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The Warmth of Other Suns: Discussion Week 2 (pp.124-222)

In week two of the reading we saw the different pressures and major events start to unravel leading George Swanson Starling, Ida Mae Gladney and Robert Pershing Foster to leave the South. They each made their plans, some more detailed than others. Their departures and trips had elements of danger and risk that made it clear how badly they wanted something different. They carried the greatest hopes and expectations for the future as they looked to live with more respect and to be treated with dignity in the north and west.

Discussion Questions:

1. What were the most horrifying conditions of Jim Crow South? What instances of racial terrorism stand out most strongly in the book? What daily injustices and humiliations did Black people have to face there?

2. What does George Starling's experience in the 40s in Detroit, Michigan factory work and in the orange groves of Eustis, Florida reveal about the history of factory, farm work and workers rights in the United States?

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NEXT WEEK: Week 3, Feb 15 - 21: Read pp. 223 - 331, part four through the end of "The Other Side of Jordan"

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