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Senators’ Bill Requires Raid Guidelines; Thousands Illegally Removed from Election Rolls

by The News on October 10 2008, 7:25AM

Senators Push for ICE Raid Guidelines “The legislation would require immigration agents to advise people being detained of their rights, including the option of remaining silent or seeking legal counsel, similar to what police officers must do in arresting criminal…

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New racist attacks on Obama as election nears; Micro-loans for Katrina-hurt businesses

by The News on October 9 2008, 7:25AM

New Racist Attacks on Obama as Election Nears “While Obama’s campaign has fended off racially rooted attacks since its inception, analysts say the ones surfacing in the past few days have been more overt, arriving as many undecided voters are…

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Judge Orders Release of 17 Detainees at Guantánamo; More Than 300 Arrested in Latest ICE Raid

by The News on October 8 2008, 7:12AM

Judge Orders 17 Detainees at Guantánamo Freed Without evidence that these men posed a security threat to the United States, a federal judge ordered that 17 Chinese Muslim men, who had been held at Guantanamo since 2002, be released. New…

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Villaraigosa Calls for More Black-Latino Unity; MA Rep. Calls Republican Attacks on Housing Racist

by The News on October 7 2008, 6:38AM

Mass. Dem: Attack on Housing Is Racially Motivated While speaking at a mortgage symposium in Boston, Rep. Barney Frank suggested that the GOP’s attacks on the Community Reinvestment Act and government efforts to expand affordable housing were racially based. “This…

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OJ Simpson Convicted by All-White Jury; Republicans Escalate Attacks on Obama as Outsider

by The News on October 6 2008, 6:55AM

South African Mine Workers March Against Racism “The 320,000-strong National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said members from seven of its regions would march to the South African Chamber of Mines to deliver a letter complaining of racism and low levels…

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Oakland Green Jobs Corps to Begin Training; Sharpton’s Brother Leads Voting Rights Effort in Prisons

by The News on October 3 2008, 8:09AM

Oakland Implements Green Jobs Training Program “The Oakland Green Jobs Corps, an ambitious plan to lift at-risk youths out of lives of poverty and violence and place them into jobs helping the environment, this month is recruiting its first students…

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Alaskans of Color Ignored by Palin; Vote-Scam Fliers in Black Neighborhoods

by The News on October 2 2008, 7:05AM

Alaskans of Color Feel Ignored by Palin Thursday night, Gov. Sarah Palin will debate Sen. Joe Biden in the vice presidential debate, but many Alaskans of color argue that her record proves she is a “daughter of privilege, someone out…

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Border Patrol Steps Up Bus Raids, Racial Profiling; 4 Students Confess to Obama Effigy

by The News on October 1 2008, 5:40AM

Border Patrol Leaves the Border to Arrest Immigrants Allowed to search within 100 miles of the border, agents are stepping up the raids on buses, trains, and ferries to arrest immigrants. As reported in the piece, “Is Riding the…

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California Raids Lead to More Immigrant Arrests; Jealous Brings Youth and Vision to NAACP

by The News on September 30 2008, 9:01AM

Statewide Immigration Raids in California Result in 1,157 Arrests Federal raids throughout California lead to over 1000 new immigrant arrests. Immigration and Custom Enforcement says raids targeted immigrants ignoring deportation orders, but ICE emphasizes violent crimes in press reports. LA…

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Dayton Mosque Gassed During Ramadan; Lawmakers Leave Help for Homeowners Out

by The News on September 29 2008, 7:38AM

Urban Farmer Wins “Genius Grant” With his half million dollar award from the MacArthur Foundation, Will Allen plans to grow his Milwaukee farm that yields about $500,000 worth of fresh, affordable produce, meat and fish into “a five-story vertical building…

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Obama Effigy Found on Christian Campus; LA State Rep. Proposes Sterilization for Poor Women

by The News on September 26 2008, 6:24AM

La. Lawmaker Wants to Pay Poor Women for Sterilization Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo said Tuesday he is studying a plan to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied in order to cut down welfare costs. Similar…

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Bush Pushes Plan on the American Public; Remember the Nine

by The News on September 25 2008, 6:11AM

Bush Addresses Nation, Reiterates Urgency “President Bush appealed to the nation Wednesday night to support a $700 billion plan to avert a widespread financial meltdown, and signaled that he is willing to accept tougher controls over how the money is…

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Congress Wary of Blank-Check Bailout for Banks; GOP Wants C. de Baca to Resign Over Remarks

by The News on September 24 2008, 5:22AM

New Mexico GOP Leader Urged to Resign After Remarks “The head of New Mexico’s Republican Party is urging a county GOP leader to step down for saying “Hispanics consider themselves above blacks” and they will not vote for Democratic presidential…

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White House Urges Doubting Congess to Pass Bailout Plan; Black Media Wants Ad Money from Obama

by The News on September 23 2008, 8:13AM

Bipartisan Anger Over Bailout Plan The White House is pressing Congress to quickly pass the administration’s $700 billion bailout plan as Democratic and Republican lawmakers fumed over the financial crisis. One of many demands is a plan to help the…

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Jena Six Anniversary; House Prepares Vote on Filipino Vet Bills

by The News on September 22 2008, 8:23AM

House to Vote on Filipino Veterans Bill “The House of Representatives is expected to vote next week on a bill with a pension provision for 18,000 qualified Filipino and Filipino American World War II nonservice (no combat-related injury) veterans.” Malaya….

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Bush Makes Rescue Plan for Financial Institutions; Detainees’ Families Demand Owed Paychecks

by The News on September 19 2008, 6:58AM

MS Plant Refuses to Pay Detainees’ Families At least 200 relatives of suspected undocumented Howard Industries workers flooded the grounds of the Laurel plant Thursday seeking paychecks owed to their family members, who are currently being detained in Jena, La….

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San Francisco Still a “Sanctuary City”?; Baggy Pants Ban Ruled Unconsitutional in Florida

by The News on September 18 2008, 8:45AM

Immigrant Raid Undermines San Francisco’s Sanctuary Status “Immigration agents entered a private home in San Francisco on Sept. 11, 2008, arresting six undocumented immigrants in what residents see as the most recent evidence that this is no longer a “sanctuary…

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O.J. Simpson Jury Selection Begins Race Debate

by The News on September 15 2008, 7:34AM

O.J. Simpson Case Replays Questions of Race “As testimony in O.J. Simpson’s trial on robbery charges gets underway this week, one thing is already abundantly clear: When the former football star enters a courtroom, so does a debate about race.”…

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Germany Needs More Immigrants; Sharpton’s Trial Set for Sean Bell Protest

by The News on September 12 2008, 9:41AM

Germany Needs to Attract Immigrants While other countries in the EU are creating policies to limit the number of immigrants, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says that “the trend continues, the number of employable people in Germany will…

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Gov. Paterson Calls Palin Comment Racist; Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t So Illegal

by The News on September 10 2008, 8:14AM

Paterson: “Community Organizer” Comment Has Racial Overtones At the Crain’s Business Forum on Tuesday, New York Governor David Paterson took time to criticize Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s comment about community organizing saying, “I think where there are overtones is…

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