New Romney Ad Pushes Mexican Roots with Grandpa on Horseback Wearing Cowboy Hat

New Romney Ad Pushes Mexican Roots with Grandpa on Horseback Wearing Cowboy Hat

In a new Spanish-language TV ad called “Country of Immigrants” (or, “País de Inmigrantes”) Mitt Romney’s son Craig says his father values “that we are a nation of immigrants” and says: “My grandfather George was born in Mexico.”

It gets even better. As Craig says “my grandfather George was born in Mexico,” images of him wearing a cowboy hat on horseback appear on screen. As if Latino voters will connect more now that they think the Romneys are racheros.

Craig Romney, 31, spent two years as a Mormon missionary in Chile and speaks Spanish fluently. He delivered the message flawlessly. That is of course, if you don’t consider Mitt Romney has said before that calling himself a Mexican would be disingenuous.

“My dad was born in Mexico, and I am proud of my heritage. But he was born of U.S. citizens who were living in Mexico at the time, and was not Hispanic,” Romney told Univision’s Jorge Ramos. “He never spoke Spanish, nor did his parents. So I can’t claim that honor.”

This isn’t the first time Romney uses the power of imagery to connect to the interests of Latinos in his ads that he may not necessarily support.

Romney doesn’t support the DREAM Act but that didn’t stop his campaign from flashing images of young Latina graduate wearing a cap and gown while Craig delivered a line about how the U.S. is the land opportunity where everything is possible.

Craig Romney is currently an advertising music producer at the advertising and design agency mcgarrybowen.

Judge Terminates Detained Mom’s Rights, Allows Missouri Couple to Adopt

Judge Terminates Detained Mom's Rights, Allows Missouri Couple to Adopt

On Wednesday a Missouri juvenile court judge terminated a Guatemalan woman’s rights to her 5-year-son because they believe she abandoned her child when she was imprisoned after a 2007 immigration sting at a poultry processing plant.

Encarnacion Romero, the mother of the child, cried as she was leaving the courtroom, according to the Joplin Globe. Romero’s attorney say they will appeal the decision.

The case garnered National attention when ABC’s “Nightline” covered the story in February 2012.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
Nightline’s “Stolen Babies? Controversy in Missouri” segment that aired February 2012.

“This is a sad and outrageous outcome in this case, intolerable really,” said Rinku Sen, president and executive director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) and publisher of “All of our systems need to change the way they deal with children and parents affected by deportation, including the family courts.”

A 2011 investigation by found that there are currently at least 5,100 children in foster care as a result of their undocumented parents being detained or deported.

President Obama acknowledge the findings in a subsequent briefing with reporters and said it was a real problem.

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34) has introduced legislation to address the rising number of children in foster care as a result of immigration enforcement. The “Help Separated Families Act of 2012” introduced earlier this month intends to keep children of detained or deported parents united with their families.

Map Shows NYPD Finds More Guns Away From ‘Stop-and-Frisk’

Only 770 guns were recovered from 685,000 NYPD Stop-and-Frisk stops across the city last year, according to WNYC. And those guns are not showing up in the places where the police are devoting the most stop-and-frisk resources.

In February the NYPD released stop-and-frisk statistics to the City Council that revealed the highest number of stops ever recorded in one year. Out of 685,724 stop-and-frisk stops, 87% percent of those stopped in 2011 were black or Latino, and nine out of ten persons stopped were not arrested, nor did they receive summonses.

An NYCLU analysis showed that black and Latino males between the ages of 14 and 24 accounted for 41.6 percent of stops in 2011, though they make up only 4.7 percent of the city’s population. The number of stops of young black men exceeded the city’s entire population of young black men.

Young Asian Fan Recreates Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’ Shot for Shot

Young Asian Fan Recreates Beyoncé's 'Countdown' Shot for Shot

Everything about this video is impressive. The dance moves, editing, special effects and everything else. Even that Snuggie looks good.

Michelle Obama: ‘We Cannot Continue to Let Families be Broken Apart’

Michelle Obama: 'We Cannot Continue to Let Families be Broken Apart'

First lady Michelle Obama discussed a wide range of issues on Univision’s “Al Punto” this past weekend. The large part of the discussion centered around Latinos and immigration reform.

“There is nothing more critical than keeping families together and that is why Barack has been fighting so hard for comprehensive immigration reform,” the First lady said in the interview. “For the shear fact that we cannot continue to let families be broken apart. That is at the heart of the success of any community.”

