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“Medical Apartheid”

by The News on March 2 2007, 1:13PM

This week, Bukola Ekundayo shares highlights from a Must-Read—Harriet Washington’s new book Medical Apartheid that exposes America’s dark history of medical experimentation on African Americans to explain today’s ingrained health disparities between Blacks and whites. *** Across the board,…


Uphill Immigration Talks Begin

by The News on March 2 2007, 9:18AM

With most Democratic presidential candidates avoiding a hard stance on immigration like the plague, Congress faces some tough barriers to passing meaningful and fair immigration reform policy. These include, President Bush’s hard pushing for a guest worker program to have…

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The N-Word Has Left the Building

by The News on March 1 2007, 8:52AM

On the last day of Black History Month, the New York City Council passed symbolic legislation to ban the use of the N-word in NYC, joining several other municipalities in a campaign against the word. reported: Chief sponsor Councilman…

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