Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Michael Chang Created Sports Legacy for Asians

by Jonathan Adams on July 15 2008, 1:18PM

H/T the color line As Asians gain popularity in American sports, we should remember that pro tennis player Michael Chang helped make Asian athletes more visible. Chang, 36, was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Saturday….

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The Cho Show on VH1

by Jonathan Adams on July 14 2008, 3:37PM

H/T angryasianman Margaret Cho has announced that she will have her own “semi-scripted” reality series on VH1 in which her real-life family ( her greatest source for material) and her assistant Selena Luna. She describes it as “kind of…


Satire? I’m Not Laughing.

by Jonathan Adams on July 14 2008, 9:51AM

I don’t read the New Yorker as often as I should because, as swessler puts it, the magazine “pegged for postgraduate degreed liberals and post-political hipsters” can be a little verbose and pretentious. But I don’t think you need…


Is Cynthia McKinney the New Nader?

by Jonathan Adams on July 14 2008, 8:17AM

The Green Party tapped Cynthia McKinney, former Georgia Congresswoman, in its run for President of the United States. With her running mate Rosa Clemente, McKinney is gearing up for an historic campaign of her own. In her campaign, she…


“Honor Killings” Not All About Culture

by Jonathan Adams on July 11 2008, 10:09AM

H/T Feministing Two stories in Georgia about violence against women in which the perpetrators are South Asian men have revived a discussion of “honor killings.” An Indian professor was sentenced to life for the contract killing of his son’s wife…


NYT Video: Interpreter Speaks Out

by Jonathan Adams on July 11 2008, 9:46AM

Check out the video of Erik Camayd-Freixas, an interpreter, speaks about the proceedings against illegal immigrants arrested at a meatpacking plant in Iowa….

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Organizing to Abolish the Prison-Industrial Complex

by Jonathan Adams on July 11 2008, 9:33AM

An interview with Rose Braz of the CR10 Media Committee, about Critical Resistance’s 10 year anniversary conference on Sept. 26-28 in Oakland, CA. By Hans Bennett Hans Bennett: What does “prison abolitionist” mean? Rose Braz: CR seeks to abolish…


Conflict Over Mexican Comic Book Character

by Jonathan Adams on July 10 2008, 10:37AM

Do you remember the racist Mexican stamp? Well, the character is back. This time the famous Mexican comic book caricature Memin Penguin was being stocked on Wal-Mart shelves. One argument for the loved figure is that Memin represents to…


McCain and Obama at LULAC on Immigration

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 2:27PM

Senators John McCain(R-Ariz.) and Barack Obama(D-Ill.) spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens Convention Tuesday….

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Remembering the Good Ol’ Racists: Jesse Helms’ Legacy

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 2:12PM

I’m from Mississippi. I eat lots of things fried, I like my tea sweet, I was raised to say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”, and I like my racists to be like Jesse Helms. There are a lot of…


Black and Beautiful, But Invisible

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 12:57PM

Vogue Italia has an all-Black issue on newsstands this month, London’s Mahogany Models are starting a campaign to protest the lack of representation for models of color. Watch this interview with Kadiatu Kamara about the campaign, “Black And Beautiful…

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Black Republicans Urge McCain to Continue Outreach to Black Voters

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 8:08AM

Barack Obama has swayed many conservatives into his camp with his message of hope and change. Black conservatives, especially, are taking a second look at the Democratic candidate. Just as Obama has touched black Democratic voters, he has engendered…


Perpetuating the Model Minority Myth

by Jonathan Adams on July 8 2008, 3:15PM

The Washington Post reports that the number of Asian students in D.C.’s most prestigious public magnet school has for the first time topped that of white students. At Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the Alexandria…

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Black Teenager Killed by Cop’s Taser

by Jonathan Adams on July 8 2008, 11:06AM

h/t Electronic Village Another fatal police shooting in this country, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. Another young Black man dead, and this time he was killed by a taser. But like the Sean Bell and Michael Byoune cases,…


Call for Filipina Writers

by Jonathan Adams on July 7 2008, 5:23PM

H/T angryasianman Diwa: Illuminating Pilipina Voices, a multidisciplinary publication for Filipino women. They’re looking for writers, artists, professionals and service providers in the community to contribute writing, art and advertising. The deadline is August 4. For more details, including important…


Rene Marie Remixes the National Anthem

by Jonathan Adams on July 7 2008, 12:45PM

Artist and activist, Rene Marie created quite a stir recently when she opted to sing the lyrics of the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” to the melody of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at an annual event held…


Bhopal Still Suffers from Toxic Waste

by Jonathan Adams on July 7 2008, 9:21AM

Almost 25 years after the deadly pesticide poison from a Union Carbide factory killed thousands, Bhopal residents are still hurting. With hundreds of tons of waste still not removed from the site, residents have seen the effects of the toxic…

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Alberto Gonzales Knows What Latinos Want?

by Jonathan Adams on July 3 2008, 7:13AM

We planned to write on this yesterday, but Roberto Lovato sums it up nicely at Of América Alberto Gonzales Taking Latino Pundit Route to Political Redemption By Roberto Lovato If you read closely, the subtext of this story from…

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NYPD Continues to Blow Smoke About Pot Arrests

by Jonathan Adams on July 2 2008, 9:01AM

Randy Credico, a drug law reform advocate at the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice, says Gay St., the small Greenwich Village block where he lives between Waverly and Christopher, is a dangerous place for young people of color…

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Mandela, 90, Off Terror Watch List; Obama, McCain on Immigration

by Jonathan Adams on July 2 2008, 7:44AM

At 90, Mandela No Longer a Terrorist “President George Bush signed a bill on Tuesday taking Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African President Nelson Mandela off the U.S. government’s terror watch list.” AHN. Special Scrutiny of Justice Dept…

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