Tracy Kronzak

Tracy Kronzak
Tracy Kronzak Tracy, Technology Manager at the Applied Research Center, graduated from Cornell University and New York University with a Masters of Public Administration. She specializes in technology and the nonprofit sector, with a particular emphasis on systems administration, and manages ARC's technology needs and growth.

She has been an activist, volunteer and leader in the Queer communities since 1992, and prior to joining ARC worked with donors at the Tides Foundation doing grantmaking for the LGBT communities, racial justice and economic justice. Tracy has studied pottery and ceramic arts at City College of San Francisco and is presently working at the ceramics studio at Laney College in Oakland.

What We’re Up Against

by Tracy Kronzak on October 1 2008, 12:26PM

Found this perusing the CNN Ticker today. It’s hard not to find some humor behind this, although the intent is quite clear. It really is true that despite being given the factual truth, whether it’s about Barack Obama’s religion…


Does Your Vote Count?

by Tracy Kronzak on September 29 2008, 9:14AM

Barack Obama’s run to become the first Black president reminds us of the many Black men who have had their voting rights taken away….


Callous and Ignorant Election Politics

by Tracy Kronzak on September 16 2008, 6:09PM

Last week, I was watching this video of people in Haiti waiting for food aid after a series of hurricanes and tropical storms pounded the country. The crisis is so bad that people are willingly pushing themselves through razorwire…


This November Vote With Paper

by Tracy Kronzak on September 12 2008, 1:02PM

It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that electronic voting machines are easily hacked, their results are readily manipulated, and it is frighteningly easy to commit voter fraud with them. Actually, after reading the report and watching these videos,…


Is New Orleans Ready for Another Storm?

by Tracy Kronzak on August 29 2008, 10:12AM

Now that the Democrats have ended their convention and the Republicans are on the cusp of their own, something else entirely is on my mind. Take a gander at the projected path and strength of Hurricane Gustav, and remember…

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Does Your Vote Count?

by Tracy Kronzak on July 3 2008, 10:56AM

This Fourth of July holiday, one month after Senator Obama clinched the Democratic presidential candidacy and on the cusp of what will likely be an historic election season, the simple act of voting and freedom weighs on my mind….


Yes Marriage, No Justice

by Tracy Kronzak on May 15 2008, 10:34AM

Congratulations to the many parties who worked so hard to achieve same-sex marriage in California. However, our Queer community has now demonstrated a singular goal to assimilate to the very same set of social and political benefits that until recently…


Can You Pick Up One or Two CPAs to Give Us a Hand?

by Tracy Kronzak on April 16 2008, 1:58PM

Disposable labor for disposable jobs. We don’t engage day laborers as people, but as the job they’ve been hired to do. And when the job is done, so is the person. Add into the mix the often far-reaching and…

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ICED Video Game Imitates Immigrant’s Life

by Tracy Kronzak on February 28 2008, 9:28AM

Today I spent some time playing Breakthrough’s ICED video game. I’m not much of a gamer as I am a maven for technology and its uses. But ICED is one of the best uses of the myriad of open-source…

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What Superbowl Means for Super Tuesday

by Tracy Kronzak on February 5 2008, 11:53AM

I have a deeply cynical belief that if Barack Obama wins in November, we’re going to see even more racist Superbowl commercials next year. What’s the connection? The mainstreaming of “colorblind,” meaning race-silent, public policy and the largely held assumption…


A Tale of Two Disasters

by Tracy Kronzak on October 26 2007, 10:42AM

I’m not the first or only person who will be drawing parallels between the fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina. But what caught my eye this week were several articles in the San Francisco Chronicle that discussed the…

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Same-sex marriage movement, too civil

by Tracy Kronzak on June 20 2007, 11:46AM

June is high holidays for Queer folks: parades, fundraisers, and important announcements for Pride activists. So far this year, we’ve seen civil unions in New Hampshire and the final defeat of an amendment to ban same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. Both…


The Labor America wants to Vilify

by Tracy Kronzak on May 2 2007, 2:01PM

Tuesday, I filmed the Oakland immigration march and rally. Through the crowds of protesters, cheers of Si Se Puede and speeches from local politicians, I was reminded of one truth: many Americans would rather not consider the consequences of our…