Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Assembly Speaker Bass addresses attacks on Blacks after Prop. 8 vote

by Jonathan Adams on November 20 2008, 8:52AM

Watch video of California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass on Prop 8 The Los Angeles Democrat, who is California’s highest-ranking African American elected official, said she was “really appalled at how quickly (the issue) was racialized, and it wasn’t even analyzed.”…


Al-Qaeda Calls Barack Obama a “House Negro”

by Jonathan Adams on November 19 2008, 10:50AM

Al-Qaeda invokes Malcolm X in a threatening message that calls Barack Obama a “house slave.” In the message, Ayman al-Zawahiri is heard accusing President-elect Barack Obama of betraying his Muslim roots. He also likens him to a “house slave”…


Cornel West on a post-racial America

by Jonathan Adams on November 19 2008, 10:11AM

Listen to Cornel West on Democracy Now! Princeton University professor of religion and African American studies, Cornel West, speaks about the election of Barack Obama, his selection of Eric Holder to be Attorney General, the possible selection of Lawrence Summers…


Facing Race 2008 - Examining Race in the Presidential Campaign

by Jonathan Adams on November 19 2008, 6:57AM

Afro-Netizen’s Chris Rabb discusses race in the presidential campaign with David Binder, a pollster from the Obama campaign….


Facing Race Conference - Day 2

by Jonathan Adams on November 15 2008, 4:36PM

Plenaries, workshops, and speakers at the second day of Applied Research Center’s Facing Race conference on racial justice, policy, and activism….


Facing Race Conference: Race and the Elections: Nov. 4th and Beyond

by Jonathan Adams on November 15 2008, 11:48AM

Experts: Media perpetuated race-based vote myth Leslie Fulbright, Chronicle Staff Writer Saturday, November 15, 2008 The idea that Americans would not be able to get past racism and elect a black president was a myth largely perpetuated by the…


Facing Race 2008: Day 1

by Jonathan Adams on November 15 2008, 8:19AM

Impressions from the first day of Facing Race, Applied Research Center’s three-day conference in Oakland….


Facing Race: Will activists survive the paradigm shift?

by Jonathan Adams on November 14 2008, 2:11PM

Emphasis on cross-struggle organizing, sustainability, and building a critical mass for a new political era We’re now in the 2nd day of the “Facing Race” conference, and the Racial Justice debate has heated up. With 50 workshops spread over 3…


Racewire Goes to the Facing Race Conference

by Jonathan Adams on November 13 2008, 11:54AM

Just 9 days after the election of Barack Obama, more than 800 racial justice advocates—from policy experts to activists to artists—are gathering at Facing Race Conference, a national conference sponsored by the Applied Research Center November 13-15 in Oakland,…


Quirky Black Girls on Obama’s Win and Empire

by Jonathan Adams on November 13 2008, 11:07AM

Check out Quirky Black Girls. Here are some excerpts of their discussion on Barack Obama’s win. Moya says I wonder how our Indigenous brothers and sisters feel? Is it enthusiasm for the fact that a person of color has reached…


¡Escuche La Raya hoy!

by Jonathan Adams on November 12 2008, 6:44PM

Millone de Latinos cambian el panorama político en EEUU 12 Noviembre, 2008 Más del 80% de Latinos en Estados Unidos Votaron el porcentage general nacional fue 65%. El “Resumen de la Noticias” del 11 de noviembre, 2008 Con Ana Maria…

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The real stats don’t blame Prop 8 on Black people

by Jonathan Adams on November 12 2008, 1:16PM

H/T DailyKos I am working too hard. I have no time to write diaries. Yet between yesterday afternoon, when I’d finally read one hateful racist fingerpoint from a white gay person too many here and elsewhere on the internet, I’d…


Detention Conditions Facing Queer and Trangsgender Immigrants

by Jonathan Adams on November 12 2008, 12:58PM

Today, November 12, 2008, 5:30pm, Law School - Room 1457 Check out this public panel discussion organized by UCLA’s Critical Race Studies program, OUTLaw, and UCLA Law’s Queer student organization. This panel will explore the current conditions facing queer and…


The Dreadful Genius of the Obama Moment

by Jonathan Adams on November 10 2008, 12:20PM

Inaugurating Multiculturalist White Supremacy By Dylan Rodríguez What happens to the politics of antiracism when the phenotype of white supremacy “changes?” At the risk of being scolded for offending the optimistic spirit of this historical moment, I offer these thoughts…


Oklahoma Newspaper: Obama Election Not News

by Jonathan Adams on November 10 2008, 10:52AM

Embedded video from CNN Video…


Racewire Election Roundup

by Jonathan Adams on November 7 2008, 7:42AM

While Obama’s sweeping victory dominated the morning-after headlines, voters across the country also made important choices November 4 on state ballot initiatives covering a range of issues, from criminal justice to gay marriage, and reproductive rights to affirmative action. When…


State Wins and Losses: Ballot Initiatives Roundup

by Jonathan Adams on November 7 2008, 7:11AM

Immigration While immigration was all but ignored by both presidential candidates, voters in several states were presented with ballot measures on immigration enforcement and English-only requirements. In Oregon, an English-only initiative failed though one passed in Missouri. A harsh criminal…

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2008 Election Voter Turnout

by Jonathan Adams on November 6 2008, 5:13PM

The percentage of Americans who voted in this year’s historic presidential campaign appeared to reach the highest level in four decades. About 133.3 million people cast ballots — or about 62.5% of the electorate. “Voter Turnout Best in Generations, Maybe…


Ralph Nader Calls Obama an “Uncle Tom”

by Jonathan Adams on November 6 2008, 7:00AM

Ralph Nader on Fox News explains why he called Barack Obama an “Uncle Tom” and continues to question the president-elect’s commitment to people of color and poor people. Rinku Sen on GRITtv explaining Nader’s racial blindspots…


Rinku Sen’s thoughts on election night

by Jonathan Adams on November 5 2008, 9:37AM

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