Donna Hernandez

Donna Hernandez
Channing Kennedy Donna is the Special Events Coordinator and Operations Manager for the Applied Research Center's New York Office. A native of Philadelphia, PA, she has organized in her North Philadelphia community on police issues, housing and welfare rights and Puerto Rican independence. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Letters Arts and Science with a minor in African American Studies. She began organizing at an early age with the Women's Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) in Philadelphia. While at Penn State, she was active in student organizing and government. She worked with several groups aimed at recruiting and retaining students of color to higher education.

Prior to working at ARC, she was Executive Director of the Police-Barrio Relations Project (PBRB), a Philadelphia non-profit fighting for police accountability and providing community education programs and police cultural awareness workshops. As Executive Director, she was responsible for maintaining all of the organization's programs and staff and for overseeing a 1996 Settlement Agreement between the City of Philadelphia and the PBRP, NAACP and ACLU.

Threatened With a Bottle, NYPD Kills Another Mentally Ill Brooklyn Man

by Donna Hernandez on November 19 2007, 8:58AM

Brushes, bottles and mental health issues are reasons for getting shot to death in Brooklyn, but carrying a gun however, and shooting several people will get you shot in the leg and restrained. Although I’m glad to hear police managed…


The Face of Torture—Who Bears it Better?

by Donna Hernandez on November 12 2007, 2:14PM

Photos courtesy of Jim Young/Reuters and Susan Walsh/AP Since September 11, 2001, we have had cases of falsely detained and questionable interrogations via the FBI, CIA, US Police Departments and US armed forces. Some would dare to say theses…

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Hip Hop Community Calls for ‘Cease Fire’

by Donna Hernandez on November 12 2007, 1:03PM

Finally something beyond “Bush hates Black People!” Being a long time fan of Hip-Hop, I’m proud to see these artists taking it beyond their lyrics and words. Most of the artists participating are already well known for their support of…


Barry Bonds: “Clearly” a question of record; Chris Rock on Babe Ruth

by Donna Hernandez on July 25 2007, 6:12PM

Barry Bonds, 43, and 3 home runs away from breaking Hank Aaron’s career record, may or may not have used steroids to enhance his baseball playing abilities, however, one of BALCO industries chemists is alleging he did. Last night on…

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Black & Brown tensions, a review

by Donna Hernandez on July 2 2007, 2:43PM

Last week, I read a story about a Black politician in Salem Country, NJ, who sent flyers to Black residents warning them against electing a Puerto Rican politician during a recent race. While some say tnews exaggerates tensions between Blacks…


Western Union: the Fastest Way to Steal Money

by Donna Hernandez on May 3 2007, 11:22AM

At an immigration rally I attended yesterday in New York, I spoke with several immigrants about their work and unfair wages. Many complained about absurd fees charged by Western Union on remittances—transfers of funds by immigrant workers to their…

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Eddie Palmieri - INNOVATOR

by Donna Hernandez on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

The Sun of Latin music, Inspiring after 50 years

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Yasmin Hernandez

by Donna Hernandez on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

Her innovative work presents the images we don’t usually see.

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