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Moore attacks CNN network, spews anti-South Asian sentiments

by The News on July 10 2007, 10:00AM

Michael Moore confronts CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about some health care facts reported by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the network’s soft coverage of the American war in Iraq and asks for an apology. Too Sense, who posted this earlier, reported:…


“A modern-day lynching”?—update on Jena Six

by The News on July 10 2007, 8:58AM

The story Black parents and community leaders in Louisiana are calling a modern-day lynching. Jena Six on TV8 News A group of Black boys beat up a white kid after a conflict over a “white only” tree in a…

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NAACP holds “happy funeral” for the n-word

by The News on July 10 2007, 4:56AM

Thousands of Attendees and Onlookers Cheer as the N-Word Gets Buried in ‘Happy Funeral’. Seriously. Thousands of NAACP delegates at the organization’s 98th annual convention here marched downtown Monday behind a horse-drawn carriage pulling a pine casket symbolizing the…


“Culture of Disrespect,” Ebony Magazine takes on bad words

by The News on July 9 2007, 9:14AM

Ebony Magazine examines bad words often used in Black communities in its latest issue, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. On the heels of the firing of controversial radio talk show host Don Imus, this month’s Ebony magazine took on…

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The Supreme Court’s conservative activism, a look back; Health care for kids on the docket

by The News on July 9 2007, 7:23AM

Justice Secures His Place as a Critic of Integration. The illogic of Clarence Thomas. After examining Justice Thomas’s experiences at a mostly white seminary near Savannah, Ga., and at Yale Law School, Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher, the authors…

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…that one Black kid, Keith Knight

by The News on July 6 2007, 12:11PM

WireTap Magazine is welcoming a very hilarious Black cartoonist to its online pages, Keith Knight, who goes by “Keef”. His K Chronicles “blend humor, social commentary and irreverence into a sharp focused look at life in America,” WireTap reported last…


Battle over the lowest uncommon denominator

by The News on July 6 2007, 11:37AM

Talk about talking points. Obama vs. Clinton. Race vs. Gender. Here we go again. Check this out. Thanks reappropriate for the lede on this clip. So, what’s our plan if Obama and Clinton take each other out like this video…


NAACP seeks unified direction; “Silent Racism” calls out well-meaning whites

by The News on July 6 2007, 7:11AM

2008 Candidates Vow to Overhaul U.S. Health Care. It’ll take more than “Sicko.” both parties acknowledge the problems and their political urgency. Republicans, whose primaries usually turn on other issues, often wait until the general election to roll out detailed…

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Justice Clarence Thomas, revisited; Latino media take back the radio

by The News on July 5 2007, 6:54AM

Justice Thomas carries the day. Thomas, a Black nationalist? In a 1995 decision on affirmative action, Thomas put it more bluntly: “So-called ‘benign’ discrimination teaches many that because of chronic and apparently immutable handicaps, minorities cannot compete with them without…

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“Hot Ghetto Mess”, BET’s latest show, gains opposition

by The News on July 3 2007, 1:13PM

One of cable’s most popular networks, Black Entertainment Television—BET— has been chastised over and over again for reflecting a narrow-scope of Black life, showing degrading rap videos, and cutting its news shows. Some activists are protesting BET’s latest show, “Hot…

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Libby: “Paris Hilton served more jail time than he will.”

by The News on July 3 2007, 12:28PM

Check this out: launched a petition in response to Bush’s pardoning of Libby this week. Here’s the letter that well-recaps Bush’s false promise to punish Libby and the lying that goes under the radar : You’ve probably seen tnews…

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Factoring in Asian in Supreme Court decision; U.S. border fence annexes Mexico

by The News on July 3 2007, 11:12AM

Asian Americans value racially diverse public schools. Supreme Court decision, not just Black and white. Desegregation law — and many integration plans still in effect — were fashioned in an earlier era, when “race” meant black or white. This is…

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Compassionate prison complex?

by The News on July 2 2007, 11:25AM

Today the New York Times ran an op-ed about how some states are treating the problem of raging incarceration rates through community programs that help low-level offenders get jobs and life services. Here, Too Sense talks about what may have…


Mexican paper mourns dead immigration bill; Putnam study downplays diversity

by The News on July 2 2007, 6:48AM

Sharp Reaction to Immigration Bill’s Defeat. So what happens to citizenship? In an editorial published Friday, the Mexico City newspaper El Universal said it is “highly hypocritical that the United States admits migrants as peasants, but does not accept them…


While we were fuming, Bush withheld key documents

by The News on June 29 2007, 9:28AM

Yesterday’s headlines were bombarded with news about the Supreme Court ruling on race in public school assignments, and some of us might have missed this. Yesterday too, Bush stonewalled important documents about the firing of those U.S. attorneys that has…

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Racial beating case in court; Presidential candidates posture on race

by The News on June 29 2007, 8:57AM

Trial begins for pair in beating of African American student. Trial began Thursday for two reputed Latino gang members who prosecutors allege attacked the first African-American person they saw after a relative was beaten by “black gangsters.” —LA Daily News….


School segregation news follow-up

by The News on June 29 2007, 8:03AM

Here’s the NYTimes package on the upsetting Supreme Court decision yesterday challenging the historical Brown v. Board of Education. The Court ruled that the explicit use of race in assigning students to public schools to promote diversity is unconstitutional —that’s…


ARC responds to controversial Supreme Court segregation ruling

by The News on June 28 2007, 3:27PM

Many organizations responded to today’s historical decision by the Supreme Court to reject the use of race in creating programs to enhance racial diversity in public schools. Read here why this ruling was both a blow to racial justice movements…

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Everybody’s at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta

by The News on June 28 2007, 8:33AM

The Applied Research Center’s Andre Banks, Jarad Sanchez and Josina Morita are going to be working the U.S. Social Forum this week, meeting folks, and presenting a workshop on how to measure if policies promote or deter racial equity. You…


UPDATE: Supreme Court rejects race consideration in schools, diluting Brown

by The News on June 28 2007, 8:30AM

Here’s more on the Court’s rattling decision: Supreme Court Rejects School Race Plans, reports AP. The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected school diversity plans that take account of students’ race in two major public school districts but left the door…