Channing Kennedy

Channing Kennedy
Channing Kennedy Video & Multimedia Manager
Oakland, CA

Channing Kennedy is an Oakland-based writer, filmmaker and performer. As ARC’s video and multimedia manager, Channing works closely with reporters, researchers, advocates, communities, artists and musicians to tell human stories about big issues. Since joining ARC in 2008, he’s helped realize Colorlines’ full potential as a multiplatform daily news site, shaping its social media persona, engaging its community, and overseeing all parts of video production and strategy.

Channing’s reporting and commentary appears regularly on; his work on race and the internet has also appeared at NPR,, Tomorrow Magazine, the American Prospect, PostBourgie, Feministing, the Root, the Etsy blog and elsewhere. In 2010, Channing edited and co-wrote Colorlines’ first-ever TV special “Race and Economic Recovery,” which aired on LinkTV; in 2012, he moderated the Facing Race Conference’s first-ever panel on race and comedy, engaging with W. Kamau Bell, Negin Farsad, Jay Smooth, and Samhita Mukhopadhyay. He enrolled in and dropped out of Truman State University in 1998, committing instead to a year of volunteer service with Americorps*NCCC. Prior to joining ARC, he ran a midwestern outsider-art record label for six years.

Channing is @thatssochanning on Twitter.

Rep. Jean Schmidt, Birther, To Resign (In Parallel Universe)

by Channing Kennedy on September 9 2009, 12:17PM

This has been burning up the internets, and for good reason, since it’s hilarious. Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH) ends up on the wrong end of a microphone when she and a festively dressed supporter find a common bond: they…


Van Jones Resigns

by Channing Kennedy on September 6 2009, 11:01AM

Van Jones, special adviser on green jobs to President Obama, has resigned. The text of his statement follows: I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today. On the eve of historic fights for health care…

Topics: Environment

Obama to Indoctrinate Nation’s Schoolkids Into, Uh, School

by Channing Kennedy on September 4 2009, 4:54PM

The cartoon’s even more instructive when you take out the speech bubbles. I’ve said this more in the last year than I’d care to recall, but this is a real thing that is happening in the universe that we…

Topics: Schools & Youth

SFPD Chief Gascon’s Doomed, Discriminatory Drug War

by Channing Kennedy on September 4 2009, 3:45PM

When I moved to the Bay from my Missouri hometown, I landed right in the middle of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, the area that bears the brunt of San Francisco’s long struggle with poverty. I got my fair share…


Dr. Clarke Drops Swine Flu Science [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on September 4 2009, 11:15AM

The Department of Health and Human Services is having a video contest to raise awareness about the H1N1 virus. Here’s an entry by Dr. John Clarke, MD, AKA The Physician Musician, that I think does a great job of…

Topics: Health

Das Racist’s Politics of Dancing (at the Pizzahut Tacobell)

by Channing Kennedy on September 3 2009, 5:19PM

That’s them on the right. I turned on ‘Show Related Videos’ to prove that this is a real song. Das Racist are an NYC post-post-ironic rap duo, notable for infectious melodies and stupid-cum-Dada lyrics. And unlike most avant-novelty rap…


Caption Contest Winner: What Makes Obama Laugh?

by Channing Kennedy on September 2 2009, 5:21PM

After an extra day of deliberation, the winner is… (White House / Pete Souza) Did you know I was the 4th Gibbs Brother? “Stayin alive, stayin alive, ah ah ah Stayin aliiiiiiiiivvve…” Congratulations to RaceWire commenter interculturaltalk for the winning…

Topics: Video & Multimedia

Inequality Has Rigged Our Economy — Time To Change The Rules: Seth Wessler at CommonDreams

by Channing Kennedy on September 2 2009, 3:45PM

The Applied Research Center’s Seth Wessler has an editorial up on, detailing how our history of past and present institutional racism laid the rails for an economic disaster that hit communities of color the hardest: That Blacks, Latinos,…

Topics: Race and Recession

NYC Judge ‘Fights’ Foreclosures by Reading, Being a Judge

by Channing Kennedy on August 31 2009, 1:52PM

The New York Times today introduces us to Arthur Schack, in an article that’s heartwarming to read, but discouraging that it had to be written. Justice Schack, who serves on the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, has…


