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Don Imus returns; Obama is Black enough

by The News on August 15 2007, 8:23AM

CBS and Imus Settle Differences Over His Firing Despite his racist comments, Don Imus has settled his contract with CBS and may soon be back on the radio. Intelligence Agencies Urged to Hire Immigrants As the US government violates more…

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Challenge to the ‘Model Minority’; Medical Apartheid

by The News on August 14 2007, 8:12AM

Innocent Man Sentenced to Death Under Cruel Texas Law Kenneth Foster, 19, will receive lethal injection at the end of the month even though another man admitted to the crime. According to Texas law, Foster is guilty by association. Alternet….

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Bush announces new wave of immigration enforcement; ‘fear of black men’, a defense

by The News on August 10 2007, 6:20AM

New immigration enforcement changes to be announced. We saw this coming… Tomorrow, the Bush administration will announce plans to bolster immigration enforcement, the AP says, citing a summary of the plans that a congressional aide provided.The changes include raising fines…

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Mrs. Edwards says husband’s whiteness is a disadvantage

by The News on August 9 2007, 7:20AM

White Man’s Burden. A white man’s sympathy card. Did anyone else ever see that terrible movie from the 90’s? Well, Elizabeth Edwards is doing a remake on the campaign trail. Why? Because she thinks John Edwards is getting screwed in…


Barry Bonds breaks record; Sharpton’s run against bad rap goes long

by The News on August 8 2007, 8:34AM

Bonds Hits 756th Home Run, Passes Aaron for Record. Leave the brotha alone. Bonds raised both arms in triumph after he hit the ball, and hugged his son Nikolai, who was one of the Giants’ batboys, when he got to…


At 100, civil rights, “Brown” lawyer Oliver Hill dies

by The News on August 7 2007, 7:50AM

Interestingly, Oliver Hill pointed to the 1954 Brown case as the linchpin to Mr. Luther King’s successful activism. Without it, he said “I doubt (the Rev. Martin Luther) King would have gotten to first base.” It would have been nice…


Murder of young Black hopefuls stuns community; key Katrina case heard

by The News on August 7 2007, 7:00AM

Community livid after ‘good kids’ executed at school. This is terrible. They were on the cusp of adulthood: four friends who made music together and were preparing to return to the college where their friendship had blossomed.An apparent robbery…

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Canadian immigration policy bans “Singh” and “Kaur”

by The News on August 6 2007, 8:20AM

This first appeared at Angry Asian Man. If your name is Singh or Kaur, you’ll have to jump through one more extra hoop before being allowed to immigrate into Canada. A long-standing immigration policy apparently forces people with the surname…


Blogger reflects on NPR Black blogger roundtable; Nerdcore, a Hip-Hop for white nerds

by The News on August 6 2007, 6:53AM

Black Bloggers and NPR. Fighting words… I have been ill and really did not want to blog today at all…. but this silliness bugs me… mainly because I know there are more astute African American bloggers available for this show….


Children’s health bill passes; Immigration bill crawls along

by The News on August 3 2007, 7:01AM

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill, 68-31. A victory. The bill would increase spending on the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program by $35 billion over the next five years.“Covering these children is worth every cent,” said Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican…

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Gonzales is confused, again; Sharpton, Jackson pencil in Jena 6

by The News on August 2 2007, 7:05AM

Gonzales to senators: ‘I may have created confusion’ Still can’t recall his moral fiber. “I am deeply concerned with suggestions that my testimony was misleading, and am determined to address any such impression,” Gonzales told Leahy.—CNN Sharpton, Jackson say…

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Jena Six lost on American media; Katrina aid deadline overwhelms

by The News on August 1 2007, 7:18AM

Corporate Media Omits Vital Details In The Jena Six Case. Isn’t that something. If you get all your news from the New York Times, then you’ve never heard of the Jena Six. Unless of course, you live in France, where…


Nike loses millions for discriminating against Blacks

by The News on July 31 2007, 8:56AM

Is Gonzo a Goner? [VIDEO]. What about Bush? If President Bush had just forced Gonzales to step down months ago he could avoided the mess that is most likely going to unfold this week.—Alternet. Nike pays $7.6 million to settle…


Did anybody see “We can do better” formally known as “Hot Ghetto Mess?”

by The News on July 30 2007, 10:03AM

Black Entertainment Television’s show ridiculing ghetto Black people aired last week after producers faced major criticism about the low-brow content. Formally known as “Hot Ghetto Mess,” a title activists successfully got changed, the show premiered Wednesday and drew 800,000 viewers,…


Must See: John Pilger’s freedom series

by The News on July 30 2007, 8:54AM

Investigative reporter and social justice writer John Pilger is touring the country with his latest book “Freedom Next Time” that looks at historical places of infreedom. Last month, I reviewed the book that focused on places like Afghanistan and South…


Gonzales’s laundry list exposed; immigration enforcement woes; SA bans Tintin

by The News on July 30 2007, 7:16AM

Gonzales Helped Bush Hide His Drunk Driving Conviction. Sweep, sweep Gonzales’s apparent willingness to dissemble in order to protect himself or President Bush stretches back to at least 1996—Alternet Fiesta Bowl star receiving racial threats. Earth to Idaho. The Boise…


FBI testimony undercuts Gonzales; Obama gets real

by The News on July 27 2007, 8:05AM

Sen. Obama calls Sen. Clinton a Bush-Cheney lite. Agree? **** F.B.I. Chief Gives Account at Odds With Gonzales’s. Such a distraction, this case. he director, Robert S. Mueller III, told the House Judiciary Committee that the confrontation was about…


David Beckham is “Honorary Black Man”

by The News on July 26 2007, 10:05AM

A book about footballer David Beckham. Oh gosh., reported: According to Gawker, Andrew Morton’s latest tell all entitled Posh & Becks, includes the following passage: Thanks to his taste in extravagant clothes and jewelry, penchant for rap music…


Judge to decide violation in Duke case; Mike Nifong apologizes

by The News on July 26 2007, 9:14AM

The ex-persecutor in the Duke rape trial Mike Nifong is facing his final fate in the case he aggressively pursued against white Duke University Lacrosse members accused of raping a Black woman. After withholding key evidence from the defense that…


$3 billion fencing bill goes no where; controversial professor Churchill fired

by The News on July 26 2007, 7:21AM

GOP border bill fails in Senate. Yah! The measure in dispute was narrowly focused: It included funds for 700 miles of fencing, 300 miles of vehicle barriers, 23,000 Border Patrol agents, 105 ground-based radar sensors, and four unmanned planes. In…