilty in Katrina Shootings

by Jamilah King on February 25 2010, 3:22PM

New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley on Danziger Cover-Up Remember those brutal police shootings of unarmed civilians following Hurricane Katrina? A cop just pleaded guilty to orchestrating a cover-up: Lt. Michael Lohman’s guilty plea on Wednesday signals a huge break…

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Study: Katrina Evacuees Didn’t Increase Crime

by Leticia Miranda on February 16 2010, 6:01PM

Just as Katrina evacuees started to leave their home to start new outside of New Orleans, police deparments in neighboring “host” cities — San Antonio, Phoenix and Houston — accused survivors of bringing crime into their communities. However, a recent…

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New Orleans Needs More Than a New Mayor

by Guest Columnist on February 8 2010, 9:39AM

Written by Jordan Flaherty In a city consumed by the Superbowl and Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans elected a new mayor last weekend. Mitch Landrieu, the state’s current Lieutenant Governor, won 65% of the vote - almost twice the total…

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Please Don’t Superdome Haiti (update)

by Michelle Chen on January 16 2010, 8:58AM

For those who know how race and media intersect in times of crisis, the earthquake in Haiti has probably sent a bump through your pop-cultural seismograph. Now it’s becoming a flashpoint. Following an initial wave of sympathy, the corporate…

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By The Numbers: Katrina Families Still Wait For Justice

by Terry Keleher on September 1 2009, 10:35AM

In observance of the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Bill Quigley at the Center for Constitutional Rights and Davida Finger, a professor at Loyola University New Orleans, have compiled the “Katrina Pain Index – 2009.” Here’s just a sample…

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Katrina Anniversary Approaching, Not Much has Changed

by Jorge Rivas on August 18 2009, 1:51PM

This coming Sunday, August 23rd, will mark the fourth year anniversary that Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas. We’re likely to hear uplifting stories about how far New Orleans has come in the coming weeks, but the reality is that…

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Katrina Anniversary Visit by President Barack Obama Appears Unlikely

by Jorge Rivas on August 11 2009, 10:48AM

The Times-Picayune is reporting President Obama making an appearance in New Orleans on the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina “appears unlikely.” The White House has declined to comment whether President Obama will visit New Orleans. But the paper says…

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Bracing for the next Katrina

by Michelle Chen on July 8 2009, 9:20PM

Four years after its disastrous response to the Gulf Coast hurricane season, the Federal Emergency Management Agency still doesn’t have a basic plan to provide shelter for catastrophe-stricken communities. Homeland Security inspector general Richard Skinner testified at a House…

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Disaster rolls on

by Michelle Chen on May 8 2009, 10:05PM

As millions of Americans struggle to save their homes from foreclosure, refugees of an earlier catastrophe are facing the latest in a series of displacements. This time, they’re clinging to the makeshift shelters that were supposed to serve as…

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Shrunken hopes in urban America

by Michelle Chen on April 23 2009, 9:27PM

The recession is trampling communities around the country, but some cities are trying to get ahead of the curve by shrinking their own footprint. Declining cities like Flint, Michigan’s famously depressed auto-factory town, are deconstructing themselves to preserve what’s…

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Post-deluge: taking stock of New Orleans

by Michelle Chen on February 25 2009, 6:21AM

Fat Tuesday ushered in the perennial human-interest media showcase on New Orleans. And judging from news reports on the festivities, you’d think the Big Easy were well on the road to recovery, experiencing something of a resurgence, even amid…

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Katrina’s Hidden Race War

by Daisy Hernandez on February 5 2009, 3:56PM

I just finished reading “Katrina’s Hidden Race War” by AC Thompson and am stunned. Over 18 months, Thompson investigated shootings by whites in Algiers Point during the days after Hurricane Katrina struck. He describes finding at least 11 Black people…

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Campbell Brown Cuts Through Bush’s Bull on Katrina

by Jonathan Adams on January 14 2009, 9:08AM

H/T Jack and Jill Politics Embedded video from CNN Video George W. Bush, in his final press conference, stubbornly defends the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. He argues that the rescuing people from roofs in New Orleans was sufficient enough….

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Post-Katrina, New Orleans Rates Highest in Crime

by Jonathan Adams on November 25 2008, 2:16PM

From CNN: A controversial ranking of U.S. cities’ crime rates indicates New Orleans, Louisiana, has the worst crime rate, while a New York exurb has the lowest. A New Orleans resident talks to police after returning home to find his…

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Another Storm Brewing in Jena, LA

by Terry Keleher on September 4 2008, 6:23AM

Courtesy of Jeff Haller/New York Times Just as news about the shameful saga of the Jena 6 has been waning, there’s a new reason to keep the spotlight on Jena, Louisiana. When the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)…

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PBS’ Frontline/WORLD presents: A Village Called Versailles

by Jonathan Adams on September 2 2008, 2:04PM

h/t angry asian man In a section of eastern New Orleans called “Versailles” resides the most dense ethnically Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam. The name refers to “Versailles Arms,” the New Orleans East public housing project where a group…

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Is New Orleans Ready for Another Storm?

by Tracy Kronzak on August 29 2008, 10:12AM

Now that the Democrats have ended their convention and the Republicans are on the cusp of their own, something else entirely is on my mind. Take a gander at the projected path and strength of Hurricane Gustav, and remember…

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