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The Warmth of Other Suns: Discussion Week 3 (page 223-321)
This week's reading took us through Ida Mae, George and Robert's journeys out of the South and how difficult it was for them to set themselves up and adapt to their new lives. We caught a glimpse both of the reactions of people that stayed in the South and the type of support the migrants received upon reaching their destinations.
We're enjoying this book as it weaves beautiful stories and is packed with important historical information. Just a reminder, we have two weeks left to go and will have our final discussion on March 7th. Join us in discussing the following questions on the Drop the I-Word Facebook page.
Discussion Questions:
  1. What were the challenges to the economic dignity of Black people who stayed in the South and those that left?

  2. What were the economic arguments leveled against migrants leaving the South from people both in the South and North? 

  3. Were the arguments against migration similar to the ones we hear now in the contemporary immigration debate?

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NEXT WEEK: Week 4, Feb 22 - 28: Read pp. 332-431, "Complications" through the end of "The Fullness of the Migration."

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