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W. VA Torture Case Still Not Hate Crime; Indigenous Languages Disappearing

by The News on September 18 2007, 2:31PM

Still Not a Hate Crime, More Charges Filed in W Va Torture Case Police say Megan Williams, a 20 year old Black woman, was tortured, sexually assaulted, forced to eat animal feces and taunted with a racial slur. The six…

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Padilla Judge Replaces Gonzales As Atty Gen; AL Parents Protest Resegregation

by The News on September 17 2007, 10:48AM

Bush Names New York Judge To Replace Gonzales Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge from New York, has been tapped as the next attorney general. The judge, who presided over the Jose Padilla trial, has been praised by both…

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Segregation in US Nursing Homes; Six People Charged With Torture

by The News on September 12 2007, 7:02AM

W Va. Families Torture Black Woman For Week Six people, all white, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, were arrested in connection with the alleged abduction of the 20-year-old black woman. Elder Care Still Plagued With…

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Oprah’s Friends Choose Clinton Over Obama; USA Today Reviews Race 25 Years Later

by The News on September 11 2007, 5:04AM

After Oprah and Obama, Other Black Celebs Choose Hillary In the heated race between Clinton and Obama, several prominent Black figures have endorsed Hillary Clinton despite Oprah Winfrey’s recent $3 million fundraiser for Obama. Most notably, Quincy Jones, one of…

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First Bilingual Presidential Debate on Univision

by The News on September 10 2007, 8:21AM

Dems Debate For First Time in Spanish With immigration reform one of most important topics for Latinos in the upcoming 2008 election, Democratic presidential candidates appeared on Univision in the first ever bilingual debate. New Proof Points to Racism in…

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Dead Soldiers’ Parents Deported; Social Security Blames Immigrants for Backlog

by The News on September 7 2007, 8:28AM

Social Security Slowed By Immigration Ruling Because a judge recently stalled the government’s immigration crackdown, the Social Security Administration says the elderly and retired may not receive checks because of a bureaucratic backlog. NYT. Barbershops Shape Up Black Health An…

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Immigrants Lead NY Cab Strike; Congress Holds Committee Hearing on HIp Hop

by The News on September 6 2007, 9:21AM

NYC Immigrant-Led Taxi Union Strikes Bhairavi Desai, the executive director New York Taxi Workers Alliance, has led the New York taxi drivers, 60% of whom are Sikhs or Bangladeshi immigrants, to strike against costly new equipment required by the city….

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CBS Hires New Don Imus; Latinos Leave Right Over Immigration

by The News on September 5 2007, 7:39AM

Religious Latinos Reject Right As the 2008 election approaches, many churchgoing Latinos, who voted for George Bush in 2004, are not following the GOP for this election because of the Bush administration’s immigration policies CBS Hires Carton: The New Imus…


Workers of Color Want Better Wages Not Rivals; Muslim Americans Gather Against Growing Intolerance

by The News on September 4 2007, 8:58AM

Promote Policy, Don’t Pit Immigrants Against Black Workers One Labor Day observer asks workers to ignore the pitfalls of ‘divide and conquer’ to organize against the conditions for low-wage workers—both Black and immigrant—and their need for living wages. Brothers Blame…

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FBI Spies on Coretta Scott King; US Commission of Civil Rights Against Affirmation Action in Law Schools

by The News on August 31 2007, 7:12AM

FBI Spied on Coretta Scott King After MLK Death In the same week as Gonzales’ resignation as the head of the Justice Department, newly released documents reveal that the FBI spied on Coretta Scott King after her husband’s assassination for…

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“Free the Jena Six” T-Shirts Banned; Racial Violence Surges in EU

by The News on August 30 2007, 9:07AM

Rising Racial Violence in Europe The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency reports on ethnic discrimination and job discrimination in the region as 7 of the 28 member states see a rise in racist violence. UCLA Report Reveals Increasing School Segregation…

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TimeOut New York Clocks Race; ACLU Improves Immigrant Conditions

by The News on August 28 2007, 10:17AM

Are Blacks Being “Raced” Out of the City? TimeOut magazine examines the growing diversity trends in New York City where race, class, and gentrification intersect. East Harlem Residents Resist Gentrification Local NY activists protested the real estate developments and rent…

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Alberto Gonzales Resigns; Tucker Carlson Calls NAACP ‘A Sad Joke’

by The News on August 27 2007, 8:25AM

Alberto Gonzales Resigns After months of controversy surrounding his Department of Justice leadership, Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General, stepped down from his post. Immigrant Deliverymen Demand Decent Wages With the help of local activists, 30 immigrant deliverymen attempt to unionize…


Newark Violence Spurs NJ Immigration Order; BET Show Stirs Community Again

by The News on August 24 2007, 9:01AM

Newark Violence Triggers Criminal Immigration Inquiry The New Jersey Attorney General, in response to the public outcry about violence in Newark, has ordered New Jersey police to ask arrested suspects their immgration status. Families Flock to Black Charter Schools Desperate…


NAACP Legal Defense Fund Fights Brown Betrayal; Naomi Campbell Reveals Runway Racism

by The News on August 23 2007, 9:14AM

NAACP Legal Defense Fund Wards Off Ward Connerly Despite the parent NAACP’s obsession with the N-word, the original Brown v. Board of Education organization is working to combat the effects of the recent Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action. Diverse…


Obama Promises More Black Votes; Sharpton,Jackson Check the Colorline

by The News on August 22 2007, 8:48AM

Obama Says Dem Nomination Means More Black Votes Arguing that he has greater influence with the Democratic Party’s young voters and Black voters, Obama thinks he can capture traditionally ‘red’ states. Washington Post. City Fears School’s Future After Affirmative Action…

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Immigration Rules Leave NY Apples to Rot; Black Churches Open Doors to LGBT Community

by The News on August 21 2007, 10:32AM

Immigration Attack Leaves New York’s Apples Unpicked Many New York farmers, despite successful apple crops, do not have workers to help harvest the season’s crop due to recent immigration crack down. NYT. Study shows increased wages for Latino immigrants Still…

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Israel Rejects Darfur Refugees; Sharpton OKs Imus’ Return on Conditions

by The News on August 20 2007, 9:31AM

Israel Rejects Refugees from Darfur Ironically, Israel, a political state created after the persecution of a people, plans to turn away all refugees from Darfur seeking asylum from their war torn region. BBC. Sharpton has terms for Imus’ return Rev….


José Padilla, U.S. Citizen, Found Guilty of Terrorism

by The News on August 16 2007, 11:57AM

From the Associated Press Jose Padilla was convicted of federal terrorism support charges Thursday after being held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant in a case that came to symbolize the Bush administration’s zeal to stop homegrown terror….

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Three Detained Immigrants Die; Media Ignores Missing Persons of Color

by The News on August 16 2007, 8:54AM

3 Detained Immigrants Die in a Month A 23 year old transgender AIDS patient, a pregnant woman, and a man with a history of epileptic seizures all died while waiting to be processed by Immigration. Washington Post. Immigrant Marks Anniversary…

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