A 2011 investigation by found that there are currently at least 5,100 children in foster care as a result of their undocumented parents being detained or deported.

White Mormon Editor to Women of Color: ‘Can We Be Part of Your Group?’

White Mormon Editor to Women of Color: 'Can We Be Part of Your Group?'

Jeanette Bennett of Utah Valley Magazine has finally responded to the buzz generated by her controversial headline recently. Turns our Bennett is the editor who was responsible for writing the headline “Women of Color” beneath a photo of her all-white staff dressed in colorful outfits. Here’s her letter, and it’ pretty awful:

More from Gawker:

She knows what it’s like to be black:

Although I’m not a minority in my valley, I’m a religious minority in the United States. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are headline news in 2012. The media have published a mix of accurate and inflammatory articles about what we believe. Having Mitt as a member has elevated the interest level and the attacks toward our church. So in a small way, I can understand minority groups feeling misunderstood and misrepresented by the media.

She only wants to be able to sit at the black lunch counter like everybody else.

I’m hoping readers can see that my recent article and photo weren’t intended to demean black women. If anything, we are saying we WANT to be women of color. Can we be part of your group? Can we sit at your lunch table?

Florida Black Male Tasered by Police for Allegedly Jaywalking [Video]

Florida Black Male Tasered by Police for Allegedly Jaywalking [Video]

Florida police say they followed protocol when they Tasered jaywalker Zikomo Peurifoy three times after he refused to provide police officers identification for allegedly jaywalking.

“The officers were polite the whole time through and gave good verbal commands,” Capt. David Del Rosso, of the Casselberry Florida Police Department, told ABC News. “You hear the officer saying why he stopped him.”

Peurifoy got a ticket for jaywalking and was charged with resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer. Officers found a concealed gun on Peurifoy but he had a permit to carry the weapon.

Noelle Price, the woman who shot the 10-minute video, was also arrested on a charge of resisting an officer without violence because she did not provide her name.

Lt. Gov.: ‘Black Women Who Look Like Me’ Don’t Do That Lesbian Thing

Lt. Gov.: 'Black Women Who Look Like Me' Don't Do That Lesbian Thing

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has made national headlines twice in the past week. She was one the estimated 200 Mitt Romney supporters who were bussed in to the NAACP meeting to see the presumptive GOP candidate speak. Now she’s in the news again because a former aide claims she witnessed Carroll and a top aide in a “compromising position” inside the Lt. Governor’s office.

Carroll, who is the first female elected as Lieutenant Governor in Florida and the first black Lt. Gov., says the accusations are lies.

But perhaps she should come up with a better defense.

When asked about the accusations by a Tampa TV station, Carroll poked fun at the accuser’s relationship status, and claimed “black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.”

Apparently she has never seen a black women who wears lipstick and sometimes makes out with other women.

Zimmerman’s Lawyer Outs Witness #9

New documents in the Trayvon Martin case released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office on Monday morning included testimony from a witness that claims George Zimmerman molested her from the age of 6 on through her teenaged years. The witness known only as “Witness #9” made it clear she wanted to remain anonymous and she was able to until Monday afternoon when Zimmerman’s lawyers outed her.

The court redacted any identifying information from the records released on Monday but lawyers outed “Witness #9” as Zimmerman’s cousin.

Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, released the following statement on in which he outs “Witness #9.” His statement published in it’s entirety:

Today the State released Witness #9’s Statements along with Mr. Zimmerman’s phone calls from jail in response to the Court’s July 13 order.

In her statements, Witness #9, who is George Zimmerman’s cousin, alleges that Mr. Zimmerman inappropriately touched her beginning when she was 6 and Mr. Zimmerman was almost 8, and that it continued on occasion until she was 16 and Mr. Zimmerman was 17.

The defense moved to block the public release of Witness #9’s statement in a motion filed on June 18, 2012 contending “The content of this statement is not relevant to the issues of this case, and it would not be admissible in the State’s case in chief.” The motion further contends that this irrelevant statement should be withheld from public dissemination because of the substantial risk that public disclosure will lead to widespread hostile publicity which would substantially impair the Defendant’s fair trial rights, and would pose a serious threat to the administration of justice.

That request was denied on July 13, 2012 by Judge Lester. Because there is a Motion for Disqualification pending, this morning, we asked the prosecution not to release Witness #9’s statement until there was a ruling on the Motion for Disqualification. This is an appropriate request as, should the motion for disqualification be granted, reconsideration of recent rulings by the judge is appropriate. However, the prosecution elected to make the public disclosure anyway.

