Leticia Miranda

Leticia Miranda
Leticia is a writer based in California. She's covered immigration, prison reform and juvenile justice for Colorlines Magazine and produced a woman of color-centered radio program at KZSC in Santa Cruz. Her work has been reprinted by Racialicious, truthout and Race-Talk. These days you can find her working as the strategic communications coordinator for the Media Literacy Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We Did Not Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us

by Leticia Miranda on October 20 2009, 3:10PM

The Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras/Indigenous Alliance Without Borders has just launched a new campaign to secure the homelands of indigenous tribes living along the US-Mexico border from California to Texas. According to an article at Narcosphere: Indigenous Peoples living…

Topics: Immigration

Latinos Sue Modesto City, CA

by Leticia Miranda on October 20 2009, 9:00AM

Ah, Modesto –- the proud producers of the nation’s milk, almonds, chickens, cattle, and walnuts. This agro-business-rich city touted $2.5 billion in agricultural production two years ago. But in classic San Joaquin Valley agro-business style, it doesn’t look like…

Topics: Politics

Justice for San Francisco Immigrant Youth

by Leticia Miranda on October 19 2009, 2:30PM

San Francisco immigrant youth and advocates are planning to attend tomorrow’s City Council vote to adopt a policy that would restore due process for immigrant youth who are arrested for a felony. The last and final hearing is scheduled for…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Immigration

Bill Moving Through Congress to Close Crack/Cocaine Sentencing Disparity

by Leticia Miranda on October 19 2009, 9:30AM

After over 20 years of unjust sentencing laws around crack cocaine, Congress is considering a bill that would eliminate the sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and cocaine powder. Right now, someone possessing 5 grams of crack cocaine, which weighs…

Topics: Criminal Justice

Milwaukee PD Can’t Demand to See Your SSN

by Leticia Miranda on October 16 2009, 11:42AM

The Milwaukee Police Department just released a memo that says they’ll be nice about asking for your Social Security Number. They’re pledging: no more threats, no more hostility. The reform came after Matt Nelson, a local small business owner…

Topics: Immigration

Warning from the Rez

by Leticia Miranda on October 14 2009, 12:00PM

American Indians deal with pharmaceutical companies’ aggressive over-medicating.

Topics: Health

Even Government Knows the Immigration System is Broken

by Leticia Miranda on October 9 2009, 12:30PM

Next week, the Obamas will be hosting a party celebration in honor of “Hispanic Heritage Month.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited. But it’s definitely not the time to break out that dusty sombrero, sip on strawberry margaritas and sing “La…

Topics: Immigration

FBI to Muslim Man: Spy for Us or We’ll Deport You

by Leticia Miranda on October 7 2009, 1:00PM

Foad Farahi is just one of many people caught between the political crosscurrents of nationhood, xenophobia and the Bush-led “war on terror.” He came here on a student visa and when it expired, he sought political asylum from persecution…

Topics: Immigration, National Security, Politics

American Airlines ‘Discovers’ Black Flyers

by Leticia Miranda on October 7 2009, 11:22AM

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a “sophisticated” Black passenger flying American Airlines! Alright, so it is a plane, but not just any plane. It’s American Airlines where “sophisticated African Americans take flight.” Apparently, American Airlines has…


Philly Public School Workers Won’t Be Short-Changed

by Leticia Miranda on September 30 2009, 2:42PM

Philadelphia cafeteria workers and noon time aides are calling for city council to investigate possible wage and hour violations. This could mean $4.3 million dollars in back pay for about 1,900 workers by the end of this school year…


Radio Program Helps Out Vietnamese Parents

by Leticia Miranda on September 30 2009, 9:00AM

In a new media world, we are often evaluating the role “old” media has to play in communication. And the discussion is prompted by some important questions: how do we create dialogue? with who and where? using what tools?…

Topics: Immigration, Schools & Youth

Homeland Security Pushes for Pass ID

by Leticia Miranda on September 29 2009, 12:00PM

Immigrant rights advocates say it’s no better than Real ID.


Salvadoreños Get Organized

by Leticia Miranda on September 28 2009, 3:11PM

Last Week, about 150 leaders in Salvadoran communities across the United States met at the the First Salvadoran American Leadership Summit in Washington. The group planned to lobby Congress about a path towards citizenship for those in the community…

Topics: Immigration, Politics

Speaking of ‘Death Panels’: GA Hospital Closes Doors on Poor and Undocumented

by Leticia Miranda on September 25 2009, 10:48PM

Since the beginning of the healthcare debate, Sarah Palin has publicly decried the end-of-life option in healthcare reform as a “death panel.” She wrote about it on Facebook and recently went off about it in China. But what she…

Topics: Health, Immigration

DC Mayor Closing Low-Income Child Care Centers

by Leticia Miranda on September 19 2009, 1:20AM

The equation seems simple. working parents - child care center = parent can’t work bad economy + parent not working = even worse economy But for DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, this doesn’t seem to make sense. Fenty’s 2010…


High School Latina Drop Out Rate Reaches 41 percent

by Leticia Miranda on September 9 2009, 11:32AM

It was during my first high school AP history class that I really came up against the seemingly overwhelming barriers to higher education. As the year went along, more and more students of color dropped out of the class…

Topics: Schools & Youth

Scientists Are a Little Closer to An HIV Vaccine

by Leticia Miranda on September 4 2009, 2:11PM

A recent article in the LA Times is reporting that scientists have discovered two antibodies in the body that can keep HIV from multiplying into a severe infection. The news comes just months after a report found that 3…

Topics: Health

Women Targeted for Subprime Mortgages

by Leticia Miranda on September 2 2009, 12:00PM

Black and Latina women are more likely to be steered to high-cost loans.


Choosing Between Cancer and the Ozone

by Leticia Miranda on August 26 2009, 11:26AM

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is looking at using methyl iodide, a known carcinogenic that’s used in very small amounts to induce cancer in research specimens, on California’s strawberry fields. But it’s ok because they’re preserving the ozone…

Topics: Environment

Muslim Punk Opens Dialogue For Young Muslim Misfits

by Leticia Miranda on August 14 2009, 2:11PM

Some might hold onto some stale ideas that punk is at odds with the political and personal values of people of color. Granted at its worst, punk has been recently dominated by some self-indulgent children of white rich yuppies…