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“Sicko” coming to theatres; Republicans debate immigration

by The News on June 6 2007, 8:29AM

Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system. Save the date. June 29. Michael Moore’s new film is a damning indictment of the way the world’s richest country looks after those who fall ill. Andrew Gumbel finds out whether…

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Another regressive Bush appointee

by The News on June 5 2007, 12:09PM

Here’s “An Unacceptable Nominee”, an editorial published in NYTimes today that’s worth reading, especially on the back of news that Bush’s recent Surgeon General appointee is an evangelist out to convert gays to heterosexuality… as if Ted Haggard didn’t teach…


The rising ranks of anti-war protestors

by The News on June 5 2007, 11:04AM

The number of conscientious objectors to the war in Iraq is growing as the war’s death toll rises. Just recently, one of them, Marine Corporal Adam Kokesh, 25, was discharged involuntarily, after being pictured at an anti-war protest dressed in…


The Senate’s Race to Perdition

by The News on June 5 2007, 7:35AM

Democrat and Republican Senators will try and make amendments to the perplexing immigration bill being dissected and voted on this week. The New York Times reported yesterday: “Both Republicans and Democrats are planning to pursue a series of amendments in…

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Bush’s anti-gay appointee; Katrina 2?

by The News on June 5 2007, 6:25AM

Bush Nominates Homophobic Surgeon General Who Wants To Cure Gays. Where’s Rosie when you need her. Last week, President Bush nominated James W. Holsinger to become the next Surgeon General of the United States. Holsinger founded Hope Springs Community Church,…

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Trouble at the Border

by The News on June 4 2007, 1:12PM

(Photo credit) Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is indeed the case for some immigrant women trying to smuggle their children into the country, the AP reported today. Read this important story: An increasing number of illegal immigrants…

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War on Immigration; Police brutality at G8; Free college

by The News on June 4 2007, 7:57AM

Immigration — Bush’s domestic Iraq. 10 reasons… The Iraq Project was going to begin the transformation of the Middle East, an area that had frustrated president after president. Similarly, “comprehensive” immigration reform would, as the name suggests, resolve in one…

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Uranium rips native land; Pop Quiz

by The News on June 1 2007, 7:25AM

Blacks in Jazz Decry Exclusion Who owns Jazz? When Yoshi’s jazz club in Oakland released its much-anticipated 10-year anniversary CD last month, local jazz aficionados were outraged that no African American musicians were included. —SF Chronicle Blighted Homeland-a multi-part series….

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Black hate crimes; Katrina jobless struggle; Bush fights AIDS

by The News on May 31 2007, 9:25AM

(“Photo credit) *Starting today, RaceWire is bringing back its daily news digests that compiles top stories at the nexus of race, culture, policy, and the economy. Wanna have important, provocative discussion? Get your news and views here! Native Americans…

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“Right to Return” Airing this Week

by The News on May 29 2007, 6:53AM

(A Right to Return) A daring film that follows a fractured group of people on their courageous return to New Orleans to reclaim their homes and repair their broken lives started airing on PBS Monday, Mcjoan of Daily Kos…


Slavery Gets Up to 20 Years

by The News on May 25 2007, 2:03PM

Who cares about two Indonesian immigrant women being held as slaves? Many do. The courts. And the journalists and readers who’ve been following this news story since it hit this month. A millionaire couple in Long Island were arrested…


Immigration Poll Calls Bluff on Americans

by The News on May 25 2007, 12:48PM

Do polls that claim to represent “the American people” on complex issues for which there is no one American viewpoint actually tell us anything useful? The New York Times today reported that the majority of Americans support measures that make…

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Home Care Workers See No Way Out

by The News on May 25 2007, 12:07PM

We’ll have to just forgive the New York Times for its bad headlining of this one. Because “For New York, Big Job Growth,” is a revealing story about New York’s demand on home care service jobs and the trap of…

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If you don’t know… Here ya go

by The News on May 23 2007, 8:39AM

RaceWire has been up on the Senate’s new immigration trials taking place since Monday. And as the Senate rushes to reach a vote on the latest immigration bill, we’ll continue to push the debate along. By clarifying and analyzing the…

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Crucial Guest-Worker Amendment Defeated

by The News on May 23 2007, 8:20AM

After a few hours of debate, the Senate voted Tuesday to keep the guest-worker program as a part of the latest immigration bill. The program will allow up to 600,000 laborers in on two-year stints to fill low-wage, low-skill jobs….

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No May Deadline for Immigration Bill

by The News on May 22 2007, 8:45AM

After four hours of discussion Monday, the Senate decided to extend its Memorial Day deadline next Monday to vote on the latest immigration bill, the New York Times reported Tuesday. Many Senators aren’t buying what some have called the “last…

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McCain Courts Legalization, Latino Votes

by The News on May 22 2007, 6:53AM

Republican presidential hopefuls and rivals Sen. John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney are throwing mud at each other over the Senate’s new immigration bill proposing a pathway to legalization for illegal immigrants, a guest-worker program, a fenced border, and…

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Senate Debates on Immigration Bill Start Today

by The News on May 21 2007, 8:55AM

(What we hope won’t be the case with the immigration bill.) Supporters of the controversial bi-partisan immigration bill hope the Senate will make headway on the legislation by Memorial Day next Monday. The bill, which president Bush backs but…

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Say It Isn’t So

by The News on May 21 2007, 7:53AM

Oh, but it is. For the first time, California will spend more on its prisons than for its higher education systems, making it the only state with a bigger prison budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reported today. As the costs…

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Asian Women and Suicide tied to Model-Minority Stereotype

by The News on May 18 2007, 8:24AM

In the wake of the VT shooting last month, another news source has confirmed what some mental health activists have been saying for years—and that is that racism and sexism has significant mental health consequences for those most impacted. This…

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