Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

DMI Releases Survey on the Middle Class and Public Policy

by Jonathan Adams on August 29 2008, 8:21AM

Check out DMI Executive Director Andrea Batista Schlesinger’s reaction to the findings. The poll finds that middle-class “fearful families” are largely united on which public policies they want enacted by the President and Congress, but remain shockingly unfamiliar with…

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Liveblogging From the Democratic National Convention

by Jonathan Adams on August 28 2008, 5:26PM

Editor’s Note: Racewire contributors, Rinku Sen and jhing, are in Denver with a camera taking you inside the DNC. Check back daily for the latest photos….

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From the Bloggers in the “Big Tent”

by Jonathan Adams on August 27 2008, 3:27PM

There are so many great blogs at the DNC this week. Here’s some links to what a few are covering in Denver. Pam’s House Blend - Video: Michelle Obama at the LGBT delegate luncheon Jack and Jill Politics - DNC08:…

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Thoughts on Michelle Obama’s Speech

by Jonathan Adams on August 26 2008, 3:03PM

What did you think about Michelle Obama’s speech at the convention last night? If I had my way there would have been much less Jackie Kennedy and much more Fannie Lou Hamer on that stage. “I’m sick and tired…

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Five Questions for Rinku Sen, Author of “The Accidental American”

by Jonathan Adams on August 25 2008, 10:48AM

Originally published on the SAJA Forum SAJAforum: When and why did you decide to write this book, and why did you decide to call it “The Accidental American”? Rinku Sen: I started thinking about a book within minutes of…


Can’t Make it to Denver? Watch Live, Streaming Video

by Jonathan Adams on August 24 2008, 3:07AM

Watch the live Web stream below Sunday, Aug. 24, 6-7:30pm ET (10-11:30pm GMT). Streaming Video by Ustream.TV “So You Say You Want Change: Exploring the Conflicts and Opportunities Ahead” is the theme for this month’s Live From Main Street event,…


Stay tuned for the Latino vote…

by Jonathan Adams on August 22 2008, 10:29AM

Just when you thought the McCain had given up on people of color, here’s a new ad in Spanish that will run in Denver during the DNC. Is this why he is closing in on Obama’s lead according to…

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NPR: US Rep. Tubbs-Jones Dies, Colleagues Pay Tribute

by Jonathan Adams on August 21 2008, 5:45PM

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died yesterday, after suffering a brain aneurysm. She was 58 years old. Tubbs Jones made history, as the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress. U.S. Reps. James Clyburn (D-SC) and Maxine Waters (D-CA)…

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Race Records: 10 Years Since “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

by Jonathan Adams on August 21 2008, 3:50PM

It’s been ten years since Lauryn Hill came on the scene and blew away the music industry with her solo album sweeping the Grammys with 11 nominations and 5 wins, including Best Album of the Year. The album, a…


Anti-Abortion Group Plans Racist Protest at DNC

by Jonathan Adams on August 21 2008, 9:51AM

Anti-Abortion Group Plans Racist Protest in Denver Operation Rescue leaders vowed today to pass out hundreds of thousands of racist pamphlets and to stage sit-ins during the Democratic National Convention in efforts to convince attendees that abortion is a worse…

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Son of Undocumented Immigrants Wins American Gold

by Jonathan Adams on August 20 2008, 10:29AM

The son of Mexican immigrants, 21-year-old Henry Cejudo won a gold medal in men’s freestyle 55-kilogram wrestling in Beijing. Sally Kohn wrote on “The Irony of Immigrant Olympians,” about the disconnect between the olympic praise and immigration policy: Sudanese…

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Tribal Chic is all the rage

by Jonathan Adams on August 20 2008, 9:39AM

Remember the Keep a Child Alive campaign when Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities declared, “I am African,” and painted their faces in solidarity against the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Well, as bad as that was, it isn’t as bad…


Trouble the Water

by Jonathan Adams on August 18 2008, 3:44PM

When the “Trouble the Water” directors, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, headed to Louisiana in early September 2005, they were planning to document the return of National Guard troops from Iraq and had no intention of filming anyone directly…

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Beneath the Veil

by Jonathan Adams on August 18 2008, 1:53PM


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For the Weekend

by Jonathan Adams on August 15 2008, 1:23PM

If you’re in Harlem…. Synopsis: This feature documentary discloses the ties between the Hip Hop Music community and America’s social and political policy in the last 30 years. This film illuminates rap’s birth during the aftermath of the Black Power…


Black Transwomen Wanna Be on Top

by Jonathan Adams on August 15 2008, 12:58PM

Tyra Banks and Diddy, both, have added Black transgender women to the casts of their latest reality shows. On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11, Isis. From Transgriot: 22 year old Isis is an executive assistant for a non-profit organization…


Are We Still Watching Nooses?

by Jonathan Adams on August 15 2008, 11:40AM

Today, the Louisiana teen who threatened Jena 6 protesters with a noose hanging from his truck, was sentenced to four months in jail after pleading guilty to a “misdemeanor charge of interfering with the marchers’ federally protected right to…


Officer Indicted for Taser Death

by Jonathan Adams on August 14 2008, 10:28AM

Scott Nugent, a former Winnfield, LA police officer, will be charged with manslaughter for tasering 21-year-old Black man, Baron “Scooter” Pikes, to death. Pikes, a 21-year-old sawmill worker, tried to run from Winnfield police, who wanted to arrest him…


If You Are Mexican Born in the Unites States, Prove It…

by Jonathan Adams on August 14 2008, 10:22AM

Apparently, the State Department doesn’t think that a birth certificate, church records, school records, and voter rolls are enough to prove that a person is a citizen of the United States anymore. Especially if that person is a Mexican…

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Picking the Wrong Black Man

by Jonathan Adams on August 13 2008, 4:50PM

via Stereohyped 1n 1984, Jennifer Thompson-Cannino wrongly identified, Ronald Cotton, an innocent black man, as her rapist, while her guilty black assailant went free. Years later, DNA evidence proved Cotton’s innocence, and he was released. Thompson-Cannino and Cotton are…

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