Addressing Poverty When Poverty Isn’t Cool

by Channing Kennedy on August 31 2009, 11:44AM

When the recession is ‘over’ and poverty once again loses its place in our national narrative, what will become of the movement for real addressing of systemic inequities? In the wake of Obama’s absence from New Orleans during Katrina’s…


Jenna Bush’s Genetic Advantage: Her Last Name

by Channing Kennedy on August 31 2009, 10:29AM

Jenna Bush, daughter of George W., has just been hired on by The Today Show. This is good news for us, because it’s handed some of our favorite bloggers a stick with which to poke conservative ideas of meritocracy….

Topics: Media

Caption Contest: What Makes Obama Laugh?

by Channing Kennedy on August 26 2009, 8:48AM

crossposted to Jack & Jill Politics and Huffington Post. (White House / Pete Souza) What makes our president laugh? Is it conversation over beers with new friends? Is it a college photo of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs? Yes….


Caption Contest Post Has Moved!

by Channing Kennedy on August 25 2009, 1:57PM

Hey all: Thanks for participating! Head on over to the new caption contest post, and bring your A game! Last week’s winner below the jump. ——————————————————————— AND SPEAKING OF: Last week’s winner is (drumroll please) RaceWire commenter tonymacias, with: “Y’all…

Topics: Environment, Media, Video & Multimedia

Beyond ‘Hard-Working’: Rinku Sen Talks About Talking About Race at Netroots Nation [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 25 2009, 11:32AM

Courtesy of Sum of Change, here’s our own Rinku Sen (executive director of the Applied Research Center, publisher of ColorLines, author of The Accidental American) at Netroots Nation 2009. Speaking on the “Stepping it up: Creating Powerful Multiracial Alliances…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Immigration, Media, Video & Multimedia

We See You’re Nuts: Anti-Obamaites Demand Proof of Circumcision

by Channing Kennedy on August 24 2009, 12:42PM

This is a real thing that is happening in the universe that we live in. The Birthers’ intent with this, of course, is simply to give him an opportunity to prove his Christian American birthright to the presidency. (Shh…


The Left’s Labor Loss: Are POCs Expendable Too? [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 24 2009, 11:37AM

American Prospect executive editor Mark Schmitt has a thought-provoking piece about organized labor’s diminishing role in the Democcratic party, as evidenced by resistance to the Employee Free Choice Act on both sides of the aisle. On the party that…

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Racism’s Demise has been Greatly Exaggerated: Rinku Sen at Netroots Nation ‘09 [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 24 2009, 10:13AM

Courtesy of Sum of Change, here’s our own Rinku Sen (executive director of the Applied Research Center, publisher of ColorLines, author of The Accidental American, list goes on). Speaking on the “Myth of Post-Racial America” panel, Rinku takes post-racialism…

Topics: Immigration, Media, Video & Multimedia

A Just Cause vs. an Unjust Eviction: Q&A with Karen Mims [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 17 2009, 6:07AM

Last year, a speculator showed up to inspect Karen Mims’ home. That’s how Karen found out that her home of 12 years was getting foreclosed on. Fast-forward through a year of legal struggles and unanswered phone calls. At 6:00…

Topics: Video & Multimedia

Schwarzenegger’s Blockbuster Budget Cuts Terminate the Safety Net [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on August 13 2009, 9:37AM

When financial crisis hit, the California legislature didn’t raise taxes, end tax giveaways, or cut corporate welfare. Instead, they cut services to the people made most vulnerable by the recession — children, the elderly, the sick, victims of domestic…

Topics: Economy, Politics, Schools & Youth, Video & Multimedia

Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” Could Set White Men Straight

by Channing Kennedy on August 7 2009, 2:15PM

I know Daisy just beat me to the punch on posting this trailer, but stick with me. I remember very clearly an exchange I had with a Black woman I’d just met, shortly after I’d left my rural Missouri hometown…

Topics: Media, Video & Multimedia