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One in 100 Adults in Prison; SNL Defends Blackface Obama

by The News on February 29 2008, 8:21AM

UK Makes Point-Based Immigration System In efforts to attract highly skilled workers to the country, the United Kingdom has developed a point system on which to accept immigrants from outside the EU. Skills and earning potential are key indicators for…

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Racial Attacks Aid Obama; Immigrants Not the Criminals

by The News on February 28 2008, 8:19AM

California Immigrants Not So Illegal In spite of efforts to vilify immigrants, a new report reveals that immigrants in California are less likely than US born residents to commit crimes. TIME. Racial Ruse at South African University Prompts Protest In…

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Ward Connerly Takes on Nebraska, Two New Books Focus on People of Color Issues

by The News on February 27 2008, 7:56AM

NYC gives $21 million to Black, Latino Parks Employees New York City has come to a settlement of $21 million to be paid to 3,500 Black and Latino workers at the Department of Parks and Recreation, 11 whom filed a…

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Immigration Advocates Allege Unlawful Raids; Black Queer Hate Crimes Ignored

by The News on February 26 2008, 8:14AM

Immigrant Advocates Accuse ICE of Illegal Searches “A privately convened commission of labor and immigrant advocates held the first of several planned nationwide hearings yesterday to publicize allegations that U.S. immigration officials routinely violate constitutional protections against unreasonable search and…

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Farrakhan Praises Obama; Israel Bows Out of Durban II

by The News on February 25 2008, 7:58AM

Israel to Boycott UN Anti-Racism Conference Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni announced, unsurprisingly, that Israel will not be participating in Durban II, the follow-up to the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, along with Canada and…

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Race Reaffirmed by Politics in the South; Clinton, Obama Ditch Border Talk

by The News on February 22 2008, 8:19AM

Race Reframed in Southern Politics Like Barack Obama’s campaign for president, two Black men in the South are also appealing to white voters and winning. While some see their success as evidence of a post-race South, Alabama residents that were…

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LAPD Latinos Surpass Whites; Jackson: Election Example of “Maturing America”

by The News on February 20 2008, 7:48AM

Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson Comments on Presidential Election At Bishop L.E. Willis’ Annual Community Leaders Lucheon, Jesse Jackson said that, while both Clinton and Obama have his “support,” Obama has his official endorsement. During his speech, the president of…

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Castro Resigns; Clinton’s Black Supporters Restrategize

by The News on February 19 2008, 8:36AM

Castro Steps Down As Cuba’s President Fidel Castro, 81, has resigned from his position as the president of Cuba after almost 50 years. One of the longest-standing Communist leaders in history, Fidel Castro will be replaced by his brother Raul….

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Police Stop More Blacks and Latinos on NYC Subway; Boston Wants to Study Black Men

by The News on February 18 2008, 7:57AM

NYPD More Likely to Question Black, Latino Subway Riders Even though Blacks and Hispanics make up nearly 50% of the riders in the New York City Subway, a recent report from the New York Daily News has found that, during…

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Rep. John Lewis Changes Vote; Bush Decries Nooses During Black History Month

by The News on February 15 2008, 10:00AM

Bush Offended By Nooses During Black History Month Several months after the incident in Jena, LA, during his speech for Black History Month, President Bush reminds Americans that lynching and nooses are “not a harmless prank.” WZZM. CNN Reframes Race…

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US Could Boycott Anti-Racism Conference Again; Infant Died in Immigration Detention

by The News on February 14 2008, 9:55AM

ICE Raids County Jail In Search of Immigrants “Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton has agreed to let federal immigration agents set up an office in the county jail to more often monitor whether inmates booked into the downtown facility are…

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Native Americans March Cross-Country; Calderon Wants More Mexican Jobs

by The News on February 13 2008, 7:36AM

In Dominican Republic, Cockfighting is Celebrated Many are comparing a recent video of Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal, major league baseball players, at a cockfighting club in Dominican Republic to Michael Vick’s dogfighting and calling it inhumane. But Dominicans argue…

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Death Penalty for 9/11 Suspects; 1 in 5 U.S Residents will be Immigrants by 2050

by The News on February 12 2008, 5:50AM

Pew Center Report Makes 2050 Projections A recently released Pew Center report has stated that by the year 2050 nearly one in every five U.S. residents will be an immigrant. Chicago Tribune Lawsuit Against new NYC Campaign Finance Law Stating…

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Group Registers Asian and Pacific Islanders; 3,000 Black Men Mobilized in Birmingham

by The News on February 11 2008, 7:53AM

Obama beats Clinton — this time at the Grammys Barack Obama was honored with his second Grammy for his spoken word album, “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” In 2005, he won the same award…

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Hate Crime in W.Va Torture Case; Bhutto Killed By Bomb, Not Gun

by The News on February 8 2008, 7:27AM

Bhutto’s Death Not By Bullet After a Scotland Yard probe into Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, investigators conclude that it was a suicide bomb not a gun that killed Pakistan’s former prime minister. Washington Post. Cartoonists of Color Protest in DC Clamoring…

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Bush Administration Backs Guest Worker Program; Waterboarding Deemed Legal

by The News on February 7 2008, 6:55AM

Waterboarding is Legal The Bush Administration has said that the controversial and contested interrogation technique known as waterboarding is legal and that “under certain circumstances” President Bush could authorize the CIA to continue using the method. LA Times Expatriate Democrats…

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Clinton Wins Over Latino Vote; Seattle Honors People of Color Contributions

by The News on February 6 2008, 9:41AM

Frederick Deputies Get Immigration Training The federal government is paying for twenty-six deputies from five different law enforcement agencies in Maryland and Northern Virginia to be trained on arresting and detaining illegal immigrants by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement…

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Super Tuesday Kicks Off; Republicans Tone Down Immigration Rhetoric

by The News on February 5 2008, 8:59AM

Youth Remain an Important Voting Bloc In an effort to capitalize on the importance of the youth vote, candidates have been reaching out through blogging, MySpace, Facebook, and sending celebrities to do campaigning work. Despite youth cynicism and disillusionment with…

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Racist Super Bowl Ad; Higher Suicide Rates for Latino Students

by The News on February 4 2008, 8:13AM

‘Latino Caravan’ for Clinton Drives Through Upper Manhattan In support of Hillary Clinton, an organized group of Latinos led by New York city councilmen Miguel Martinez marched from 155 Street and Broadway up to 216th Street and 10th Avenue, passing…

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New U.S Border ID Rules in Effect; New Americans Caucus to Fight Anti-Immigration Bills

by The News on January 31 2008, 9:29AM

New U.S Border ID Rules Begin Starting today, U.S and Canadian citizens crossing through the U.S-Mexican and Canadian borders will have to show proof of citizenship- a passport, traveler card, birth certificate or driver’s license. MSNBC Obama States Position on…

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