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Farrakhan Tells Black America To Wake Up; Pill for Middle Schoolers Sparks Debate

by The News on October 18 2007, 7:37AM

Nation of Islam Leader Makes Rare Public Appearance Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has for the most part retired from public life, appeared at the Atlanta Civic Center to address what he considers a key issue for black…

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More Jail Space Instead of Detention Centers; $500 Million Dollars for Racial Slur

by The News on October 17 2007, 8:31AM

Virginia Rejects Illegal Detention Center Proposal; Decides on More Jail Space The Virginia State Panel decided against a proposal to build a state-run detention center for illegal immigrants. On the flip side, however, the panel recommended spending money to build…

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More Border Control Technology; NO to Condoms in Prisons

by The News on October 16 2007, 7:32AM

Increase in Border Control Technology The U.S Senate has increased spending on border control surveillance and technology by $4 billion dollars in the wake of the Global Border Security Conference and Technology Expo to be held next year in Austin….

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Anti-Immigrant Program Leads to Deportations; Obama and Clinton Battle for the Black Vote

by The News on October 15 2007, 8:28AM

Democrats compete for African-American vote This past Saturday, in Des Moines, Iowa, African-American women’s political organization, Sisters on Target, Inc., extended a speaking invitation to both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton. During the evening, it appeared Obama received…


Columbia Releases Noose Footage; Schwarzenegger Signs Pro-Immigrants Law

by The News on October 12 2007, 8:28AM

California Law to Protect Immigrant Tenants This week, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a piece of legislation that would prevent landlords from verifying the immigration status of those immigrants interested in renting as their tenants. International Herald Tribune. ‘Jena 6’ Teen Back…

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Judge Delays Bush Policy on Immigration Indefinitely;Don Imus Back In December

by The News on October 11 2007, 7:15AM

SF Judge Rules to Stop Bush Immigration Crackdown Policy Previously stalled, a San Francisco judge ordered an indefinite delay yesterday of a central measure of the Bush administration’s harsh immigration policy. New York Times. Portland Artists Panhandle for Reparations Giving…

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Columbia Prof Finds Hanging Noose; Chinese Bloggers Debate Burma

by The News on October 10 2007, 7:13AM

Columbia Prof. Finds Noose Hanging on Door An unidentified Columbia Teacher’s College professor found a noose on her office door yesterday. Columbia University, an institution that touts its diversity, is stunned by this incident similar to recent events in Jena,…


More ‘Jena Six’ Copycats; Immigration Crackdown on Gangs

by The News on October 9 2007, 7:30AM

Racial Incidents Like Jena Spark in More Schools At a high school in South Bend, Indiana, students are organizing in support of six black students who were threatened. The Jena 6 case has created a platform for discussing racial…

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Anti-Columbus Day Activists Arrested; National Group of Black Ministers to Discuss AIDS

by The News on October 8 2007, 7:21AM

Military Sees Big Decline in Black Enlistees Statistics recently released by the Department of Defense have shown that since 2000, the amount of black enlistees has decreased by over 58%, despite heavy recruitment of African-American high school students. Boston Globe….


ABC Apologizes for ‘Desperate Housewives’ Racial Slur; California Prisons Segregate to Solve Overcrowding

by The News on October 5 2007, 6:53AM

South Asian Coalitions Combat Post 9/11 Detentions Because post 9/11 government policies continue to wreak havoc the lives of South Asians in America, organizations, like SAALT, are working to provide resources for South Asian immigrants. New California Media. Prisons Overcrowded…


‘Rounding Up’ Illegal Immigrants; No Money For Healthcare?

by The News on October 4 2007, 8:22AM

Racial Profiling based on language In Arizona, legal immigrants are facing verbal abuse and accusations of taking away jobs. These threats are based on the assumption that if a person does not speak English, s/he cannot be legal. Discrimination and…

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Blackface Video Reenacts Jena Six; Supreme Court Cracks on Sentencing

by The News on October 3 2007, 7:28AM

Drug Sentencing Argued in Supreme Court Recently, the US Supreme Court heard arguments for Kimbrough v. US on sentencing guidelines that addresses the racial disparities between powder and crack cocaine. Washington Post. Chertoff: Immigrants, Not Fence, Bad for Environment Homeland…

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Isiah Thomas Guilty; Indian Americans Follow Jewish Community Political Model

by The News on October 2 2007, 8:05AM

Jews Serve As ‘Model Minority’ For Indian Americans Replicating the community centers and political action committees that Jews have utilized greatly, Indian Americans hope mimicking organizations like the Anti-Defamation League will yield similar political clout for their community. New York…

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LA Black-Brown Conflict Exaggerated; Taser Coverage Missed Race

by The News on October 1 2007, 7:41AM

Los Angeles Race Wars Exaggerated Gregory Rodriguez editorializes about what he calls, “Anglo race fatigue,” and the mainstream media’s attempt to shift race from white people to, “new players.” Los Angeles Times. Barack Gets Backing From Black Entrepreneurs Looking to…

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‘Jena Six’ Defendant Released on Bail; CA Schools Use New Affirmative Action

by The News on September 28 2007, 5:34AM

Mychal Bell, One of ‘Jena Six,’ Released on Bail Bell, who was released on $45,000 bail Thursday, still faces trial as a juvenile in December. California Universities Find New Ways to Acknowledge Race Called ‘The New Affirmative Action,’ some California…

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Rise In Racist Incidents At Colleges; US Attacks Illinois Immigration Law

by The News on September 26 2007, 6:46AM

Racist Incidents Surge on College Campuses Nooses are not only in Jena, LA. The U. of Maryland and US Coast Gaurd Academy have also had the racist symbols on their college campuses along with other incidents across the country. Washington…

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Medicaid Ruling Hurts Immigrants With Cancer; Black Students Still Suspended More Than Whites

by The News on September 25 2007, 8:07AM

National Test Scores Rise Leaving Black and Latino Students Behind “The nation’s fourth- and eighth-graders continue to improve steadily in mathematics, and fourth-grade reading achievement is also on the rise. But progress in narrowing racial and ethnic performance gaps remains…

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Fifty Years After ‘Little Rock Nine;’ France Races to Expel Immigrants

by The News on September 24 2007, 7:51AM

Are ‘Jena Six ’ Like the ‘Little Rock Nine?’ Fifty years after nine Black students were escorted by the National Guard to desegregate a Little Rock high school, many question the racial climate in Jena, LA and if the incident…


Ten Thousand Protest in Jena; Immigration Agents Sued For Raids

by The News on September 21 2007, 12:34PM

New York Latinos Filed Charges Against Immigration Agents A federal lawsuit filed charges that agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement unlawfully force their way into the homes of families in the New York area without court warrants in search of…

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Thousands Join ‘Jena Six’; Immigration Policing Under Review

by The News on September 20 2007, 10:30AM

Thousands Join ‘Jena Six in Rally for Justice With fervor many haven’t seen since the black and white images of the 1960s, thousands have gathers in Jena, LA, today to march on the date Mychal Bell was to be sentenced….

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