Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Did You Watch CNN’s “Black in America”?

by Jonathan Adams on July 24 2008, 8:06AM

Host Soledad O’Brien began the series back in April with an in-depth look at Martin Luther King’s assasination forty years after his death. But last night’s episode was the first that delved in the issues facing the Black community…

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Nas Delivers Petitions Against Racist Smears on The Colbert Report

by Jonathan Adams on July 24 2008, 5:22AM

Also, watch Nas perform “Sly Fox” on Colbert Report….


Nas Joined by Young Protesters at Fox Building, Delivers Petitions to Colbert Instead

by Jonathan Adams on July 23 2008, 3:05PM

Just back from tnewsCorp building in Midtown Manhattan where famed hip hop artist Nas joined,, and lots of young sign-carrying protesters to demand that FOX News stop calling race-baiting attacks fair and balanced news. Though ColorofChange reached…

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Vanity Fair Spoofs The New Yorker Cover

by Jonathan Adams on July 23 2008, 9:16AM

Vanity Fair is getting in on the satire action. Taking its cue from Condé Nast neighbor, The New Yorker, the magazine creates a spoof on the infamous Barry Blitt cartoon. Depicting John McCain with a walker and Cindy McCain…

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Call to Action to Support Filipino War Veterans Legislation

by Jonathan Adams on July 23 2008, 8:53AM

H/T ImmigrationProf The House of Representatives will be adjourning for its August recess in a few weeks. If the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act S. 1315 (which contains provisions to restore US veterans status to Filipino WWII veterans) is not…


Obama Speaks at UNITY to Jounalists of Color

by Jonathan Adams on July 22 2008, 2:05PM

The media followed Barack Obama on his trip abroad and (fortuntely for him) they are praising it as a successful trip. After a whirlwind international tour, Obama will join members of the press of color on Sunday to deliver…

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More Buzz About Jindal as McCain’s VP

by Jonathan Adams on July 22 2008, 11:26AM

Louisiana police are zapping Black men to death while Bobby Jindal, the Pelican State’s governor, creates buzz around a possibly joining John McCain on the GOP ticket. During his appearance on the Tonight Show, Jindal broached the topic lightlly…


Nas Joins ColorofChange in Fight Against Fox News’ Racist Attacks

by Jonathan Adams on July 22 2008, 10:05AM

We were just talking about Nas. He recently announced with the release of his latest album that he and other hip hop artists were much better suited to lead the civil rights movement than Jesse Jackson. Always a political…

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The New York International Latino Film Festival

by Jonathan Adams on July 21 2008, 4:58PM

From Felix at MediaRights The New York International Latino Film Festival starts this week and it is offering some impressive films. Highlights include Cristina Kotz Cornejo’s narrative 3 Americas; Big Pun: The Legacy, a documentary that looks at the…


Taser Kills Young Black Man, Reminds Residents of Jena Injustice

by Jonathan Adams on July 21 2008, 3:24PM

In Winnfield, La, forty miles from Jena, another town with a history of corruption is simmering with racial tension after the death of a young Black man by a white police officer and his taser gun. Baron “Scooter” Pikes was…

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Blacks Banned from Bars in Beijing?

by Jonathan Adams on July 21 2008, 2:24PM

China is weeks away from hosting the 2008 Olympic Games and there are several final touches being made in Beijing to make sure that the country is the perfect host. One of these last-minute details, however, may be completely…

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Building a Win-Win Immigration Platform & Creating Multiracial Alliances

by Jonathan Adams on July 18 2008, 10:35AM

The Equal Justice Society’s “Building a Win-Win Immigration Platform & Creating Multiracial/ethnic Alliances” conference is on Saturday, July 19, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Preservation Park, 1233 Preservation Park WA, Oakland, Calif. The conference seeks to develop a…


On ‘The View’, the N-Word Again

by Jonathan Adams on July 18 2008, 8:17AM

Whoopi Goldberg explains her view on the N-word and Elizabeth Hasselbeck argues that we can never get past racial issues as long Black people use the word. Here’s the video….


Phoenix Sheriff Sued for Racial Profiling

by Jonathan Adams on July 17 2008, 2:23PM

Bettina Hansen/The Arizona Republic The ACLU and MALDEF have filed a class action suit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who they say illegally targets Latinos in his immigration sweeps. The attack on the sweeps alleged the officers based…

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Kehinde Wiley’s World

by Jonathan Adams on July 17 2008, 1:32PM

If you don’t know his name you will probably recognized his art. Kehinde Wiley is a New York painter that has become legendary for his depictions of Hip Hop culture and its icons. Wikipedia describes the artist’s work like…


Youngest “Jena Six” Defendant Removed from House Arrest

by Jonathan Adams on July 17 2008, 1:23PM

JENA, La. (AP) — Jesse Ray Beard, one of the “Jena Six” defendants, is headed to New York after state District Court Judge Tom Yeager released him from house arrest for the summer. Beard’s attorney, David Utter, said Beard…

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Hip Hop Leaders: Jesse Jackson’s Time Up

by Jonathan Adams on July 16 2008, 1:32PM

Kevin Powell and Nas both think that it’s time for a guard change among Black political leaders. Calling it a generational shift made most noticeable by the success of Barack Obama’s message within the Hip Hop generation, both men…


Stories on the Border

by Jonathan Adams on July 16 2008, 12:33PM

h/t Immigration Prof A group of filmmakers recently took a trip along the U.S/Mexico border collecting stories to create a series of short films documenting life on both sides of the border. The videos are available The stories are…

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Has the New Yorker Magazine Dust Settled?

by Jonathan Adams on July 16 2008, 9:40AM

Though many of us were outraged when we opened our email on Monday morning, it’s been a couple days to process the satirical cover. Have any of us calmed down and decided that we overreacted about the image? Jack…


World Eskimo-Indian Olympics Begin Today

by Jonathan Adams on July 16 2008, 8:47AM

An annual four-day event that began in 1961, the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, provides Native Alaskan men and women an arena where communities come together to share culture and compete in traditional games. The games were started to preserve the…

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