Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Rev. Wright Talks Back

by Jonathan Adams on April 28 2008, 10:50AM

Over the weekend, Reverend Jeremiah Wright finally began making appearances speaking out against the attacks made on him and his church. After YouTube clips of Wright’s sermons stirred such a controversy that Barack Obama had to formally distance himself from…


Bobby Jindal for VP?

by Jonathan Adams on April 25 2008, 10:23AM

Rumors about John McCain’s short list for vice president is becoming more and more colorful. First, Condoleezza Rice was mentioned for the spot, and now Bobby Jindal, Lousiana’s Indian governor, is being tossed around as a good option. H/T…


Justice for Victims of Police Violence

by Jonathan Adams on April 24 2008, 2:31PM

Courtesy of PeoplesJustice In Nov. 2006, Sean Bell was killed by the NYPD in a hail of 50 bullets. His friends, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman, were seriously injured. 3 of the officers involved now await the verdict of…


Who Needs a Black Queer Hero?

by Jonathan Adams on April 24 2008, 12:26PM

Last summer, Freedom Train productions put on an amazing series of plays-in-progress in Brooklyn featuring Black LGBT characters. Recently, the same group gathered at CUNY to discuss the significance of Black LGBT characters’ visibility in the theater. With the…


US Leads the World’s Inmate Count; Murdoch Wants More Media

by Jonathan Adams on April 23 2008, 7:28AM

US Imprisons Quarter of World’s Inmates At rates six times the median of all nations, the United States is the leads the world by far in producing prisoners. Some blame the use of imprisonment for numerous nonviolent crimes for the…

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What’s Happening in Philly During the Primary?

by Jonathan Adams on April 22 2008, 2:08PM

As you prepare for Pennsylvania’s primary results. we’ve been looking at Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth largest in the country. There’s a lot going on in Philly. The MOVE 9, members of a radical Philadelphia…

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MVL: What line must undocumented immigrants get in?

by Jonathan Adams on April 22 2008, 11:39AM

Originally published on the Movement Vision Lab, By Cristina Lopez Enough of the anti-immigrant rhetoric already. It’s bad enough that radio shock jocks and cable TV personalities demonize undocumented immigrants. But what bothers me even more is the reflexive response…

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Columbia FTA is a Lose-Lose for Workers

by Jonathan Adams on April 22 2008, 9:35AM

Originally published on DMI By Corinne Ramey When Joining a Union Becomes a Death Sentence Common knowledge says that it’s a good thing to join a union. Union members are treated better, earn 30% higher wages than their non-union counterparts,…


In the Name of Net Neutrality

by Jonathan Adams on April 21 2008, 4:21PM

Here is James Rucker, founder of, speaking out in support of maintaining net neutrality in light of challenges from Comcast, Verizon, and others. ColorofChange, with the help of bloggers of color, launched a campaign for the Jena 6….


Race Records

by Jonathan Adams on April 21 2008, 9:23AM

Let’s kick off the week with some music. In honor of Record Store Day, let us know what your favorite race records are. Originally, race records were songs that were created by Black musicians for Black people. Colorlines Magazine’s…


MVL: The “Un-Impossible Dream” of Education Equity

by Jonathan Adams on April 17 2008, 11:22AM

Originally published at the Movement Vision Lab By Susan Sandler, Justice Matters Mainstream conversations about education lack any real sense of vision for what education could and should be. We are allowed a tiny, cramped vision in the economic sphere…

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Jay Smooth on Gangsta Rap and Racist Paranoia

by Jonathan Adams on April 16 2008, 2:50PM

Jay Smooth gives a quick and pointed analysis of responses to Alicia Keys’ “crazy” claim that the government is responsible for promoting the East Coast-West Coast rivalry that ending in the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, noting the…


Green Economy Roundup

by Jonathan Adams on April 16 2008, 10:00AM

We’ve been talking a lot about a green economy lately, and there have been lot of different takes on the issue. Click through and see what our contributors got out of Green for All’s Dream Reborn conference: A Dreamer’s…


Green Jobs, Not Jails

by Jonathan Adams on April 14 2008, 3:58PM

Sustainable South Bronx, Green for All, and the Hip Hop Caucus present: Green Jobs Not Jails Town Hall Meeting Join Majora Carter, Rev. Yearwood and others for a Green Jobs, Not Jails Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 15th from…


Immigration Policies Hurt Children

by Jonathan Adams on April 14 2008, 1:56PM

Found on ImmigrationProf The United Nations just released a report that highlights the ways children of migrant families are violated by United States’ harmful policies. The Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants for the United Nations, Jorge Bustamante,…

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Is This Racist?

by Jonathan Adams on April 11 2008, 12:38PM

H/T Towleroad In another segment of “Is This Racist?, ” here’s a new Hanes ad campaign that probably started off with good intentions but doesn’t seem to be striking a cord with the communities they were trying to engage….

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Actions Across NYC

by Jonathan Adams on April 11 2008, 12:18PM

Thanks to Kenyon Farrow. If you are in New York this weekend, there are three actions happening that you should pay attention to and, if possible, attend. 11am, Harlem, NYC. “Hands Across Harlem” The Coalition to Save Harlem is holding…


Movement Vision Lab Movies

by Jonathan Adams on April 10 2008, 1:07PM

Our friends at the Movement Vision Lab recently completed their Community Values & Immigration Video Contest, and the winners are… ARIVACA: Life on the Border In this video, we see that Immigration is a daily reality in border towns of…

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Oueen Rania Addresses Arab Stereotypes on YouTube

by Jonathan Adams on April 10 2008, 7:17AM

Found on Racialicious, Queen Rania of Jordan has posted her own video on YouTube, entitled, “Send me your stereotypes.” Her aim is to break down stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims through YouTube (I assume she focuses only on Arabs because…

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West Questions Obama’s Commitment to Truth

by Jonathan Adams on April 8 2008, 7:49AM

Originally published on Huffington Post, Cornel West finds fault in Barack Obama’s decision to stay in Indiana to campaign instead of going to Memphis to commemorate King. I want to say that I’m deeply disappointed that my dear brother Barack…