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Double dutch goes varsity; college makes males steal

by The News on August 1 2008, 8:24AM

College may trigger crime, says study A new behavioral study showed that college-bound youth were less likely than their non-college bound counterparts to engage in criminal activity or substance use. However, once in college, these youth, especially males, engaged in…


Paid Sick Leave for California Workers; Television Ads Go Too Far in 2008 Campaign

by The News on July 31 2008, 7:19AM

Bill would require paid sick days for most Modeled after San Francisco’s paid sick leave plan implemented last year, AB2716 sponsored by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco, would provide paid sick leave for the nearly 5.4 million workers who go…

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Better US AIDS plan for black Americans; more Asians to the ballot box in ‘08

by The News on July 30 2008, 7:43AM

Catholic coalition angry over ICE raids The Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network harshly criticized ICE’s current election-year efforts, which have repeatedly separated nursing mothers from their babies. Assistance Secrety of Homeland Security, Julie L….

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Navanethem Pillay-New United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Australia’s Shift in Immigration Policy

by The News on July 29 2008, 7:05AM

Navanethem Pillay, Who Once Represented Nelson Mandela in Court, Has Become The New United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navanethem Pillay has gone from representing Nelson Mandela in court, to being the first non-white woman appointed in South Africa’s High Court,…

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Hate Crimes go up in LA; McCain flip flops on affirmative action

by The News on July 28 2008, 7:20AM

McCain changes mind on affirmative action When asked about the new Arizona referendum, Senator McCain replied that he had always opposed quotas, and that the new ballot measure, which seeks to end race- and gender-based affirmative action, had his support….


Saggy Pants a Crime, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy Questioned

by The News on July 24 2008, 8:27AM

Saggy Pants a Crime in Michigan A new questionable anti-saggy pants policy has been installed in the city of Flint. Considered indecent exposure, this misdemeanor is punishable by 93 days to a year in jail and fines up to $500….

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Brits: Not Just Soldiers Hurt by War; Aussies: Immigrants Cause Global Warming

by The News on July 23 2008, 7:12AM

British city council refuses donation to servicemen Members of the Portsmouth City Council refused to donate the requested £500 to Help the Heroes, a UK-based charity for wounded servicemen. In an official rejection letter, the council stated that it feared…

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Zimbabwe May Find Stability; Schools Struggle With Race vs. Class Based Integration

by The News on July 22 2008, 6:59AM

Schools Look for Solutions One Year After Supreme Court Ruling Last June, the Supreme Court ruled racial integration efforts in the school districts of Seattle and Louisville to be unconstitutional. Now, many school districts are faced with the dilemma of…

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Cops Say No Racism Despite N-word; Summits Call for More Cooperation

by The News on July 21 2008, 7:27AM

CNN to air “Black in America” doc Citing the emergence of a “new paradigm,” CNN CEO Dick Parsons announces the premiere of the network’s second documentary about black life in the United States. The two-part series airs July 23rd and…

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Actors Assaulted by Lousiana Police; HIV Travel Ban Repealed

by The News on July 18 2008, 7:34AM

US Senate Repeals HIV Travel Ban The Senate on Wednesday, July 16 voted to repeal the HIV travel ban on an 80-16 vote. The provision to repeal the U.S. travel and immigration restrictions on persons who are HIV-positive that had…

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New Tracking System for California Students; Racist Groups Recruit From Military

by The News on July 17 2008, 11:09AM

California Creates System to Track High School Dropout Rate More surprised by the number of Black and Latino students who don’t graduate high school than the many California activists that work on the issue, California’s public schools will soon give…

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Scott Stringer protects white part of downtown NYC; Feds arrest immigrants in RI courthouse raids

by The News on July 16 2008, 7:30AM

ICE Raids Providence Courthouses Dozens were arrested yesterday in several raids across six Providence courthouses. Since RI Governor Don Carcieri issued an executive order cracking down on illegal immigration in the state, protest has sparked an intense debate about immigration…

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Darfur’s Genocide Taken to Court; Obama, McCain Speak to NAACP and NCLR

by The News on July 15 2008, 7:57AM

Religious Rally for Iowa Immigrants After the immigration raid in Agriprocessors Inc. kosher meatpacking plant in Postville on May 12, many Jewish and Catholic groups from Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota are planning a rally in support of those detained in…

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San Francisco hands over immigrant youth; ICE avoids churches

by The News on July 14 2008, 7:51AM

ICE’s long avoidance of churches surfaces with renewed criticism Conservative critics are again targeting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s long-standing avoidance of churches. At a moment in which detainment and deportation are commonplace, the New Sanctuary Movement, which forges…


Immigrants’ Interpreter Speaks Out; Sharpton Cancels Sean Bell Protests at Yankee Stadium

by The News on July 11 2008, 9:13AM

Interpreter: Arrested Immigrants Didn’t Understand Rights “In a 14-page essay he circulated among two dozen other interpreters who worked here, Professor Camayd-Freixas wrote that the immigrant defendants whose words he translated, most of them villagers from Guatemala, did not fully…

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Jesse Jackson Apologizes to Obama; Gentrification Pushing Historic Drummers Out of Harlem

by The News on July 10 2008, 6:58AM

African Drummers Not Accepted in Harlem Anymore Though a group of African drummers has been playing in Marcus Garvey Park since the 1960s, complaints about them have risen in recent years. Majority of the complaints come from the new residents…

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DA Charges Sharpton for Protesting Sean Bell; Affirmative Action threatened in Colorado

by The News on July 9 2008, 7:30AM

Deval Patrick to Reform MA Child Welfare System Governor Patrick (D-Massachusetts) signed an executive order to establish an office of the Child Advocate that will set penalties for child advocates who neglect to report child abuse and that will offer…

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Forty Years After Fist-Raised Protest, Runners Disagree; New British Guide to Check Nursery Racism

by The News on July 8 2008, 7:10AM

Law Students Find New Interest in Immigration Law “The momentum is partly driven by a high-profile, rancorous immigration debate. But it is also the result of an era of mass immigration that has fueled demand from foreigners and businesses seeking…

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Beyond Terrorists?: Cabinet Expands Fingerprinting

by The News on July 7 2008, 7:22AM

Bush Signs Presidential Directive for Cabinet Officials to Expand Biometric Database Since 2001, the FBI and CIA have detained and fingerprinted untold numbers of people overseas, focused on building “the world’s largest database of known or suspected terrorist fingerprints.” Now,…

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McCain Visits Columbia; 25,000 Autoworkers Laid Off

by The News on July 3 2008, 5:20AM

Hostages Are Rescued While McCain Visits Colombia While McCain visits Colombia, 15 hostages were rescued from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia known as FARC. In 2003, 15 people were taken hostage (3 being American) after their plane crashed in…

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