Want to use Twitter to encourage people to drop the i-word? Here are some tips to get you started.

Sign Up on Twitter! It's easy to get a Twitter account, just click here to get started. And don't forget to follow @droptheiword on Twitter for the latest updates, news and actions!

Use the #droptheiword hashtag! Hashtags are words starting with # and create easily searchable posts. It makes it so that other Drop the I-Word supporters can find your tweet! Each time you update, be sure to include #droptheiword somewhere in the tweet so your posts are connected to the growing movement!

Add a link! You want to make sure people know all about the effort. When you tweet about Drop the I-Word be sure to include a link to the Drop the I-Word website so people reading your tweets can find out more information and how to get involved. Use this easy shortened link: bit.ly/dtiw

What do you tweet about? Here are some ideas:
  • Ask people to take the Drop the I-Word pledge
  • Your thoughts about the i-word
  • Messages to people you think should drop the i-word
  • Articles and stories about the impact of the i-word
And of course, you can always help us spread the word by retweeting and commenting on @droptheiword tweets!

We hope this helps you get started!