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Immigrants’ Kids File Lawsuit Against US, and Other News

by The News on June 18 2009, 11:41AM

More Than 100 Kids Sue Over Parents’ Deportation The kids of hundreds of deported parents are filing a lawsuit against the government claiming their constitutional right to stay in the US is violated by the deportation of their parents….

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More Workers Seek Education, And Other News

by The News on June 17 2009, 12:19PM

photo credit: Mario Quiroz/Casa de Md Day Laborers Return to School While the unemployment rate is at 9.4 percent, training programs have been successful in graduating workers who are interested in acquiring new skills. High Court Continues Ruling on…

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Obama’s Stimulus Backfires, And Other News

by The News on June 16 2009, 3:58PM

Jobless Lose Food Stamps Because Of $25 Stimulus Check Obama’s stimulus plan has backfired on some laid-off workers who are no longer eligible for food stamps. Because the income cap on food stamps did not rise with the $25…

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Studies Show Bias for Boys Among Asian Families, and other news

by The News on June 15 2009, 6:31AM

Studies Show Bias for Boys Among Asian Families A recent study on census data tracking births from families of Chinese, Korean, and Indian descent shows that there could be a bias for having boys. Some researchers believe certain cultural traditions…

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American Airlines Vying For Latinos, And Other News

by The News on June 12 2009, 2:33PM

American Airlines Vying For Latinos American Airlines is launching a nation-wide campaign targeting its Latino travelers, hoping to further solidify its position as the “leading U.S. airline serving Latin America.” Media Post. Native Hawaiian Self-Governance Bill Gets Reviewed Congress…

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18 Dead At Private Immigration Prisons, And Other News

by The News on June 11 2009, 6:00PM

Private Prisons for Immigrants Lack Accountability Between 2003 and 2009, 18 people died in detention centers operated by the Corrections Corporation of America, a private company contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE has yet to investigate some…


Healthcare Bills Fall Short on Race, And Other News

by The News on June 10 2009, 2:03PM

AARP Study looks at Older Latino Workers According to the AARP, older Latinos are the fastest-growing group of aging Americans and will probably make up 25 percent of that population by 2050. Los Angeles Times Internet Plan Focuses on People…


Mixtec Listeners Find Home On Air, and Other News

by The News on June 9 2009, 2:29PM

Voice That Sounds Like Home Welcomes Mexico’s Outsiders La Hora Mixteca, a radio program in Mixtec on Radio Bilingue, gives some security to its Mixtec listenership in California’s Central Valley. Filemón López, the host of the show, talks with his…


Bipartisan Panel Debate on Immigration, and Other News

by The News on June 8 2009, 10:01AM

Bipartisan Panel Debate on Immigration With the U.S. unemployment rate at its highest in 25 years, the Obama administration convened a bipartisan summit to address the ongoing immigration debate. Chicago Tribune Florida Company Charged For Allowing Racial Harassment The Equal…

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Hate Crimes in California, and other news

by The News on June 5 2009, 12:15PM

California Mosque Vandalized with Anti-Muslim Slurs A Muslim mosque in Southern California was vandalized with death threats, profanities, and anti-Muslim slurs, an offense which Cypress police have officially classified as a hate crime. LA Times. Massachusetts Transit Accused of Unequal…


Wells Fargo Pays for Its Racism, and Other News

by The News on June 4 2009, 2:10PM

Employees Claim Racist Wells Fargo Loan Practices Wells Fargo is facing a hefty lawsuit by Baltimore City that claims the bank routinely pointed people of color towards high-rate mortgages and channeled prime-loan-qualified customers toward subprime loans. Baltimore Sun Racist Vandalism…

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No More Licences for Undocumented in Maryland, and Other News

by The News on June 3 2009, 3:13PM

11th Hour Immigration Rule Reversed by Justice Department. Attorney General Eric Holder overturned a ruling made just before President Obama’s inauguration that didn’t allow immigrants facing deportation to ask for their case to be reopened. NY Times New Bill Offers…

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Georgia Voter Citizenship Check Found Discriminatory, and Other News

by The News on June 2 2009, 12:37PM

Mexican Truckers Sue U.S. for $6 billion About 4,500 truckers are suing for compensation after the U.S. banned some Mexican trucks from importing goods into the U.S. The truckers say it violates regulations under NAFTA and is discriminatory against Mexico…

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Texas Limits Educational Equity Program, and Other News

by The News on June 1 2009, 6:36AM

Texas Limits Educational Equity Program Despite the success of the Texas’ “10 percent” college access policy, that increased Texas’s college admission and retention rates of underrepresented students, the Texas legislature recently passed a plan which will make the “10 percent”…

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CA Healthcare Budget Cuts Could Cost Lives, and Other News

by The News on May 28 2009, 12:49PM

CA Healthcare Cuts Would Mean Higher Costs and Possibly Deaths A group of advocates and healthcare patients gathered yesterday at a state healthcare review panel to protest Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed healthcare cuts. Advocates and officials say with the proposed cuts,…

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Health Care Across the Border, and Other News

by The News on May 27 2009, 11:29AM

Fifty-Five Years After Brown v. Board of Ed, Disparate Educational Outcomes Persist A new study released by McKinsey and Co. shows that even when controlling for class, white kids outperform kids of color. Differences in teaching, educational resources, and policies…

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Texas Prisons Report 1500 To ICE, and Other News

by The News on May 26 2009, 12:34PM

Inmate Citizenship Status Screening Put to Test in Texas Texas prisons have reported roughly 1,500 inmates to ICE under the Obama Administration’s new immigration enforcement program. Costs to federal taxpayers are estimated at $200 million this year and may increase…

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The DREAM Act Gaining Ground, and Other News

by The News on May 25 2009, 10:53AM

DREAM Act Gaining Ground Again The DREAM Act is showing strong signs of life and according to new Senate calculations, is nearing the 60 votes it needs to pass through Congress, and could jump-start immigration reform under the Obama Administration….

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Latino “Hate Gang” Charged for Crimes, and other news

by The News on May 22 2009, 3:05PM

Latino “Hate Gang” Charged for Crimes Five indictments charged nearly 150 members and associates of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens, a Latino street gang which had targeted its racist attacks towards Hawaiian Garden’s Black residents. Mercury News. Immigrant Arrests Made At…

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HIV/AIDS Advocates Demand Affordable Housing, and Other News

by The News on May 21 2009, 1:26PM

Gay Marriage in DC Moves Debate to Black Community Despite some claims, it turns out the Black community in D.C. isn’t so against gay marriage. Six of the 12 council members who voted in favor of the gay-marriage bill are…

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