Now that this statement is part of the public record, the defense will vigorously defend Mr. Zimmerman against the allegations. In the next several weeks, there will be reciprocal discovery filed regarding Witness #9’s statement.

FDA Approves Truvada, First Pill to Help Prevent HIV

ucm311823.jpegThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday approved the first drug shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection. The agency approved Truvada for use as a preventable measure for people at high risk of acquiring HIV-1, the most common form of HIV.

Two large clinical trials found that when Truvada is taken once daily and used in combination with safer sex practices the risk of HIV infection is significantly lowered:

  • by 42 percent in a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of about 2,500 HIV-negative gay and bisexual men and transgender women, and
  • by 75 percent in a study sponsored by the University of Washington of about 4,800 heterosexual couples in which one partner was HIV positive and the other was not.

Debra Birnkrant, M.D., director of the Division of Antiviral Products at FDA, explains that Truvada works to prevent HIV from establishing itself and multiplying in the body. She notes that while this is a new approved use, Truvada is not a new product. It was approved by FDA in 2004 for use in combination with other medications to treat HIV-infected adults and children over 12 years old.

“In the 80s and early 90s, HIV was viewed as a life-threatening disease; in some parts of the world it still is. Medical advances, along with the availability of close to 30 approved individual HIV drugs, have enabled us to treat it as a chronic disease most of the time,” Birnkrant says.

“But it is still better to prevent HIV than to treat a life-long infection of HIV,” she says.


The Queen of Soul is Openly Lobbying to Replace J-Lo on ‘American Idol’

The Queen of Soul is Openly Lobbying to Replace J-Lo on 'American Idol'

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have left their judging gigs on “American Idol” and now Aretha Franklin is openly lobbying to get herself on the show. Both CNN and TMZ published reports over the weekend that say the Queen of Soul has contacted producers to express her interest in filling one of the vacated seats on the judges’ panel.

“Yes, I am interested as a judge,” Franklin confirmed to TMZ on Saturday when asked if she was interested in joining the singing competition.

Another source close to the 70-year-old tells the NY Daily News Franklin “seriously gunning for it now that it’s crossed her mind.”

Franklin is known for “telling it like it is.” Julie Hinds at the Detroit Free Press thinks Franklin could easily be the tough judge on the panel:

Franklin calls it like she sees it and has a, shall we say, diva-licious side that would make her a formidable critic — especially if the young, raw auditioners show any major dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Someone should have the ability to equal Simon Cowell’s honesty. We think Franklin could be that person.

There’s one slight problem that could keep the Queen of Soul from joining the panel that travels from state-to-state though. Aretha does not fly.

Zimmerman Accused of Molesting Family Member in Court Testimony

Zimmerman Accused of Molesting Family Member in Court Testimony

Documents released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office on Monday include testimony from a witness that says George Zimmerman molested her from the age of 6 on through her teenaged years. The witness known as “Witness 9” also accused Zimmerman’s family of being racist.

More from Orlando’s WFTV:

Witness No. 9 not only said that Zimmerman is a racist, but during an interview with investigators, she stated that Zimmerman molested her from the age of 6 on through her teenaged years, according to the documents.

The witness claims that Zimmerman’s entire family is racist and said Zimmerman’s mother made it clear she didn’t like President Barack Obama because he is black.

The evidence was released despite a last-minute push by Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, to keep some of it from being made public.

The news comes after another set of documents released last week painted Zimmerman as a hero.

WFTV’s Daralene Jones tweeted excerpts from the documents, Storify timeline via Gawker:

Sheriff Arpaio Tells George Lopez to Call Him a ‘Fat Motherf**ker’ to His Face

Perhaps the least offensive part of George Lopez’s live stand-up special on HBO this weekend was a 2-minute rant on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“And while we’re at it Sheriff Joe in Arizona - fuck you you fucking puto. How about that? Fuck you,” Lopez said to a cheering audience of 7,000 fans in Los Angeles.

The F-bombs continued.

“You fat mother fucker. Fuck you. I said I was going to talk some shit. Fuck you Sheriff Joe you fucking puto. Fuck you. Fuck you.”

ABC 15 news report from Sunday.

