The Warmth of Other Suns, Discussion Week 5: pp 432-549


Welcome to the book club discussion of The Warmth of Other Suns, by Isabel Wilkerson, brought to you by Drop the I-Word and Black Alliance for Just Immigration. For the past five Wednesdays we have posted questions on the Drop the I-Word blog to help structure and deconstruct the reading, and encourage readers to join in the discussion on Facebook. This is our last discussion! This is the reading plan and discussion guide we have been using. 

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It's been wonderful reading along with you all, thank you for joining us. This book reminds us that while history is being made now, we have to know the people's history of the ground on which we stand, so that we can truly learn from it, honor it and keep sharing it. 

The 60's are over, but the Civil Rights project is not over, and the legacy of Jim Crow is still with us. There is still much racial justice work to do in the south and everywhere alongside Black people who stayed in the South, those who traveled North, and new migrants from all over the world. 

Cross-racial/ethnic and cross-sectorial alliances are key to achieving racial justice. We hope to bring people together around dropping the i-word. Our partners at Black Alliance for Just Immigration are making exciting new great cross-racial organizing connections across the country and in the South. We'll be discussing this work at Facing Race, November 15-17th in Baltimore, and hope to see you there!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What surprised you most overall about the book? 
  2. How have arts and culture in the US been shaped by the Great Migration?
  3. How might learning this history be important for building bridges between Black communities with roots in the South and recent migrants of all backgrounds?

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