Seth Freed Wessler

Seth Freed Wessler
Seth Freed Wessler Investigative Reporter
New York, NY

Seth Freed Wessler is a reporter in New York who currently writes for Seth has reported from across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean on immigration, the safety net, criminal justice, national security and the human fallout of the financial collapse. Seth led a groundbreaking investigation that revealed the thousands of U.S. citizen children stuck in foster care whose parents have been detained or deported by federal immigration authorities. The investigation, for which Seth won a Hillman Prize and other honors, Along with Seth's series of follow-up stories, led to a direct response from the federal government, as well as the passage of state-level legislation. Seth worked until 2012 as a researcher for the Applied Research Center, where he authored research reports on racial inequality and the financial collapse, segregation in the restaurant industry and the corrosive effects of immigration policies on child welfare systems. Seth often discusses his reporting in national broadcast, and his stories and investigations for Colorlines have been cited by outlets including the Associated Press, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and NPR. He has produced stories for GOOD Magazine, the Texas Observer, NPR’s LatinoUSA, The Huffington Post, The Root and other outlets. In addition to the Hillman Prize, Seth was a finalist for a Casey Medal and has won several Ippies Awards. He was the recipient of a reporting fellowship from USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism. Check out Seth's media appearances here.

Seth tweets at @sethfw.

Debbie Almontaser stands against division, intimidation and hatred

by Seth Freed Wessler on October 16 2007, 5:56PM

At 5pm on Tuesday Debbie Almontaser appeared on the New York City Hall steps with grace and courage as she responded publicly for the first time since she was victim to a torrent of anti-Arab/Muslim racism. Almontaser, who was the…

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These are Lives We are Talking About

by Seth Freed Wessler on October 9 2007, 11:34AM

While sleepily drinking my requisite cup of coffee one morning last week I overheard one of my roommates commenting that he “can’t believe how messed up this torture s**t is”. He was referring to the New York Times lead story…


Blackwater and Privatization

by Seth Freed Wessler on October 5 2007, 9:44AM

I was thinking of hiring a Blackwater security guard. I thought it might be nice to have a mercenary at my front door, just in case. The story about Blackwater USA is this absurd. Unfortunately, Blackwater is not in a…


Police Brutality Strikes Fifth Anniversary of Sylvia Rivera Law Project

by Seth Freed Wessler on September 27 2007, 9:01AM

The NYPD hits again with another racist incident. This time they have targeted members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a racial and gender justice organization that has been a trailblazer in battling at the intersections of race and gender…


“The Euphemization of Race”

by Seth Freed Wessler on September 19 2007, 11:47AM

‘Don’t call it that’ is the line when it comes to race and policy. Last weekend I strolled over to Berkeley campus to attend a couple sessions at a conference called “Race and the Republic”, a comparative symposium on race…


Putnam Misses the Point. There’s No Trust Without Justice.

by Seth Freed Wessler on September 6 2007, 3:39PM

Robert Putnam is a quintessential white liberal academic, the type known for being well meaning. In college, I became pretty good at running a pink highlighter over this type of scholarship. The main problem I saw with their work is…