This week we want to recognize the people participating in the Drop the I-Word and Black Alliance for Just Immigration's book club reading of The Warmth of Other Suns. We've just started our first week of discussion, and already readers are reflecting deeply and sharing thoughtful, rich comments in our online discussion on the wall of the Drop the I-Word Facebook page. See what some readers are saying so far.

Sonia Guinansaca:
I began to read the first couple of pages on the train and I was blown away. I found myself lost in thought as I recalled school lessons on "American History " that failed to mention what I was now reading. 

Lacey Williams:
For me, it was interesting reading about Jim Crow in Florida and the conditions there. As a native, white, Floridian, I was never taught that FL was a place where Jim Crow happened, let alone violence against African-Americans. It was intense reading about the things that happened in my back yard, and very telling that I had no idea about it.

Donna Hernandez:
Can we really say that we are free? Still feels like many of us are still experiencing some degree of bondage.

Opal Tometi:
a quote that really summarized the Jim Crow logic was on page 31 "if the minutest privilege could be imagined, the ruling class claimed it"...I'm also really struck by how Wilkerson is also able to touch on the way in which Jim Crow snuck up on free folks.. I feel like there is a real cautionary lesson that she's alluding to that we shouldn't dismiss. History has a sad way of repeating itself sometimes.

Hayward Vereen Jr: 
Interesting choice of the three characters for study. Seems like some consideration of 'class' went into the choice [of characters]. In some respects it seems the author wants to remind her readers that the Black Bourgeoisie was [also] affected during this period.

Kemi Bello:
Most of all, I love the reaffirmation of the importance of storytelling, of never forgetting our experiences, b/c they may seem singular, but are massive in consequence.

We will be Thanks to all who are reading and sharing, and keep it up! And if you're just starting don't worry, you can join in at any time. Click to check out the reading guide with the reading schedule and discussion questions.