Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Van Jones on “Morning Joe”

by Jonathan Adams on December 8 2008, 11:51AM


Congressional Black Caucus on PROP 8

by Jonathan Adams on December 5 2008, 6:46AM


Prop 8 - The Musical

by Jonathan Adams on December 4 2008, 7:40AM



Who Will Michelle Obama be Wearing?

by Jonathan Adams on December 3 2008, 1:05PM

Breaking from politics for a moment, Women’s Wear Daily has gathered the biggest names in fashion to submit sketches of the gowns they would create for MIchelle Obama to wear at the inauguration. Laura Bush’s favorite, Oscar de la…


Odetta Holmes, RIP

by Jonathan Adams on December 3 2008, 12:45PM


Odetta, “The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement” (1930-2008)

by Jonathan Adams on December 3 2008, 11:37AM

Odetta, most famous for singing at the March on Washington in 1963, will not be able to perform as she intended at Barack Obama’s inauguration next month. The woman, known as “the voice of the Civil Rights Movement,” became…


Jhumpa Lahiri is an Accidental American

by Jonathan Adams on December 3 2008, 7:36AM

Listen to Jhumpa Lahiri on NPR Born in London and raised in Rhode Island, the author of Indian descent traveled regularly to Calcutta while growing up. Lahiri has written about the pressure she felt to stay loyal to the…


Rachel Maddow Mentions CHAMP on World AIDS Day

by Jonathan Adams on December 2 2008, 9:51AM

Rachel Maddow gives a shout-out to CHAMP for opposing Rep. James Ramstad (R-MN/3rd) as a possible selection to be the director of national drug control policy or “drug czar” in the Obama administration. Media reports assert that Rep. James…


20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day

by Jonathan Adams on December 1 2008, 11:19AM

World AIDS Day: We’re still living with AIDS By Kenyon Farrow, Policy Institute Fellow Today, many of us will dust off those red ribbons, and “remember” to remember the people who we’ve lost, and who are currently living with…

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Tyra Show Talks to Biracial Women Struggling With Identity

by Jonathan Adams on December 1 2008, 11:16AM

From Deanna at the gorgeous Clutch Magazine…


Florida’s Gay Adoption Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

by Jonathan Adams on November 26 2008, 12:11PM

A judge on Tuesday ruled that a strict Florida law that blocks gay people from adopting children is unconstitutional, declaring there was no legal or scientific reason for sexual orientation alone to prohibit anyone from adopting. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge…


Thanksgiving Protests at California School; Immigrants’ Dangerous Silence

by Jonathan Adams on November 26 2008, 7:28AM

Undocumented Have Rights, Don’t Deserve to Live in Fear The death of Marcelo Lucero uncovers the danger that many undocumented immigrants face because they feel like they do not have rights. “The silence of undocumented immigrants is the catastrophic silence…

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Videos now online: Facing Race Conference main speeches and plenaries

by Jonathan Adams on November 25 2008, 2:19PM

Watch the major speeches and full plenary presentations from the Facing Race 2008 Conference, Nov 13-15 in Oakland CA. The Conference was attended by over 900 participants. Watch the videos linked below and pledge your support for the Compact…


Post-Katrina, New Orleans Rates Highest in Crime

by Jonathan Adams on November 25 2008, 2:16PM

From CNN: A controversial ranking of U.S. cities’ crime rates indicates New Orleans, Louisiana, has the worst crime rate, while a New York exurb has the lowest. A New Orleans resident talks to police after returning home to find his…

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Barack Obama Makes Historic Appointments

by Jonathan Adams on November 25 2008, 12:17PM

Desiree Rogers, a Chicago businesswoman and Obama close friend, was named as the next White House social secretary. She is the first Black women to be appointed to the post. “It will probably be overwhelming, initially, as people want…


Prop 8: Beyond Black vs. Gay

by Jonathan Adams on November 24 2008, 1:20PM

Originally published on The Public Record. Beyond Black vs. Gay: A Wake-Up Call to Gay Marriage Activists in California By Robert Chlala The Public Record Saturday, November 22, 2008 I’m not quite sure when the mainstream gay rights advocates adopted…


Julian Bond Steps Aside, New Leadership for NAACP

by Jonathan Adams on November 24 2008, 11:15AM

H/T The Daily Voice After ten years as board chairman at the NAACP, Julian Bond has announced that he will not seek reelection when his term ends on February 2009. Bond leaves as the NAACP reaches the 100 year…


Huckabee Rips Off Spike Lee Joint

by Jonathan Adams on November 21 2008, 9:18AM

I was watching Rachel Maddow interview Mike Huckabee last night, and I couldnt believe he said the title of his new book is “Do the Right Thing.” Why would Mike Huckabee name his book after a Spike Lee movie? To…


Gov. Napolitano Could be Homeland Head; 6 Long Island Teens Charged with Hate Crimes

by Jonathan Adams on November 21 2008, 7:59AM

Ariz. Governor Tapped to Lead Homeland Security Gov. Janet Napolitano, a fierce opponent to Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration raids, is at the top of President-elect Obama’s list for head of the Department of Homeland Security. New York Times. Iowa…

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America’s Next Top Immigrant

by Jonathan Adams on November 20 2008, 11:54AM

A.N.T.I. follows seven immigrants as they battle it out for the American Dream. A satire on reality TV, this piece brings to light what the Dream means to these young immigrants. Produced by Global Action Project, watch as the…