Arpaio was actually flipping channels with his wife Saturday night when he heard the rant full of profanity. Arpaio quickly changed the channel because of all the expletives, not realizing the rant was meant for him.

“I was surprised at the language. It was pretty nasty,” Arpaio said in an interview with Arizona’s ABC15 on Sunday.

“Get some guts, come down here and meet me face to face. Let’s see how you act then,” Arpaio said.

(Arpaio will probably be really busy for the next few weeks because a class-action lawsuit against him begins in a federal court this Thursday.)

“I guess a lot of people cheered when he talked bad about me. I’m sure they’re not going to vote for me, but evidently they like what this guy is saying,” Arpaio said. They must like the F-word, because everything was the F-word. But the people who march against me, they don’t talk those nasty words.”

“What, is he (Lopez) the spokesman for the open border people?” asked Arpaio. “See I can be funny too, now let’s see if he has the guts to meet me and I’ll be happy to take him to a Mexican lunch.”

Arpaio has brought in a record number of donations to his upcoming re-election campaign. According to campaign-finance reports filed late last month he’s raised than $140,000 from Arizona donors and more than $800,000 from out-of-state contributors during the same period. Arpaio has brought in a total amount of more than $6.8 million for his campaign, according to the Arizona Republic.

Rapper Murs Kisses Another Man to Call Out Homophobia in Hip Hop

Rappers Will Smith and Jay-Z came out firmly in support of the LGBT community after President Obama announced his support for gay marriage earlier this year. Now a California rapper has taken it to the next level.

In a video released last week Murs wears a “Legalize Gay” shirt and shares a brief kiss with his on-screen boyfriend.

The video stars Murs who plays a high school teen in a relationship with Jonathan; an openly gay student at his high school. Murs’ character on the other hand keeps his sexuality on the “D.L.”

“Boyfriend Roderick kept his secret closeted/Scared to come out into this world of zero tolerance,” Murs raps.

“With this one I wanted to challenge the listener to ask themselves: Is the love shared by two people of the same gender, really that different than the love I have for my partner of the opposite sex?” Murs wrote on YouTube. “And finally, I just felt it was crucial for some of us in the hip hop community to speak up on the issues of teen suicide, bullying, and the overall anti-homosexual sentiment that exist within hip hop culture. I felt so strongly about these issues and this song that I had to do a video that would command some attention, even if it makes some viewers uncomfortable. Even if it came at the cost of my own comfort.”

A Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted in May found people of color are more likely to support gay marriage than whites with black support at record high. The poll found 59 percent of blacks in the U.S. support same-sex marriage compared to 50 percent of whites.

And one last observation, the title “Animal Style” refers to french fries available at the conservative burger chain In-N-Out. The restaurant has printed citations of Bible passages on cups, wrappers and other pieces of packaging since at least the late 1980s.

House Bill Would Keep Kids of Deported Parents With Families

House Bill Would Keep Kids of Deported Parents With Families

On Thursday, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34) introduced legislation to address the rising number of children in foster care as a result of immigration enforcement. The “Help Separated Families Act of 2012” intends to keep children of detained or deported parents united with their families.

A 2011 investigation by found that there are currently at least 5,100 children in foster care whose parents have been detained or deported.

“This is a great step forward in addressing the human impact of immigration and child welfare policies. Kids and families are waiting for systemic action to prevent tragic separations,” said Rinku Sen, executive director of the Applied Research Center,’s publisher. Readers Caption Pictures of Romney Getting Shade at NAACP Meeting

Surely you’ve read Mitt Romney was booed at the NAACP meeting earlier this week but few covered the endless river of side eye he got from the audience throughout the speech. 

The post that included photos of the reactions from the audience as Romney delivered his speech has been one of our most popular stories this week. Our readers started submitting their own winning captions of the photos in the comments section with many of them being so brilliant I had to share.

“Those looks were worse than the ones we give people who can’t sing at church,” read the first comment on the story. And the comments and captions just kept on getting better.  

Without further ado, your winning comments:


(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

White guy pic number two ” This is worse than that time I went to that Kat Williams show by myself, oh God did she just take my picture?!” -Michael N.

“Everyone is side-eyeing the fuck out of Romney and that one white guy is like “Tell me more!” -ms_mmelissa


Woman in green: “Is he crazy?” Woman in pink: “Yep. He’s crazy.”  - Christina D.S.

Now I know you DID NOT just say that!” - Naima M.

