On Twitter, @alonsochehade asked us:

@droptheiword What do you think about Dreamer Jennifer Lopez subtitle on @CNNEE "Inmigrante Ilegal"? bit.ly/paSDcn

Well we do not like it one bit.

CNN en Español, the Spanish-language arm of CNN in the U.S., recently underwent a rebranding process to better reach Latin American and the "Hispanic population in the U.S.," according Tony Maddox, the executive vice president and managing director of CNN International, in an article in the New York Times. However, CNN en Español misses the mark in this interview with Jennifer López Zavaleta, where they clearly brand her as "Inmigrante Ilegal." 

While Drop the I-Word demands more respectful coverage from all news outlets, we expect better from a channel that claims to support the communities that are most commonly targeted by the racist i-word.