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Julianne Hing
Julianne Hing Reporter / Blogger
Oakland, CA

Julianne Hing is a reporter and blogger for covering immigration, education, criminal justice, and occasionally fashion and pop culture. In 2009 Julianne was the recipient of USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism fellowship, which funded a reporting project on the impacts of criminal deportation on immigrant families. She has covered police brutality issues from Oakland to New Orleans and in the summer of 2010 reported for Colorlines from the courtroom where Oscar Grant's killer, BART cop Johannes Mehserle, faced trial. Julianne became politically active in high school, and started organizing students in college around access and affordability issues. She earned her B.A. in social ecology at the University of California, Irvine, where she edited Jaded magazine, named 2007 Publication of the Year by Campus Progress. Julianne’s writing has appeared on AlterNet, Truthout, Hyphen Magazine's blog, The American Prospect's blog TAPPED and Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog at The Atlantic, Racialicious, The Root and New America Media.

Julianne tweets at @juliannehing.

Hope in the Hopelessness of Deportation

by Julianne Hing on June 14 2009, 10:12AM

ColorLines magazine is in Jamaica this week investigating the devastating effect of American deportation policies on families. Check back for more updates soon. We’ve talked with a lot of deportees in Kingston since we arrived earlier this week. Even for…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Immigration

Jamaica Travelogue: Why I Write About Deportation

by Julianne Hing on June 10 2009, 4:21PM

Jorge Rivas, Seth Wessler and I arrived in Kingston, Jamaica, yesterday to embark on an investigation into the impact of detention and deportation on families of color. Check back throughout the week for updates from the road. In the year…


When Joining the Force Can’t Protect Black Men from Getting Shot by the Cops

by Julianne Hing on May 29 2009, 3:43PM

Omar Edwards was just 25, a newlywed. He’d been with the NYPD since July of 2007. And last night, he died after he was fatally shot by another cop. Edwards was off-duty and not in uniform. After his shift ended…


Andrea Shorter on the Supreme Irony of Today’s Prop 8 Ruling

by Julianne Hing on May 26 2009, 5:05PM

What a newsday to start off the week. It reminds me of another big day last year that was filled with both joyous and crushing news. You know, November 5, 2008, the morning after Barack Obama won the election and…

Topics: Politics

Time to Wake Up to the Racism in Our Housing Midst

by Julianne Hing on May 19 2009, 1:33PM

Seth’s got an op-ed up over at the Huffington Post about the housing crisis, its historical roots and the people he met around the country while researching for “Race and Recession.” In Detroit, I talked with 55-year-old Sandra Hines,…

Topics: Race and Recession

“Race and Recession” Is Here [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on May 18 2009, 9:50AM

The report is here. “Race and Recession: How Inequity Rigged the Economy and How to Change the Rules” tells the stories of people of color who have, across the board, been disproportionately affected by the recession. It uncovers the…

Topics: Race and Recession

Why Do Dog Kennels Get More Regulation Than Childcare Centers? [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on May 14 2009, 11:49AM

Rinku’s got a new post up at the Huffington Post about the findings in “Underprotected, Undersupported: Low Income Children at Risk,” a new report just released by the Applied Research Center that documents the conditions of childcare centers across…


In Oscar Grant Case, Who Doesn’t Want the Oakland DA Gone?

by Julianne Hing on May 14 2009, 10:08AM

The murder case against Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who shot Oscar Grant to death on a BART platform, is going to pre-trial on Monday. Mehserle’s attorneys want the Oakland District Attorney Tom Orloff cut off from the case…


Enforcement Creates Era of Criminality

by Julianne Hing on May 14 2009, 8:59AM

This is the Weekly Immigration Wire from the Media Consortium for the week of May 7-14, 2009. by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger The Latino/a community has had ample reason to hope that President Obama would take on immigration reform in…

Topics: Immigration

Will Eric Holder Make Good on His Word and Face Race?

by Julianne Hing on May 13 2009, 10:04AM

Between 1983 and 1984, FBI agent Donald Rochon, who was 37 at the time, endured racial bullying and discrimination from his coworkers, the kind of nastiness that would make your every day at work a living hell. From NPR:…


“My Great Recession” - We Want Your Stories

by Julianne Hing on May 12 2009, 5:36PM

Calling all young POC writers, artists, bloggers! Where you at? I was always told that young people my age had it easy growing up in a time of unprecedented material wealth. “You don’t know how good you have it,”…

Topics: Economy, Race and Recession

RaceWire Goes to the Movies: Star Trek Edition

by Julianne Hing on May 12 2009, 11:01AM

Your favorite racial justice media organization went to see Star Trek. And we, being the closet geeks and unabashed nerds that we are, had lots to say about the movie. Here are a few of our most pressing observations….


Elvira Arellano Keeps Her Promises, Won’t Stop Fighting

by Julianne Hing on May 11 2009, 2:32PM

Elvira Arellano, an undocumented mom who defied a deportation order and sought sanctuary in a Chicago church for nearly a year back in 2006, is in the news again. She became an activist and an organizer and was vocal…


Open Book TV with Moutafa Bayoumi [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on May 7 2009, 12:34PM

Open Book TV: Moustafa Bayoumi from Open Book TV on Vimeo. Check out this clip from Open Book, a new television show about books that spends each episode in one location exploring stories about people’s ties to place. The premiere…

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Book Review

by Julianne Hing on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

Students Dream

Topics: Arts & Culture


by Julianne Hing on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

News to make you doubt your sanity or at least start a petition.

Topics: Criminal Justice


by Julianne Hing on May 6 2009, 12:00PM

The good (and sometimes great) things people of color and their allies made happen.

Topics: Criminal Justice

The Most Racist Comments About Mexicans Ever Allowed On-Air [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on May 5 2009, 12:18PM

via Alternet by Cenk Uygur I am not quick to call something racist. In fact, I wrote an editorial pleading with everyone not to call the NY Post chimp cartoon racist. I went on MSNBC and defended that position. I’m…

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Photos from May Day 2009 in New York City

by Julianne Hing on May 1 2009, 2:44PM

Miguel de la Fuente, our New York media intern, sent us photos from this afternoon in New York City, where thousands of protesters are on the streets demanding an end to immigration raids and deportations, justice for all families and…

Topics: Immigration

May Day 2009 with Shannah Kurland

by Julianne Hing on May 1 2009, 1:21PM

Today we’re asking people around the country one question: How do we talk about immigration reform in a time of economic recession? This is what Shannah Kurland, the Strategy and Development Coordinator with the Olneyville Neighborhood Association in Rhode…

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