The Lady in pink, ” You’ve got to be kidding me? He really didn’t mean to say that did he?” for the Lady in green, ” There’s just no way that he could actually think that his statement is real.” -photoshock

Orlando Sentinel: Newly Released Evidence Appears to Favor Zimmerman

Orlando Sentinel: Newly Released Evidence Appears to Favor Zimmerman

George Zimmerman’s integrity has been questioned for the past several weeks because he lied about his finances while under oath in a Florida court. But new documents released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office on Thursday paint George Zimmerman as a “soft guy” with a “little hero complex.”

Several documents released on Thursday include interviews transcript that also argue Zimmerman is neither racist or prejudice. In one interview, a Florida investigator told FBI agents he believed Zimmerman’s actions were based on Martin’s attire rather than skin color.

Zimmerman’s neighbors all said he was not racist. One neighbor called him “culturally rounded” with no racial prejudices.

And the racial slur some say they heard in Zimmerman’s now infamous 911 call, the new records also shed light on that.

ABC News: 

The documents also shed light on Zimmerman’s allegedly racist comment. In his call to Sanford Police that night, Zimmerman is heard muttering under his breath something that to many sounded like “f—-ing coon.” But a Sanford officer told FBI officials about the presence of several local gangs who call themselves goons.

The Orlando Sentinel’s Jeff Weiner and Rene Stutzman who have been following the case closely say the newly released records favor Zimmerman.

That does not match Zimmerman’s version of events. He told police there was a very brief exchange of words, then Trayvon punched him in the nose with such force that he fell to the ground. He said the teenager climbed on top of him and began punching him and pounding his head into a sidewalk.

Most of the new evidence appeared to favor Zimmerman.

A new witness whose name was blacked out told a prosecution investigator March 27 that she saw the fight and that the person on top was the one who wound up dead.

Spam the Homophobic Frank Ocean Haters With Love

Spam the Homophobic Frank Ocean Haters With Love

Jacob Åström has taken the concept of killing people with kindness and turned it in to a website that sends those who have tweeted homophobic remarks about Frank Ocean a reminder: “it’s not who you love - it’s that you love that truly matters.” The Stockholm based web developer created to help combat the hate sent to the R&B singer after he announced his first love was with another man.

Earlier this month Ocean announced he was 19-years old when he fell for his male friend. “Most of the day I’d see him, and his smile. I’d hear his conversation and his silence … until it was time to sleep. Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant,” Ocean wrote on his Tumblr.

Immediately after Ocean published those words he began to re-tweet the homophobic tweets aimed at him. And that’s where Åström and comes in.

Visitors to his site can scroll through the gallery of hateful tweets and when compelled can fight the hate with love.

Åström told [] ( the back-end of the site requires a lot of manual work. His team is filtering through the hateful tweets to Ocean one-by-one and then retweeting them from an account synced to publish on Tumblr.

“I doubt that it is even a millionth of a fraction as tiresome as it is for the actual Frank Ocean, who has to withstand this constant stream of awful tweets,” Åström told Mashable.

Watch New ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Episode ‘The Visit’

Watch New 'Awkward Black Girl' Episode 'The Visit'

The long awaited second episode of “Awkward Black Girl” season two was released Thursday.

Wells Fargo Settles for $175M Over Steering Blacks and Latinos to Subprime Loans

Wells Fargo Settles for $175M Over Steering Blacks and Latinos to Subprime Loans

Wells Fargo and the Justice Department have reached a $175 million settlement agreement over charges that the bank routinely steered black and Latino borrowers into expensive, dangerous subprime home loans throughout the housing bubble.

Wells Fargo has been a standout bad actor among banks, both during the subprime lending boom and the recession it spawned. Watchdogs have shown that Wells Fargo fails to maintain foreclosed properties in black and Latino communities with the same care it does in white neighborhoods, leading to further depression of home values and more blight. Its mortgage servicing arm has been at the center of complaints about banks’ refusal to work with underwater borrowers, despite massive federal incentives. And it is an industry leader among banks that are launching their own versions of payday loans, which are such significant debt traps that the Defense Department has identified them as a national security threat and Congress has barred lenders from making them to servicemembers.

The Justice Department charges that Wells Fargo, which is the nation’s largest originator of home loans, steered tens of thousands of black and Latino borrowers into more expensive loans, while white borrowers with the same credit profile received prime loans. Research has shown that black communities around the country lost hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth during the foreclosure crisis, widening the racial wealth gap to historic proportions.

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