Daisy Hernandez

Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernández Daisy is the coeditor of Colonize This! Young Women of Today's Feminism. She's the former editor of ColorLines magazine and a former columnist with Ms. magazine. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Newsday, the National Catholic Reporter, bitch magazine, Curve, In These Times, as well as, several anthologies. For more of her work, go to

Where’s the Hate for Times Square Bomber?

by Daisy Hernandez on May 4 2010, 5:36PM

After more than a week of following the hate campaign in Arizona, I suppose it’s only reasonable to expect that a brown man trying to bomb Times Square would get some racist reaction. Something overt. But instead of explicitly focusing…

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More Than a Matter of Opinion

More Than a Matter of Opinion

by Daisy Hernandez on April 29 2010, 12:00PM

In a New York Times op-ed Kris Kobach says we’re wrong on Arizona. He’s got it half right.

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How Do You Boycott Arizona?

How Do You Boycott Arizona?

by Daisy Hernandez on April 28 2010, 3:36PM

It’s one thing to tweet “boycott arizona” and another to make it happen. For those of you who want to make it happen: Don’t book a flight on U.S. Airways, get a domain name through Go Daddy or rent a U-Haul truck.

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Fresno Cops Might Stop Shooting, Thanks to ColorLines

by Daisy Hernandez on April 27 2010, 3:47PM

Correction appended at the end of the post. Ali Winston’s investigation into police abuses in California might be having an impact sooner than we expected. His story published this weekend in conjunction with The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund revealed…


Travel Advisory for Arizona

by Daisy Hernandez on April 27 2010, 2:33PM

Remember when it was dangerous to travel to Mexico? Today, Mexican officials issued a warning to its nationals making the trip to Arizona or already living there. The short of it: if you’re brown, watch out. Here’s what they actually…


Don't Call Me Racist, and Other Arizona Lies

Don’t Call Me Racist, and Other Arizona Lies

by Daisy Hernandez on April 27 2010, 12:00PM

What the state’s new immigration law teaches us about the dissembling language of bias in the 21st century.

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The Media-Savvy Racist

by Daisy Hernandez on April 13 2010, 6:54PM

The day has finally arrived. It’s not enough to hear the N-word screamed at you in public and to report it. You must have a YouTube video to prove it and preferably the audio transcript—all of which goes to…

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What We Can Learn About Housing From New Orleans

by Daisy Hernandez on April 7 2010, 4:47PM

Former ColorLines editor Tram Nguyen went to New Orleans to investigate the demolition of public housing and chronicle how activists there are demanding housing as a human right. Here’s a bit from her reporting at Community advocates estimate…


The Violence of a Recession

by Daisy Hernandez on March 31 2010, 12:00PM

Our economic crisis is about a lot more than lost jobs and evaporating 401Ks. It’s closing off options for women in abusive relationships. 

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What Health Care Reform Means For Abortion

by Daisy Hernandez on March 26 2010, 3:41PM

Now that Congress approved the “fixes” to the health care bill yesterday and Obama is set to sign off on that next week, we can all sit back this weekend and ask, “Did we really just win health care…

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Is the Health Care Bill Good For People of Color?

by Daisy Hernandez on March 23 2010, 4:24PM

As President Obama signed the health care reform bill into law today, I was reminded of the 2008 election - where we got the first Black president and lost gay marriage in California. This new health care legislation will expand…


Is Race Behind Tiger Woods’ Sex Addiction? Ask David Mura.

by Daisy Hernandez on March 20 2010, 12:28PM

It’s a busy weekend, everyone. On the national agenda: the health care bill, immigration reform…and, oh yes, the Tiger texts. One of the golfer’s many white mistresses, Joslyn James, has published text messages he supposedly sent her. Not surprisingly, Tiger…


ColorLines Investigation: Selling Food Stamps for Kid’s Shoes

by Daisy Hernandez on February 17 2010, 4:31AM

Eva has worked low-wage jobs in Hartford, Conn., since she was 16, and she managed over the years to support herself and her two daughters. But with the worst job crisis in a generation, even those low-wage jobs Eva once…

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Rest in Peace Lucille Clifton, Poet Extraordinaire

by Daisy Hernandez on February 15 2010, 5:08PM

Some women are born poets, the world grabbing the hem of their skirts. singing to them, pressing images into their sweaty palms. So it was with Lucille Clifton, who at the age of 73, passed away Saturday morning. The obituary…


What It Means To Be Undocumented

by Daisy Hernandez on February 5 2010, 5:00PM

Every family, like every country, has a narrative about itself, a story they come back to over and over again, that they tell at parties, on the front stoop, over café. They share these cuentos—adding and subtracting details as years…

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Haiti: 3 Weeks Later, Are Your Dollars Helping?

by Daisy Hernandez on February 2 2010, 4:24PM

It’s been three weeks now since the earthquake hit Haiti and the Associated Press has issued a grim picture of where recovery efforts stand: medical teams still need the basics like bandages and only 2,000 tents have been distributed for…


Prop. 8 Update: America’s Post-Gay & Post-Racial

by Daisy Hernandez on January 26 2010, 12:47PM

The legal fight to overturn Prop. 8 took a scary turn yesterday for communities of color. The defenders of hetero marriage argued that gays and lesbians don’t need the state to protect them from discrimination because they have political clout….


Beauty Is In The Perspective

by Daisy Hernandez on January 22 2010, 12:00PM

South Korean artist Jang Suk Joon tells powerful visual stories of how neighborhoods are shaped by politics, history and yes, even sex.

Topics: Arts & Culture

Your Reprieve From the Week’s News

by Daisy Hernandez on January 22 2010, 11:10AM

It’s been a terrible news week. The Supreme Court decided corporations should elect politicians with more ease than ever before. Coakley lost and the health care bill is on the quick road to policy hell. Ted Olson, the Republican…


China’s Oriental Angel

by Daisy Hernandez on November 12 2009, 7:46PM

Her mom’s Chinese and her father African American, but 20-year-old Lou Jing says that growing up in Shanghai her skin color wasn’t a big deal until she took part of a TV show similar to American Idol called Go! Oriental…