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Mississippi Students Told Not to Say ‘Obama’; N-Word Hurled at Prop 8 Rally

by The News on November 10 2008, 9:43AM

Mississippi Students Told Not to Say ‘Obama’ The ACLU MS is concerned about free speech rights violations after reports that a Pearl Schools coach and bus driver told Black children not to say President-elect Barack Obama’s name. WAPT. Young Muslims…

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Bush Blackface Immigration Chief Resigns; Voters Confused By Obscure Florida Ballot

by The News on November 6 2008, 5:43AM

Bush Immigration Chief Resigns Julie Myers, assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement most known for hosting a Halloween party where she praised a guest dressed in blackface, has announced her resignation. CNN. Pollsters: No “Bradley Effect” This Time After…


Applied Research Center Celebrates Barack Obama’s Election

by The News on November 5 2008, 7:30AM

The staff and board of the Applied Research Center join millions of Americans and friends around the world in celebrating the historic election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. We are moved and encouraged…


Voters Wait in Long Lines to Cast Ballots; New Citizens Head to Polls

by The News on November 4 2008, 3:53AM

New Citizens Head to Polls “In California, more than 298,000 new citizens were sworn in this year, up 39 percent from about 182,000 naturalizations last year. That surge is adding to a growing Latino electorate in California, as have similar…

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Immigration Ignored in Campaign’s Last Days; Ashwin Madia’s Image Darkened

by The News on November 3 2008, 7:36AM

Both Campaigns Ignore Immigration, Obama’s Aunt Despite news on Saturday that Barack Obama’s aunt is undocumented, neither campaign had much to say. Obama says all laws should be followed and the McCain campaign had no comment on the matter. Associated…

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Two Arrested for Obama Effigy in KY; Meatpacking Exec Arrested for Hiring Postville Immigrants

by The News on October 31 2008, 10:21AM

Attack ad’s darkened images prompt questions “A Republican attack ad invites viewers to “meet the real Ashwin Madia,” but the still photos featured in the spot present a noticeably darker version of the 3rd District DFL congressional candidate.” KARE11. Working…

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Threatens Education Cut; La. Frat Holds Blackface “Slave Auction”

by The News on October 30 2008, 7:14AM

Fraternity Suspended for Blackface “Slave Auction” The Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA, has been shut down after pictures of pledges in blackface during an annual “slave auction” appeared on Facebook. NBC33TV. Black Chamber of Commerce…

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Bad News for CNN and D.L Hughley’s New Show

by The News on October 29 2008, 9:15AM

With the possibility of a Black president on the horizon, CNN thought it would branch out to a new demographic with a Daily Show-like news show hosted by D.L. Hughley. Hughley used to be the host of BET’s Comicview,…

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One in Five NYC Asians Live Below Poverty; LAPD Defends Special Order 40

by The News on October 29 2008, 8:04AM

20% of New York’s Asian Community Below Poverty “These findings counter the widely held perception of Asian Americans doing well financially,” said AAF executive director Cao O. “Many Asians are vulnerable and unprotected, trapped on the low rungs of the…

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Plot To Assassinate Obama Thwarted

by The News on October 28 2008, 7:42AM

White Supremacist Plot To Assassinate Obama Thwarted Two white supremacist youth planned to kill 88 Blacks, including decapitating 14 of them, but were stopped this weekend by local and federal authorities. The two youth, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman, were…

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Pa White Dems Can’t Afford to Vote Color; Sharpton Adds Mineo to Cop Assaults

by The News on October 27 2008, 7:51AM

Sharpton: It’s About Accountability not Race Michael Mineo, 24, claims to have been sexually assaulted by NYPD similar to the case of Abner Louima, a Haitian man sodomized by white cops. Al Sharpton visited the man in the hospital, and…

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Bloomberg Backed for Third Term; New Report Shows LAPD Racial Profiling

by The News on October 24 2008, 7:02AM

ACLU: Blacks and Latinos Oversearched, Overarrested by LAPD On Monday, the ACLU of Southern California released a report on the LAPD that showed statistically significant racial disparities in policing that raise grave concerns that African Americans and Latinos in Los…

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KKK Fliers in Long Island Railroad Station; Border Patrol Threatens Professor For His Border Protests

by The News on October 23 2008, 7:40AM

Radio Pundit Attacks Obama, Claims He Would Stand With Muslims Against West KSFO radio’s Lee Rodger falsely claimed that Obama stated in his book Audacity of Hope that he would stand against the US with Muslims. However, he ignored the…

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Remember the Referendums on the Ballots; Farrakhan Finds Message of Change, Too

by The News on October 22 2008, 8:53AM

Farrakhan Calls for Change, Inclusion in Religion “Calling today’s organized religion a failure, the Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday urged a “new beginning” during the rededication ceremony for a renovated mosque on Chicago’s South Side, striking a…

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Obama Finds Support in Unlikely W. Va; Comic Book Helps Voters “Steal Back Your Vote”

by The News on October 21 2008, 7:11AM

Does Powells’ Endorsement Help Obama? The endorsement by former Secretary of State Colin Powell made major news headlines over the weekend, but what, if any, are the potential impacts to the election of his endorsement. Dante Chinni explores that question…

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Black Georgians Vote Early in Record Number; Immigrants Find Help at Church After Raids

by The News on October 17 2008, 8:11AM

Mississippi Immigrants Find Community Support After Raids “Pastor Roberto Velez, like other clergy with a growing flock of undocumented immigrants, became de-facto leader of an emerging immigrant community in Mississippi after immigration agents raided a local transformer plant.” New America…

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Ohio Ruling Could Impact 200,000 Voters; Bill to Grant Access to Students of Color

by The News on October 16 2008, 10:53AM

Ohio Court Ruling Could Impact 200,000 Voters A reversal by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati this week threatens to disqualify 200,000 mostly new Ohio voters whose voter information did not match government databases. Republicans are hoping to…

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Soup Lines Growing Longer in California; Arab and Muslim Hate Still Pervasive in US and Canada

by The News on October 14 2008, 8:45AM

Soup Lines Growing Longer, Becoming More Common Ngoc Nguyen reports from California on the growing occurrence of soup lines and free kitchens, and how people are being driven to them. “While people look to the Dow Jones fluctuations as economic…

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Italy’s Anti-Immigrant Violence Fuels Debate on Racism

by The News on October 13 2008, 6:54AM

Chicago Promotes Latino Community in Pitch for Olympics “Chicago made its first formal presentation as a finalist for the 2016 Olympics on Saturday by seeking common ground with Latin American sports officials who will help decide the bid’s fate.” Chicago…

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A Dangerous Nexus of Racial Hate and Religious Persecution

by The News on October 10 2008, 11:44AM

By Chris Crews For several years now I have worked with Muslim friends trying to raise awareness about anti-Islamic rhetoric and the dangers of demonizing a growing population of American citizens. Sometimes that took the form of interfaith dialogues with…