Each week we highlight one person or group as the Drop the I-Word Friday Friend. Our Friends are special advocates who take a stand for undocumented immigrants and against the i-word. 

We also designate a Drop the I-Word Friday Foe. Our Foes are people who perpetuate violence, discrimination and disrespect of undocumented immigrants through their actions and use of the i-word. 


This week's Drop the I-Word Friday Friend is WSOCTV Eyewitness News. 

This week 15 young people were arrested in Charlotte, NC, ten of whom were undocumented immigrants. WSOCTV reported on this story without using the i-word once. 

We applaud WSOCTV's Eyewitness News for leaving the dehumanizing i-word out of this important news story and for providing another example to journalists and media outlets that it is possible to report accurately without being disrespectful. 

This week's Drop the I-Word Friday Foe is, unsurprisingly, Fox News, for this hypocritical headline:

According to the story, when an undocumented immigrant (who is unnamed in the article) wins the lottery, Riaz Khan and Mubeen Ashraf try to convince the winner that he'd be deported if he tried to collect and attempted get a cut of the earnings. 

In reporting this, Fox News follows reporting standards and uses "allegedly" for Khan and Mubeen's possible misconduct, as they have accused, but not convicted of wrong doing. However, Fox does not afford the same courtesy to the unnamed lottery winner, and uses the offensive and accusatory "illegal." Why is Fox always so willing to devalue undocumented immigrants?