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Rep. Jefferson Indicted, Fox Footage Shows…Conyers?!

by Andre Banks on June 5 2007, 8:29AM

tnews is out: Black Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson has been indicted today on 16 counts of public corruption for decades of bribery and shady business dealings in Africa. With an attorney general under serious fire for his own misdeeds, the…

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Barack Offers Plan for “Universal” Health Care

by Andre Banks on May 31 2007, 1:59PM

In a rare moment of reporting actual news, recently covered the public intro of Barack’s “universal” health care plan. Here are the details:Obama’s plan retains the private insurance system but injects additional money to pay for expanding coverage. Those…

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Angelina Jolie in Brownface. Is that ok?

by Andre Banks on May 24 2007, 8:00AM

Thanks to celebrific for the image. What you may already know is that Angie’s new film just dropped at Cannes based on the memoir by the widow of Daniel Pearl (remember him? journalist. beheaded. Pakistan. very terrible). Could it…


“Asian Supremacist” Kenneth Eng in Jail

by Andre Banks on May 24 2007, 7:36AM

Kenneth Eng, the former Asianweek writer fired for his column a few months back describing 10 reasons to hate Black people, found his crazy self in jail this week. An SFGate story from Angry Asian Man: ‘Hate’ columnist Eng arrested…

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Feministing Interviews COLORLINES editor

by Andre Banks on May 8 2007, 11:54AM

Our friends over at Feministing recently interviewed Daisy Hernandez, the Managing Editor at COLORLINES. Reposted here, for your pleasure… Daisy Hernandez is the Managing Editor of ColorLines, a bimonthly progressive magazine based in Oakland, CA that takes the issue of…

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Did We March for This?

by Andre Banks on May 4 2007, 10:48AM

This week we spent a lot of time documenting the May 1st immigration marches. From a reflection on Western Union and remittance to a recap of the police violence, we followed the demos from coast to coast. (Check out some…

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Black NBA Players Cry Foul

by Andre Banks on May 3 2007, 1:45PM

This week a new report was released arguing that unconscious racism from NBA refs led Black players to have more fouls called against them. Working with a huge data set, the researchers from U Penn and Cornell also showed a…


VIDEO: Race, Politics and Immigration

by Andre Banks on May 1 2007, 5:41PM

Last year on May Day, just ahead of the national mobilization for immigrant rights, I worked with our multimedia specialist Jorge Rivas to create this short documentary looking at the relationship between U.S. racism and U.S. immigration policy. Given today’s…

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jchang and Davey D on Banning the N* and other Words in Hip Hop

by Andre Banks on April 24 2007, 12:26PM

Our friend jchang over at xenotronix: dubwise & hiphopcentric writes: Here’s a piece from Davey D I mentioned the other day. It provides the deep context for the editorial by Dave Zirin and I that ran in the LA Times…


A New Imus?

by Andre Banks on April 12 2007, 9:13AM

Though I’m a bit exhausted with this business, I wanted to run the really smart piece below by Kai Wright, one of our guest contributors. I was also thinking we should start brainstorming about who should fill the open slot…

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So many workshops, so little time

by Andre Banks on March 24 2007, 1:30PM

Saket Soni leading What’s It All About: Accounting for the Different Levels of Racism A roundtable discussion on affirmative action Gail Christopher in When Disaster Strikes: Communities of Color and the Next Katrina ARC’s mamusa helping a participant with…


Video: Walter Mosley at FACING RACE

by Andre Banks on March 24 2007, 1:09PM

Novelist Walter Mosley reads from his monograph, Life Out of Context at the opening of FACING RACE on Thursday in New York City….


Kaleidoscope featuring Eddie Palmieri

by Andre Banks on March 24 2007, 5:47AM

Facing Race was on its feet last night as some of New York’s hottest poets, musicians and filmmakers joined jazz legend Eddie Palmieri for Kaleidescope. Photos by Brian Palmer Although we talk a lot about bridging our cultural traditions and…


Novelist Walter Mosley Kicks Off FACING RACE conference

by Andre Banks on March 23 2007, 12:00PM

The mystery novelist and social commentator urged hundreds of advocates address racial and economic inequality.

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Walter Mosley Keynote

by Andre Banks on March 22 2007, 10:25PM

A multiracial crowd of several hundred activists, organizers, and leaders listened intently and laughed wildly as keynote speaker Walter Mosley took them on a candid ride through his latest confrontations with racism and also proposed solutions that he outlines in…



by Andre Banks on March 22 2007, 11:49AM

Welcome to RaceWire, the ColorLines blog. We’re taking a break from our daily roster of news and commentary to provide an online home for FACING RACE 2007, the national conference on racial justice. Below you’ll find posts on the…


Barack Makes Laws, Remember?

by Andre Banks on March 7 2007, 5:14PM

You might not have heard that Barack Obama was actually busy legislating today (you know, that thing we pay him and Hilary to do right now). He was on Capitol Hill, not in Selma, taking up immigration policy, not telling…


Bono’s (Product) RED isn’t Making the Green

by Andre Banks on March 6 2007, 1:43PM

In 2002 I was working for this organization Africa Action on a HIV/AIDS campaign trying to get federal $$ to buy AIDS drugs in Africa. At that time there was one name that made us curse, swear and moan….


Cherokees Cast Out Black Indians

by Andre Banks on March 5 2007, 10:10AM

The Cherokee Nation voted this weekend to expel some 2,800 descendants of freed slaves. In a landslide victory, the decision to revoke citizenship was supported by 76% of voters. The central question at hand is whether to offer the benefits…

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Race for the Oscars

by Andre Banks on February 23 2007, 12:00PM

The color line is still drawn sharply in Hollywood, despite a few accolades.

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